Brand Audit of Cadbury


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Brand Audit of Cadbury

  1. 1. BRAND AUDIT OF CADBURY DAIRY MILK Submitted To: Dr. Bhavesh VanpariaSubmitted By:Group 1:Sonia Dadlani (10022)Leena Chellani (11015)Pallavi Vats (10116)Chandan Pahelwani (11047)Nikunj Gajara (11046)Atirek Sharma (11074)Neeraj Parihar (11052)Yashwant Vaishnav (11093)Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 1
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter Title Page No. No. 1. Objectives, Scope & Approach of Brand Audit 4 2. Brand History of Cadbury Dairy Milk 6 3. Introduction to Confectionary Industry 8 4. Consumer Analysis 9 5. Brand Inventory 5.1 Brand Elements, POP & POD, Marketing 11 Programs 5.2 Branding Strategies 16 5.3 Brand Portfolio 18 5.4 Competitor‟s brand inventory 19 6. Brand Exploratory 6.1 Customer Knowledge, Sources of Brand 20 Equity, Mental map 6.2 Brand Positioning 24 7. Summary of Competitor Analysis 25 8. SWOT Analysis 26 9. Brand Equity Evaluation 28 10. Recommendations & Conclusion 35 Appendix (Questionnaire) 36Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 2
  3. 3. ABSTRACTThe journey of Cadbury started way back in the year 1905 from Bourneville, UK.But it came to Indian market in 1948. From the time it was introduced in India,Dairy Milk has been the market leader in the confectionery segment. It hasaverage daily sales of 1 Million bars.The reason that our group chose Cadbury Dairy Milk for the Brand Audit is that itprovides us with ample scope to study the various aspects of Branding likeCommunication Strategies, Innovative Ad Campaigns, and Emotional Connectwith Consumers, Brand Repositioning, and Rebranding etc.We will study the evolution of Cadbury Dairy Milk by focusing on followingAspects: Redefining of chocolate segment Its journey from "meant for kids” to “meant for everyone” Its all time association with Milk Its innovative & interesting Ad campaignsTolani Institute of Management Studies Page 3
  4. 4. CHAPTER 1 OBJECTIVES OF BRAND AUDIT To analyze the strength of Cadbury in the chocolate segment. To understand different branding and marketing aspects of Dairy Milk To have an detail analyses of customer’s loyalty towards Dairy MilkTolani Institute of Management Studies Page 4
  5. 5. SCOPE & APPROACH OF BRAND AUDITScope & approach of Brand Audit of Cadbury Dairy Milk is to understand: Communication Strategies Innovative Ad Campaigns Emotional Connect with Customers Brand PositioningTolani Institute of Management Studies Page 5
  6. 6. CHAPTER 2 BRAND HISTORYIn 1824, John Cadbury opened a shop in Birmingham. This one-man business,trading mainly in Tea & Coffee was to be the foundation of Cadbury Limited. Forover 100 years Cadbury was a family business. In 1943 non family directors wereappointed. In 1847, the enterprise had prospered to a large factory in Bridge Street,Birmingham. John Cadbury took his brother Benjamin into partnership and thefamily business became Cadbury Brothers Birmingham.The business moved to Bourneville after outgrowing the Bridge Street Factory.The Workforce had risen up to 200 after 32 years at Bridge Street. After the deathof two brothers in 1899, the company was privatized. It entered the era of scientificmanagement; it introduced new ideas for their department like: Analytical Advertisement & Sales Department Laboratories Cost Offices Education & Medical Works Committee Training for Department employeesTolani Institute of Management Studies Page 6
  7. 7. On 2nd February, 2010 Kraft Foods took over 71% shares of Cadbury. Theyacquired it totally. But still Cadbury was on top in the market. This acquisition didnot changed people‟s mind and their craze for Cadbury Dairy Milk. OPERATIONSCadbury‟s operations are carried out in many countries. Few of them are: United Kingdom Canada Ireland United States Australia New Zealand IndiaTolani Institute of Management Studies Page 7
  8. 8. CHAPTER 3 INTRODUCTION TO CONFECTIONARY INDUSTRY • Sugar confectionery (candies and toffees) has the largest share (50%), followed by chocolate, (16%), and bubble gum, (10%). • The chocolate segment is the fastest growing in value terms (9.8% average annual growth rate) • Cadbury India, Ltd. is by far the market leader, followed by Perfetti Van Melle India, Ltd. and Nestle India, Ltd. • The confectionary industry contains the following products: Chocolates Lollipops Hard Candies Chewing Bubble Gums Gums Toffees Mint ToffeesTolani Institute of Management Studies Page 8
