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No Frills SDF Subsidy Guide


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A no frills guide to Skills Development Fund (SDF) for PSB Academy diploma programmes.

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No Frills SDF Subsidy Guide

  1. 1. No Frills Guide: Subsidy for PSB Academy Certificate and Diploma
  2. 2. Skills Development Fund Skills Development Fund (SDF) • Employer-based subsidy • Training grant must be submitted through NTUC, CDAC, Mendaki, CDC or company • PSB Academy is under Nett Fee system – Grant must be approved before course commencement – Company/Trainee pays fees after deducting subsidy Subsidy amount available: • 50% Standard subsidy amount (NTUC, CDAC, Mendaki or company) • 90% (Company only) • 95% (NTUC, CDAC, Mendaki, CDC or company)
  3. 3. Eligiblity • • • • • Singaporean/PR 75% attendance on average for the per module (includes medical leave, work trips) Sit for all prescribed examinations Remain in employment* throughout the duration of the course Maintain uninterrupted union membership throughout the duration of the course until the claims are processed (NTUC Only) * Employment refers to full time employment with a Singapore ACRA registered company with CPF contribution.
  4. 4. Enhanced Subsidy • • • • • Workfare Training Scheme (WTS) funding of 95%: Singapore Citizen Aged 35 years and above Earning $1,900 or less per month Automatically awarded by WDA regardless of where student apply for grant if applicant is eligible.
  5. 5. Option 1: NTUC (UTAP-WTS) • • 50% 95% WTS (If eligible) Can only apply online via • Must apply at least 7 days but not more than 60 days before the course start date. • Best to apply for course with PSB and funding with NTUC concurrently. NTUC-SEP does not support: • Certificate in Business Management • Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management • Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science
  6. 6. Option 2: CDAC (Applicable for Chinese Singaporeans/PRs) • • CDAC-STA: scheme, CDAC will sponsor up to 95% of your course fees Diploma in Business Administration & Diploma in Business Administration (Human Resource Management) programme only. • CDAC-SDF: Applicants pay the 50% course fee on their own. CDAC only can help to apply for SDF funding. Students have to pay the unfunded portion of the course fees and other miscellaneous fees on their own. Please indicate which specialization you are going for and not just put Diploma in Business Administration.
  7. 7. CDAC Eligibility CDAC’s criteria for STA and SDF: • • • • • • • Must be Singaporean or PR whose race is Chinese as indicated in the NRIC Personal Income does not exceed $1900; Total Household Income does not exceed $3000;Per Capita Income does not exceed $800 Highest Education does not exceed ‘O’ Levels(Nitec/Higher Nitec/ COS may be considered for Diploma applications) Diploma applicants must be gainfully employed with CPF Contributions and employment benefits at the point of application to CDAC and throughout the course duration Applicant who exceed slightly may submit their applications for CDAC’s consideration. Please contact CDAC at 6603 5566 or visit their website at to check funding eligibility and for funding assistance. Funding applications must reach CDAC no later than 21 days before course commencement.
  8. 8. Option 3: Mendaki (Applicable for Malay Singaporeans/PR) • • • 50% 95% WTS (If eligible) Applicable to any WDA approved course Applicants may apply with Mendaki AFTER acceptance into the programme by PSB Academy. You will need: • PSB Letter of Acceptance • Original Mendaki application form • Photocopy of IC, back & front • CPF contribution history • Status of employment letter indicating at least 1 benefit (annual leave, medical leave, etc) • Latest pay-slip Please contact Mendaki Sense at. 6478 3100 or
  9. 9. Option 4: Company • • • 50% 90% (SME only) 95% (if eligible) Payment • Unsupported portion of the fees must be paid by the company, not by the trainee. • Payment must be made with the company cheque or by GIRO payments from the company’s account. • 90% grant available to Small-Medium Enterprises (SME). • Automatically awarded by WDA if company is flagged as SME. • Company will have to apply for grant via • Grant has to be approved before course commencement otherwise company will have to pay full course fee. Please contact WDA at 6883 5885 or email them at Or view the WDA Briefing Slides.
  10. 10. To enroll into the programmes, contact the Programme Consultant: Kenneth Chan 6517 2514