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MaxVal's monthly newsletter for september 2012

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CC Sept 12

  1. 1. V{tÅÑËá VtÄÄV{tÅÑËá VtÄÄV{tÅÑËá VtÄÄV{tÅÑËá VtÄÄ fxÑàxÅuxÜ? ECDE fxÑàxÅuxÜ? ECDE fxÑàxÅuxÜ? ECDE fxÑàxÅuxÜ? ECDE
  2. 2. Teacher’s Day message from our CoachWe did celebrate Teachers Day on 05 Sep and Rukmani has asked me to write a paragraph for theChamps Call for this month. I have never been a proponent of formal education and strict regimenof class room instructions which all of us have been subjected to during our school andcollege days. We live in rapidly changing times and I firmly believe that a receptive student isalways more important than a great teacher. A keen learner can easily search and will get theright answers in the vast repository of free information available to all on the Internet and itsrelated technologies. In the Indian education system, getting high marks is important forhappiness of our parents, but we as the students, need to learn to apply our knowledge to seeksolutions for our social, economic and national good. forLearning is a daily process especially in an organization like ours and the success will belong tous,us, provided we are the best in our field. Technology has provided us the level playing field with thedeveloped nations and this is our time to close the knowledge and skills gap that had existed overhundreds of years. We acknowledge this opportunity and will foster a learning environment wiconducive to life-long learning. Setting up of this kind of culture will require lot of hard work, life-quick learning and sharing of our knowledge with our teams, friends and peer group.The distinction in the conventional role of a teacher and a student has greatly blurred in the rolmodern times. We all need to wear two caps for our organizational good and growth - be willing teachers.learners and inspiring teachers.
  3. 3. This culture of collective sharing of knowledge will be easy to achieve provided we focus on following:-the following:- life- First and foremost, create a culture of life-long learning wherein the "student in us" is always looking to seek answers and the "teacher-in-us" is keen to share the glow of "teacher-in- team- knowledge with our team-mates. Build up on our written and spoken communication skills; and the best way for this to happen is to start practicing it today amongst our teams and groups. Communication is the glue that can hold the fabric of the organization together and is the biggest strength of a good teacher. Be good listeners and open up to new ideas, new policies, new people and new technologies. We cannot foster a learning environment unless we listen to all the people around us. Collaboration or sharing our knowledge and expertise is another skill needed for our collective success. Not only do we need to be open to learn new things, but we must also help others learn new things. To foster an environment where sharing and collaboration are valued is to recognize that learning is a two-way street. two-
  4. 4. Most importantly, trusting our colleagues is essential for our success. Without trust, peoplethere can be no empowerment of the people in your workplace; no delegation of thecritical tasks that give people choice and help build competence. Trust is createdthrough mutual respect, possessing the right skill sets, and a shared commitment tomutual growth. flourish "life-We and our country will flourish and thrive, the moment we decide to be "life-longlearners" and aim to celebrate each day of the year as "The Learners Day." --Your --Your Coach
  5. 5. Here’s how the Pizza was born…did you know???Modern pizza was born in 1889 when Queen Margherita Teresa Giovanni, theconsort of Umberto I, king of Italy, visited Naples.Don Raffaele Esposito, who owned a tavern-like place called Pietro IlPizzaiolo, was asked to prepare a special dish in honor of the Queens visit.Esposito developed a pizza featuring tomatoes, mozzarella cheese (a neverbefore used ingredient made from the milk of water buffalo) and basil -ingredients bearing the colors red, white and green for the Italian flag.He named it the Margherita Pizza, after the guest of honor. Thus, themodern-day tomato-and-cheese pizza was born.(Source: Smithsonian and PIZZA TODAY)
  6. 6. Happy Ganeshotsav!May the Almighty bless you and your loved ones with all that you desire & deserve!