  9. 9. CHAPTER 4 CONSUMER ANALYSISMarket Segmentation:Demographic:Age and Life Cycle: Buyers who mostly prefer Cadbury‟s Dairy Milk come underthe age group of 4-50 years. Cadbury dairy milk is not affected by the generationdifferences. All types of peoples like to purchase the Cadbury dairy milk whenthey want to buy it.Gender: Gender doesn‟t matter. Cadbury Dairy Milk is for all types of personswhether male or female.Income: The price of Cadbury dairy milk is reasonable and affordable. So a persondoes not need to think much before purchasing it. They can easily buy it any timewhen they want to buy. The income of a person does not play an important role init except for Silk.Behavioral:Decision Roles: The decision role is played by the children and youngsters. Theyplay an important role in taking the decision of when to buy the Cadbury DairyMilk.Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 9
  10. 10. Occasions: For purchasing the Cadbury Dairy Milk no special occasions arerequired. People can easily purchase it on regular basis also if they need it. Alsooccasions such as Diwali, Rakshabandhan has witnessed increase in sales of dairymilk.User Status: There are mainly the regular users found in the user status of CadburyDairy Milk.Usage Rate: The user rate is heavy in the behavioral segmentation of CadburyDairy Milk.Attitude: There is an enthusiastic type of attitude of the buyers.Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 10
  11. 11. CHAPTER 5 BRAND INVENTORYBRAND ELEMENTS:Brand Name Cadbury AmitabhBrand Ambassador Bachchan Kuch MeethaJingle Ho JayeLogo `Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 11
  12. 12. Dairy Milk has been meticulously built around the world by Cadbury. It has beenable to sustain a strong position in the market. There are many branding elementswhich have resulted into consistent result of its success. Few more BrandingElements are as given below: • In India and across the world, the only choclate wrapped in Purple with the logo of Cadbury written on it. Color • All other products of Cadbury like Gems which is also so colorful. • Packaging which introduces slight of milk splash shows the relation of milk with Cadbury. Insignia • Logo which comes on the packaging in bold vintage Dairy font in white which also shows the relatio of milk with the product. LogoMARKETING PROGRAMS OVER THE YEARS70% of market share is held by Cadbury alone in chocolate industry till 2002 (Outof which 30% is held by Dairy milk alone). It has maintained this by constantly re-inventing the brand and bombarding communication towards the consumerconsistently to maintain top of mind recall in the confectionery segment. DairyMilk has emerged as the No.1 most trusted brand in Mumbai for the 2005 editionof Brand Equitys Most Trusted Brands survey. Here are some of the InnovativeAd campaigns of Cadbury Dairy Milk:Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 12
  13. 13. Real Taste of Life CampaignPromotion in the early 90s, chocolates were seen as meant for kids„. In the Mid90s the category was re-defined by the very popular `Real Taste of Life campaign,shifting the focus from `just for kids to the `kid in all of us. It appealed to the childin every adult. And Cadbury Dairy Milk became the perfect expression ofspontaneity and shared good feelings. The Real Taste of Life campaign whichpeople still fondly remember was that of a girl dancing on the cricket field whichremained etched in everyones memory, as the most spontaneous & un-inhibitedexpression of happiness. This campaign went on to be awarded The Campaign ofthe Century, in India at the Abby (Ad Club, Mumbai) awards.Khanewalon Ko Khane Ka Bahana Chahiye CampaignIn the late 90s, to further expand the category, the focus shifted towards wideningchocolate consumption amongst the masses, through the Khanewalon Ko KhaneKa Bahana Chahiye campaign. This campaign built social acceptance forchocolate consumption amongst adults, by showcasing collective and sharedmoments.Pappu Pass Ho Gaya & Miss Palampur Campaign:Here, the campaignassociated Cadbury Dairy Milk with celebratory occasions and the phrase "PappuPass Ho Gaya" became part of street language help to hold the market share bysegmenting the kids as well as Younger people despite the bitter moments, hopingthat the future will be much sweeter. Similar thoughts went into the Miss Palampurcampaign aligned to „Pappu‟ wherein Dairy Milk becomes a part of the bigcelebrations in life even with strangers.Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 13
