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Smith Consulting is in need of a database which will track their consulting staff and keeptrack of each staff member’s ski...
Describe the Objectives of the Database Environment        The objectives of the database environment can be satisfied by ...
ReferencesDatabase Design: Requirements, Entities, and Attributes
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Week 2 individual assign


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Week 2 individual assign

  1. 1. Smith Consulting is in need of a database which will track their consulting staff and keeptrack of each staff member’s skill sets. This database should also keep track of which projectsthe consulting staff is each working on. Smith Consulting is an organization located in Houston,Texas which provides information technology services to clients located in the Western UnitedStates. Smith Consulting provides services in the areas of networks and communication,database, and application programming. The company was founded in 1984 by Blair Smith andthree associates from his firm in order to provide his accounting clients services in technologyconsulting. This was the beginning of Smith Consulting where Blair Smith launched a businessdoing this type of work.Analyze the Database Environment The purpose of analyzing the database environment is to make an initial study of wherethe company stands and in what situation the company is in based on the results of the initialstudy. It is important to determine if the current system is failing and the reasons why it isfailing. In the case of Smith Consulting, their current database system is unable to support theaddition of new information and needs to be updated in order to keep track of the staff as well asthe other requirements of the project. These include tracking staff members, tracking their skillsets, and tracking which projects they are working on. In order to accomplish the mission ofanalyzing the database environment, there must be an open line of communication between thedatabase designer and the end users. This communication will enable the designer to cover awide range of components which are detrimental to the project.Describe the Problems and Constraints The problems and constraints of this project can be identified by the designer when theinitial interviews are conducted. During this process, it is important to identify the problems bycollecting as much information from the end users and management. They may both havedifferences in what they view as problems; however it is still the job of the designer to getanswers from both sources as to why they believe the system is not functioning adequately.Even if the process of defining the problems may seem like a never-ending task, or the processseems unstructured, the designer must continue to probe carefully in order to acquire additionalinformation which will help in defining the problems within the company’s system. In the caseof Smith Consulting, one problem is that the database for this project needs to be in place withina short amount of time which in turn, runs into a time constraint. Another constraint when itcomes to this project is the issue of the project not going over budget. The designer must beaware of the budget and stay within the set parameters. More importantly, time, budget, andpersonnel issues are constraints with which the database designer must be able to “distinguishwhat’s perfect and what’s possible” (Cengage Learning, 2013).
  2. 2. Describe the Objectives of the Database Environment The objectives of the database environment can be satisfied by creating a database whichwill track staff, track their skill sets, and track which projects they are currently working on withefficiency and ease. It is important to answer some critical questions during this part of theproject so that the designer can be clear as to those objectives. This process will also determinehow the objectives will be satisfied once the database is in place for Smith Consulting.Describe the Scope and BoundariesThe scope of the project is important to know because it will “define the extent of the designaccording to operational requirements” (Cengage Learning, 2013).For this project, the scope ofdeveloping a database to meet the needs of Smith Consulting includes making sure the databasehas enough capacity to hold all the information or data which will be input into the system. Thedatabase will allow Smith Consulting to track staff, track their skill sets, and which projects theyare working on, which will make the job of management a lot easier when they are trying tomatch clients to staff members. The result will be better client satisfaction, higher staff morale,and easy matching of clients to the right staff member whose expertise is just what the clientneeds. The boundaries of this project have to do with hardware and software. Smith Consultingwill not be updating any of its hardware or software for the purpose of this project. “Boundariesare also imposed by existing hardware and software”(Cengage Learning, 2013). Therefore, theboundaries or limits to this project are that the designer must use the software tools already inplace by the company which are MS Access and MS SQL Server.List the Data Specifications Three Entities Three AttributesThe data specifications of this project will be input into tables which describe the entity and threeattributes. “An entity is a thing or object of importance about which data must be captured.Information about an entity is captured in the form of attributes or relationships.”(eWebArchitecture Ltd., 2012). The entities and attributes are as follows:Entity=STAFFNamePositionDuties
  3. 3. Entity=SKILLSTechnicalLeadershipNetworkingEntity=PROJECTSNamePhaseBudget
  4. 4. ReferencesDatabase Design: Requirements, Entities, and Attributes