  7. 7. These days, Mumbai is known more for its designer shops and malls than its markets. However, if youre after a bargain or someinteresting souvenirs to take back home, youwont be disappointed. Theres great shopping to be found at these Mumbai markets…
  8. 8. Colaba CausewayThe everyday carnival that is the Colaba Causeway market is a shoppingexperience like no other in Mumbai. Dodge persistent balloon and mapsellers, as you meander along the sidewalk and peruse the stalls. Want yourname written on a grain of rice? Thats possible too. If you need a breakfrom shopping, pop into Leopolds Cafe or Cafe Mondegar, two well- knownMumbai hangouts. Location: Colaba Causeway, Colaba, south Mumbai. Opening Hours: Daily from morning until night. What to Buy: Handicrafts, books, jewelry, crystals, brass items, incense, clothes.
  9. 9. Chor BazaarNavigate your way through crowded streets and crumbling buildings, andyoull find Chor Bazaar, nestled in the heart of Muslim Mumbai. Thisfascinating market has a history spanning more than 150 years. Its namemeans "thieves market", but this was derived from the Britishmispronunciation of the its original name of Shor Bazaar, "noisy market".Eventually stolen goods started finding their way into the market, resultingin it living up to its new name! Location: Mutton Street, between S V Patel and Moulana Shaukat Ali Roads, near Mohammad Ali Road in south Mumbai. Opening Hours: Daily 11 a.m. until 7.30 p.m., except Friday. The Juma Market is held there on Fridays. What to Buy: Antiques, bronze items, vintage items, trash & treasure.
  10. 10. Linking RoadA fusion of modern and traditional, and East meets West, in one of Mumbiashippest suburbs. Here streets stalls contrast with brand name shops, andyoull find an Indian roadside food vendor on one side of the road and aKentucky Fried Chicken outlet on the other. The street stalls tend to begrouped together according to the type of goods they sell. If you visit thismarket on a Sunday, be prepared for the crowds! Location: Linking Road, Bandra (starts from Waterfield Road intersection). Opening Hours: Daily from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. What to Buy: Indian traditional clothes, childrens clothes, shoes, bags, belts.
  11. 11. Crawford MarketIf you want to see how the locals shop, head to Crawford Market. This old-style market, housed in an historic colonial building, specializes in wholesalefruit and vegetables. Its also got an entire section devoted to pets of allshapes, sizes, and breeds. Location: Lokmanya Tilak Marg, Fort area, south Mumbai. (Opposite Mumbai Police headquarters and north of Victoria Terminus railway station). Opening Hours: Daily from morning until night, except Sunday. Open morning only on Sundays. What to Buy: Fruit, vegetables, food, flowers, birds, fish, and other pets.
  12. 12. Fashion StreetFashion Street is literally just that -- a street lined with fashion! There arearound 150 stalls there. The market attracts hoards of teenagers andcollege students, who come to grab the latest western clothes and fakebrand names at cheap prices. • Location: MG Road, south Mumbai. Near Metro Cinema and Victoria Terminus railway station (opposite Azad Maidan). • Opening Hours: Daily from morning until night. • What to Buy: Clothes, shoes, belts
  13. 13. This Grandparent’s day…Give yourgrandpa and grandma a bear hugand tell them how much you love and value their presence in your lives…Did you know that the Sunday after laborday is celebrated as Grandparent’s day inthe US? U.S President Jimmy Carter,proclaimed a National Grandparents Dayin 1978.The primary motivation was to promote theneed to pay attention of lonely elderlypeople in nursing homes and to persuadegrandchildren to listen and learn from theyears of wisdom of their grandparents.