  14. 14. Payday CampaignPayDay campaign was a rather narrow interpretation of the occasion basedpositioning; Cadbury India unveiled a new campaign that continued with thebrands Kucch Meetha Ho Jaye positioning. The campaign revolved around thetheme of Pay Day, which is associated with happiness by most people. This newcampaign takes the concept of celebrations to yet another level. The commercialkept the core promise of happiness while introducing another moment of joy inone‟s life. Cadbury highlights the celebratory occasion of pay day, which is animportant event in the life of every middle class Indian.Shubh Aarambh Campaign (meaning Auspicious Beginning)Cadburys Dairy Milk has recently launched this campaign which is the refinedversion of the earlier Payday campaign which evoked mixed response from the Adanalysts and consumers.The Shubh Aarambh campaign reinforces the occasionbased positioning of Dairy Milk. The brand has been trying to position itself as asymbol of enjoyment and celebrations.Indians have the tradition of sharing sweets on auspicious occasions and also whenone initiates a venture/activity. Whether the activity is small like writing an examor huge like starting a company, sharing of sweets is an integral part of the event.The belief is that good things happen when one starts a venture on a positive note(like sharing sweets). Dairy Milk very cleverly captured this tradition andincorporated into its brand story. The new campaign takes the brand to the centerof this tradition linking Dairy Milk to Sweet and Auspicious Beginnings. ShubhAarambh has given the brand a broad playing ground.Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 14
  15. 15. POP AND POD:POD: Goodwill/ emotional connect with Indian consumers Generic name in the Indian chocolate segment Campaigns are directed at kids as much as at adults Excellent distribution system, in India specifically 3 layer packagingPOP: Good quality product Chocolate manufacturing legacy Variants such as dark chocolate, fruit and nut etc. Constant innovation in marketing campaignsTolani Institute of Management Studies Page 15
  16. 16. BRANDING STRATEGIESDistribution strategy:Cadbury Dairy Milk‟s journey with chocolate lovers in India began in 1948.Today, Cadbury Dairy Milk alone holds 30% value share of chocolate market 50%of molded chocolate segment. One of the largest chocolate brands in the countryIndian market & specifically urban areas where the penetration of chocolates isincreasing, brings a need for efficiency in logistics & distribution. Cadbury DairyMilk is easily available anywhere when we need it. Still, the supply chain ofCadbury Dairy Milk is very good. Also it is quality conscious. So the two maintypes of benefits given by Cadbury Dairy Milk are supply and quality.Pricing strategy:Since Dairy Milk is positioned towards a very large audience from ages 4 – 50years, the pricing strategy is extremely affordable and easily accessible to allcategories. Hence prices range from Rs.5 to a Maximum of Rs.20 in different sizes.The only exception being Silk (its newest variant) which is a premium offering andis thus priced at Rs.50.Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 16
  17. 17. Targeting:The prospective customers of Cadburys‟ Dairy Milk have changed from Kids toAdults – including every family member to celebrate any occasion with DairyMilk.Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 17
  18. 18. BRAND PORTFOLIOThe Dairy Milk Brand alone accounts for approximately 30% of total Cadbury‟ssales. It has made Cadbury the number one confectionery brand in the market.Currently in India, Dairy Milk has many sub-brands under its name. They are; COMPETITOR’S BRAND INVENTORY 1) Perfetti Van Melle IndiaTolani Institute of Management Studies Page 18
  19. 19. Brand portfolio- Mentos, Fruitella, Alpenliebe, Chocoliebe, Happydent, Big Babol, Chlormint, Center Fresh Notable marketing campaign- Happydent “City lighting up” campaign 2) ITC Brand portfolio- Minto and Candyman Notable marketing campaign-, a website with games, quizzes, downloads and other fun activities targeted at young children 3) Nestle India Brand portfolio- Kit kat, Munch, Milky bar, Bar one, Polo, Eclairs Notable marketing campaign – Rani mukherjee is the brand ambassador for Munch. 4) Parle Brand Portfolio- Melody, mango bite, poppins, kismi toffee, mazelo, xhale, éclair, golgappa, parle lites, orange candy Notable marketing campaign- Mango bite “kache aam ka copy”Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 19
  20. 20. CHAPTER 6 BRAND EXPLORATORYCustomer KnowledgeCadbury dairy Milk has been trying to get out of the image of” Just anotherchocolate” and become something special in the minds of the people. They havealso been trying to position themselves as chocolates for all age groups and not justkids. The campaign has successfully created a picture in the mind of the customersthat Cadbury is not just a chocolate but means of celebrations.Sources of Brand Equity: Brand Image Emotional Consumer’s Taste and Connect Preference Brand AwarenessTolani Institute of Management Studies Page 20
