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‌Intergration of wind farms in indian transmission system


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‌Intergration of wind farms in indian transmission system

  1. 1. Integration of wind farms intoIndian transmission system Ram Gopal Varma Chandan Kumar Dept. Of Electrical Engineering IT-BHU,Varanasi October 26,2009 1
  2. 2. Wind Systems in India 5th largest wind power capacity of 9587.14 MW. Accounts to 6.2% of installed power capacity and 2% of generated power. Average growth rate per year of 27%. Estimated to be 15600 MW by 2012. Most of them are off-grid Systems. 2 October 26,2009
  3. 3. Necessity of Integration With increasing Energy Demand and constraints on fossil fuels, renewable sources have to be used. Integration into the grid is a necessary process for efficient use of renewable sources. Geographical dispersion of wind systems will quantify their intermittent output. 3 October 26,2009
  4. 4. Grid Network Systems Supply power in close balance to demand managing fluctuations and breakdowns. Operational reserves like spinning reserves ensure that the plant copes up with fluctuations. Though aggregation smoothens variations but the overall load varies with power needs. 4 October 26,2009
  5. 5. Challenges Additional short-term reserves will be needed to guarantee the security of the system. Capacity credit of wind energy is very low. At lower demand levels plants are constrained off leading to increase in cost the renewable energy. 5 October 26,2009
  6. 6. Challenges…Challenges… 6 October 26,2009
  7. 7. General Remedial Strategies Operators need not rely on the full rated power. Remaining part can be used as short term reserve instead of spinning reserve. Better wind forecasting techniques need to be developed. Transmission system planning methods have to be refined. 7 October 26,2009
  8. 8. Intraday Markets Short time forecasts have to supplement the day ahead forecasts. 8 October 26,2009
  9. 9. Storage Technologies Wind power is always combined with suitable storage technology. This makes it a virtual conventional power plant. Most suited technology for this purpose is the Compressed Air Energy Storage(CAES) method. Tested and commercially available . 9 October 26,2009
  10. 10. Conclusion Integration into the grid is compulsory to ensure ongoing increase in wind power. Substantial strain and control reserve are major challenges. Proper use of intraday markets is more economical. CAES is a suitable utility. Research has to be done short-term load fore casting techniques. 10 October 26,2009
  11. 11. Acknowledgment We thank IET Delhi Network for giving us this opportunity to present our ideas. We thank Dr. S. N. Mahendra , HOD (Electrical Engineering ),IT-BHU for his constant support and kind guidance. 11 October 26,2009
  12. 12. October 26,2009 12