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Requirements and step page

  1. 1. Name of Group:__________________________ Date: ________________ Topic: ________________________________________________________________ Transportation Fuel Presentation Requirements Need in Presentation Done How your fuel is produced and distributed Vehicles that use the fuel Environmental, economic and social impact of the fuel Advantages/Disadvantages Future projections for fuel Car design Does your fuel us an internal combustion engine or not What engineer was crucial in making your fuel/ car work better How does Newton’s three laws apply to your car Statistics on fuel (miles/gallon; speed/time) Answer a group question that you thought of in Step 1 Others Presentation tool or iPad app Use Graphs /Charts/Pictures/ Video … (need more than one) Properly cite research found on topic. Presentation is between 1 and 2 minutes We are looking for: 1. Creativity (ingenuity and innovative thinking) 2. Scientific knowledge 3. Persuasiveness and effective communication 4. Overall presentation *** See Your Project-based Learning Rubric for more details Where To Start 1. Look at your presentation requirement page to see what you have to include. 2. Look over your Project-based Learning Rubric page to see how you will be assessed. 3. Follow your Student Guide to Creating a Transportation Fuel Presentation steps
  2. 2. Student Guide to Creating a Transportation Fuel Presentation Our Class Question What form of transportation fuel would you recommend to your parents in the future?Step 1–Question you want to find out about your fuel As a group, make a list of questions you have about your fuel 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.(Check in with Teacher)Step 2 – Learn about your transportation fuel Read about your fuel Use your Research Information Template to keep track of where you find your information. Properly cite research found on topic..(Check in with Teacher)Step 3 – Plan your presentation As a group, make a list of how you would like your presentation to look o Charts, pictures, video, diagrams, graphic organizers … o Decide on what electronic presentation tool will you use(Check in with Teacher)Step 4 – Make a plan on who is going to be responsible for what information As a group, decide who will do which jobs. Fill out your Project Management Log: Group Tasks Each group member will then fill out the Project Work Report: Individual page(Check in with Teacher)Step 5 – Individual work time(Check in with Teacher)Step 6 – Create your presentation and write your script Write a 1-2 minute script using Story Board Template Practice the script(Check in with Teacher)Step 7 - Presentations Bring a smile and all your knowledge about your fuel