  21. 21. The main sources of Brand Equity are Brand Awareness and Brand Image.Cadburys‟ Dairy Milk not only enjoys high levels of Brand Awareness butUnaided Brand Recall. This level of recall is generated when Dairy Milk enjoysthe Top of the Mind effect. The brand image of Cadburys‟ Dairy Milk plays animportant role in building the Brand Equity of Dairy Milk through the medium ifunique brand associations.These associations based on the Brand Perception segment in the analysis, arefavourable as consumers relate to it as a chocolate for every occasion/ celebration.Right from the Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye campaign to the recent Shubh Aarambh,Cadburys‟ Dairy Milk has managed to create strong, unique, favourable brandassociations in the minds of the consumers which is commendable.To assist its brand recall and brand image are strong supports that Dairy Milkreceives from the robust distribution system (availability) and memorablepackaging which only adds to the brand associations for Dairy Milk and help buildits brand equity. This product has built such a brand image that it has attracted theconsumers so they will not like to switch over to other brands especially since theyare competitively priced which aids consumer preference even more.Other sources of Brand Equity for Dairy Milk are: 1. Emotional Connect 2. Consumer‟s taste and preferencesTolani Institute of Management Studies Page 21
  22. 22. Brand AmbassadorsAs we know that previously Dairy Milk was only considered as Chocolate, buttheir new campaign has changed this perception of consumers. As discussed abovenow Dairy Milk is considered as Traditional sweet of Indian culture(Mithai) whichpeople give to their near and dear ones on the occasions and now they use DairyMilk as sweet(Mithai). Brand Ambassador chosen for Dairy Milk is none otherthan Megastar Amitabh Bacchhan. He endorsed the brand so successfully thateveryone loved the brand much more than they did. The endorsement hassuccessfully captured the Indian festivals like Rakshabandhan, Diwali, Wedding,Birthdays etc. Now people give Dairy Milk as token of love, care and affection totheir friends and family.Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 22
  23. 23. Mental Map Image: Means of Celebration Performance: Tasty People: Consistent For all age groups Quality Healthy Cadbury Dairy MilkTolani Institute of Management Studies Page 23
  24. 24. BRAND POSITIONINGCadbury Dairy Milk positioned nationwide as the perfect expression of love –family, friends, etc. Across the various campaigns Cadbury Dairy Milk ispositioned as a spontaneous brand that is carefree, for special as well as realmoments in life. There is no over the top exaggeration but the positioning hasalways been to connect with consumer. In fact Cadbury is synonymous worldoverwith chocolates and hence the marketing program always focuses on thepositioning in order to be a part of the consumers regular consumption at any givenpoint in time to include as many occasions as possible.Cadbury Dairy Milk has smartly positioned itself keeping in mind all 4 P’s ofmarketing: • Product • Price • Place • PromotionConstituents of Brand positioning of Cadbury Dairy Milk:  Means of celebration  Consistent taste  Consistent quality  Healthy  Sharing happiness with the dear ones  Occasional productTolani Institute of Management Studies Page 24
  25. 25. CHAPTER 7 SUMMARY OF COMPETITOR ANALYSIS COMPANY FOUNDED IN BRAND PORTFOLIO (confectionery products) Nestle 1860s Kit Kat, Smarties, Wonka Ferrero 1940s Rocher, Raffaello, Kinder, Tic Tac, Mon Cheri, Nutella Mars 1911 Bounty, Galaxy, Mars, Snickers, Milky Way, Wrigley’s, M&M’s etc Amul 1945 Milk chocolate, Fruit & NutTolani Institute of Management Studies Page 25
  26. 26. chocolate Hershey’s 1894 Hershey’s milk chocolate, Kisses, Pot of gold, Milk duds, Reese’s, Icebreakers etc Perfetti 2001, when Perfetti Alpenliebe, Van Melle and Van melle Chlormint, merged Centerfresh, Happydent, Mentos ITC 2002(confectionery Minto and segment) Candyman Parle 1929 Melody, mango bite, poppins, kismi toffee, mazelo, xhale, éclair, golgappa, parle lites, orange candyTolani Institute of Management Studies Page 26
  27. 27. Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 27
