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Renewable vs non renewable energy card game directions


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Renewable vs non renewable energy card game directions

  1. 1. Renewable vs. Non-renewable Energy Directions1. Get into partners: decide who is student A and who is student B.2. Partners: Divide green card set up into 2 piles, renewable and non-renewableenergies.3. Jobs: Partner A: responsible for Renewable Partner B: responsible for Non-renewableTake cards you are responsible for and partner up with another person under thesign that matches the cards you are responsible for.4. If cards don’t match under sign, original partners have to get back together andfix mistakes. Then compare answers under the sign again.5. When cards match by checking with other groups partner and finalized withteam leader, partners return to table.6. When finished with activity, read Electric Connections game instructions.Read and only do the Individual Instructions.