  14. 14. Jasmine Bangera from Analytics,with her Grandfather
  15. 15. Earth Signs--Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Signs--Taurus, Virgo, --TaurusThe most stable, consistent and sometimes rigid of all the signs. Once theymake up their minds, like mountains they cannot be moved without hugeefforts. Practical, patient, reasonable, and persistent are these signs. Notmuch one for spontaneity or flexibility. These people are not much one forthe limelight. Fear of starting something new, earth signs can be very cautiousto the point of missing a great opportunity. Conventional to a point ofboredom, if you see an adult asking why repeatedly, you can pretty much be sign.assured you are in the company of an earth sign
  16. 16. Signs-- Fire Signs-- Aries, Leo, SagittariusFire is bright, strong, and takes control. It wants to be in charge. Neversubtle, the most confident of all the signs. Fire people do not stop until theyget what they want. The majority of world leaders have strong fire elements intheir charts. The motivators and pep talk people are usually fire people.These people are very proud and confident. Fire people can also be very self-arrogant and self-centered. Dont go to a fire person for sympathy orcomforting. They have no patience for emotionalism or heaviness.
  17. 17. Signs-- Water Signs-- Cancer, Scorpio, PiscesWater signs conform to the elements around them. Feelings, emotions, anddeep personal conversations are what motivates and stimulates the watersigns. Sensitive to a fault, the water signs are often more concerned withyour feelings and needs then their own. You can find them at movies cryingloudest and most often.Psychic and secretive are often characteristics of the water elements. Whenthey can no longer withstand the emotions, they often retreat into their ownprivate worlds. Water signs can be so emotional that the simplest things can bigget blown out of proportion into big dramatic scenes.
  18. 18. Signs--Gemini, Libra, --Gemini Air Signs--Gemini, Libra, AquariusHere you will find the talkers and communicators of the zodiac. If you needsomething written or spoken, ask an air sign. Ideas seem to materialize outof thin air for them. Always moving and changing. Very social these airsigns. Objective and rational no emotionalism here. The air signs are soobjective they can become impractical in their actions and beliefs.Superficial, these signs never want to get into heavy emotional discussions dialogue ue.about the dreaded "feelings" dialogue. These signs hate to be restricted.Freedom of thought and movement are their most cherished desires.
  19. 19. A glimpse ofIndependence Daycelebrations atMaxVal…
  20. 20. Onam celebrations atMaxVal…the traditional way….
  21. 21. By Jenson Sam, Xcelligent
  22. 22. WxtÜ ixvàÜxV{tÅÑá‹`tçV{tÅÑá‹`tç çÉâÜÅtÜÜ|tzx ux y|ÄÄxw ã|à{ tÄÄà{x Ü|z{à |ÇzÜxw|xÇàáM t{xtÑ Éy ÄÉäx? t wtá{ Éy{âÅÉÜ? t àÉâv{ ÉyÜÉÅtÇvx? tÇw t áÑÉÉÇyâÄÉy âÇwxÜáàtÇw|ÇzA `tççÉâÜ }Éç Ätáà yÉÜxäxÜAVÉÇzÜtàâÄtà|ÉÇá4
  23. 23. Pehchaan Kaun??? Can youcorrectly guess the champs inthese pictures, based on theirteam name? See last page for Answers!
  24. 24. This month we explore the benefits of Neem, in our health section…Neem is an ayurvedic medicine, and is great for the skin and hair.The benefits of neem was realized years ago when the leaves were mixedin hot water to take bath.Neem can be consumed as well as applied to get a flawless complexion anda healthy skinNeem is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, non-allergic, anti-viral and is a greatblood purifying agentNeem can be used irrespective of skin type as it is the most effective skincleanserNeem paste if applied on face can cure acne, dry or cracked skin,pigmentation, scars, sores or itchy skin.Neem oil can soothe the skin in the event of diseases like chicken pox,scabies and measles
  25. 25. The stunning, colossalmonuments of AncientEgypt never fail toastonish. The heat,sight and the light of thedesert invigorate. Egyptis a world of wonder initself. CC invites you totry this ancient Egyptcrossword and find outhow much you knowabout the amazingcountry…
  26. 26. Answers…Pehchaan Kaun Analytics—Biji Vectre—Subodh Software—Milind Xcelligent—Brijraj SinghEgyptianCrossword