  28. 28. Chapter 8 SWOT ANALYSIS Strength Weakness  Dairy milk is owned by  Certain segment feel that price Cadbury which is a globally of Dairy Milk is high and established brand name known compared to that Amul Milk for its manufacturing chocolate is preferred. competency and leadership in innovation.  Dairy Milk has been able to  Dairy Milk is somewhat establish a clear and consistent lacking in other emerging Brand Image over the years. markets. It has strong command over its brand image in India and Europe But other places it is lacking.  It offers quality product with innovations with innovative communication campaign  Dairy Milk has huge command - over its distribution network spanning across India.  Dairy Milk also enjoys a great - Brand Recall value when comes to chocolates with Milk.Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 28
  29. 29. Threats Opportunities  Increasing competition from  To introduce sugar free category is international brands is biggest biggest opportunity for Dairy Milk. threat to Dairy Milk  Highly price sensitive nature of the  Dairy Milk can innovate more by industry. bringing international flavors so that is also gets an opportunity to compete with this threat as well.Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 29
  30. 30. CHAPTER 9 BRAND EQUITY EVALUATIONCBBE pyramid: High Brand Loyalty, high no. of repeat purchases High quality Well trusted packaging, brand, good reasonably gifting option priced Supreme taste All age groups, and quality celebrations, special occasions, history Very High Awareness:Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 30
  31. 31. BRAND MANTRA OF DAIRY MILK Adding Sweetness to your lifeTolani Institute of Management Studies Page 31
  32. 32. Data Analysis1) Aware of Cadbury?2) Source of awareness?Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 32
  33. 33. 3) Which Cadbury chocolate do you purchase the most? Consumption Dairy milk (56%) 5 Star (18%) Gems (8%) Perk (6%)4) Other than Cadbury?Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 33
  34. 34. 5) Which pack size?6) How frequently do you purchase Cadbury chocolates?Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 34
  35. 35. 7) Availability?8) Which of the factors affect your purchase?Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 35
  36. 36. 9) Impulse purchase?10) Will you stop buying Cadbury, if new brand appears in Market? Response No, not at all (60%) I may consider (24%) Cants say (16%)Tolani Institute of Management Studies Page 36
  37. 37. CHAPTER 10RECOMMENDATIONS Cadbury should seriously consider focussing on the energy/ health bar segment for the Indian market. It should also innovate to cater to the calorie conscious. Attractive displays at the payment counter will induce impulse buying. They can also consider coming up with their exclusive „Chocolate Boutiques’. For festivals like Christmas Dairy milk can introduce special chocolates like rum and champagne flavoured chocolates.CONCLUSIONCadbury Dairy Milk even though a foreign brand, has wonderfully understood theIndian Chocolate Industry as a unique mix with extreme consumption patterns,attitudes, beliefs, income level and spending of the money. Understandingconsumer preferences and need is the key to growth in this industry. Economicdistribution using proper supply chain is necessary and so is maintaining a highbrand loyalty. Cadbury Dairy Milk has scored on all these parameters and thereforehas maintained its position on Global Market as No 1 ChocolateTolani Institute of Management Studies Page 37
  38. 38. AppendixQuestionnaire 1) Are you aware of Cadbury? a. Yes b. No 2) What is the source of awareness? a. Ads b. Word of Mouth c. Saw in shops 3) Which Cadbury chocolate do you purchase the most? a. Dairy Milk b. 5-star c. Gems d. Perk e. Bournville f. Dairy milk Silk g. Temptations h. CelebrationsTolani Institute of Management Studies Page 38
  39. 39. 4) Other than Cadbury which brands are you aware of? a. Nestle b. International Brands c. Home-Made d. AMUL 5) Which Pack Size do you purchase? a. Medium b. Small c. Family Pack 6) How frequently do you purchase Cadbury chocolates? a. Weekly b. Daily c. Monthly d. Once in a fortnight 7) Are Cadbury chocolates easily available? a. Very Much b. Quite c. HardlyTolani Institute of Management Studies Page 39
  40. 40. 8) Which of the factors affect your purchase? a. Ads b. Attractive Display c. Occasion d. Suggestion from friends e. Brand Ambassadors f. Ingredients 9) Impulse Purchase? a. Yes b. No 10) Will you stop buying Cadbury Dairy Milk, if similar brand appears in the market? a. No, not at all b. I may consider c. Can‟t sayTolani Institute of Management Studies Page 40