OpenSource for Enterprise Business Presentation 010


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4 Febuary 2010, KMITL.

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OpenSource for Enterprise Business Presentation 010

  1. 1. OpenSource for Enterprise Business On 4 February 2010, KMITL By Passapong Thaithatgoon Software Architect, Somewhere Commercial Bank. E-mail: [email_address] Twitter: @champillon
  2. 2. Agenda <ul><li>Enterprise Business?
  3. 3. OpenSource?
  4. 4. Case Study
  5. 5. OpenSouce Community in Thailand </li></ul>
  6. 6. Enterprise Business? <ul><li>Need of Enterprise Business </li><ul><li>Correctness
  7. 7. Stability
  8. 8. Long-Term Support
  9. 9. Scalability </li></ul></ul>“ Proven Software” “ Site References”
  10. 10. Enterprise Business?
  11. 11. Enterprise Business?
  12. 12. Enterprise Business?
  13. 13. Enterprise Business? Prove?
  14. 14. OpenSource?
  15. 15. OpenSource? <ul>Definition “ Practices in product and development that promote access to the end of product's source materials.” (Wikipedia) </ul>Never Die? Source Code Share to the World Source Code Update Source Code
  16. 16. OpenSource? <ul>OpenSoure in Vertical view? </ul>Cover in all Software Stacks Hardware Hypervisor (Virtualization Platform) Operating System Application Environment Desktop Environment Applications User Interface Program
  17. 17. OpenSource? <ul>OpenSource in Horizontal view? </ul>wide Range for Enterprise Architecture
  18. 18. OpenSource? <ul><li>Why OpenSource? </li><ul><li>Correctness: Choose only proven OpenSouce
  19. 19. Stability: Proven OpenSouce have many Site References which show it's stability
  20. 20. Long-Term Support: Proven OpenSouce have a big community who always share their experiences and support each others.
  21. 21. Scalability: Proven OpenSouce is software that handle high-volume transaction. </li></ul></ul>so use only Proven OpenSources
  22. 22. Case Study <ul><li>Knowledge Tree </li><ul><li>Problem: want to have the document management system which can </li><ul><li>Control Authorization by Group and Role
  23. 23. Full-text Search
  24. 24. Approval Workflow with e-Mail notification
  25. 25. Integrated authentication with Microsoft Active Directories
  26. 26. Web-based Application
  27. 27. Easy to use!! </li></ul><li>We are looking for the commercial product !! </li></ul></ul>Documentum
  28. 28. Case Study <ul><li>Knowledge Tree (Cont.) </li><ul><li>Documentum cost x,xxx,xxx bahts!!
  29. 29. So we make a decision: </li><ul><li>Document management system is nice to have but not need
  30. 30. Is documentum cost effective?
  31. 31. There is a procurement process about 3 months!! </li></ul><li>With this reason, we change from commercial to OpenSource with this candidates: </li><ul><li>Alfresco
  32. 32. Knowledge Tree </li></ul></ul></ul>
  33. 33. Case Study <ul><li>Knowledge Tree (Cont.) </li><ul><li>We compare Alfresco and Knowledge Tree </li></ul></ul>Criteria Alfresco Knowledge Tree 1. Group and Role Authorization T T 2. Full-text search T T 3. Approval Workflow T T 4. Integrated Authentication with AD T T 5. Web-based Application T T 6. Easy to use T T 7. Programming Language Java PHP 8. Interoperability Good Normal We choose PHP because easy to find staff
  34. 34. Case Study <ul><li>Knowledge Tree (Cont.) </li><ul><li>Present Status: </li><ul><li>Production with Real-time backup
  35. 35. Implementing Load-Sharing
  36. 36. Planning for DR
  37. 37. Show this case study to Group
  38. 38. Group want us to pilot this in other country </li></ul></ul></ul>
  39. 39. Case Study <ul><li>SugarCRM </li><ul><li>Problem: want to have consolidate data for each customer from every system in Bank to generate the customer portal for our branch staffs.
  40. 40. We think about Sale-forced automation
  41. 41. We let them explore on
  42. 42. They like but don't have money LoL......
  43. 43. We show SugarCRM to them. </li></ul></ul>
  44. 44. Case Study <ul><li>SugarCRM (Cont.) </li><ul><li>We have to make the customer portfolio in SugarCRM with in 3 months.
  45. 45. We can do it with Module Builder in SugarCRM which is drag-and-drop e-Forms generator. </li></ul></ul>
  46. 46. Case Study <ul><li>SugarCRM (Cont.) </li><ul><li>Present Status: </li><ul><li>Now we have a customer portfolio system to support our sales at branch.
  47. 47. Other countries in Group spend about x,xxx,xxx bahts for this system but we make it with no software cost.
  48. 48. We have daily back up and can restore in 1hour.
  49. 49. We use only 2 staffs for this project </li></ul></ul></ul>
  50. 50. Case Study <ul><li>Approval Workflow </li><ul><li>As we have learnt e-Forms tool from SugarCRM, we apply this concept to other system which need approval workflow.
  51. 51. Problem: need a e-Form to send a approved data from branch to head quarter to replace the manual process.
  52. 52. We use configed SugarCRM e-Forms tool to make a simple approval workflow then interface this data to our Lotus Notes. </li></ul></ul>
  53. 53. Case Study <ul><li>Approval Workflow (Cont.) </li><ul><li>We reduce the approval time from 7 days to 2 hours.
  54. 54. We use only 1 staff (me) to implement this system in 1 month.
  55. 55. We have daily back up and can restore in 1 hour. </li></ul></ul>
  56. 56. Q&A Question & Answer Thank you.