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Communication Laws In China 1990 2010


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Law and Society Association 2012 Annual Meeting

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Communication Laws In China 1990 2010

  1. 1. Communication Laws in China 1990-2010 Bolin Zhang Duke University 2012 International Conference on Law and Society
  2. 2. 2 Media Blockbusters in 2012• Wanda Group buys AMC Entertainment for 2.6 billion USD• National Copyright Administration gets 1506 proposals concerning 81 out of 88 articles of the Copyright Law Draft Amendment
  3. 3. Communication Laws• The Constitution NPC• Statutory Law NPCSC• Administrative Law SC, Ministries & Commissions• Local Rules Provincial Gov’ts• Departmental Provisions Central/Provincial• Judicial Interpretations• White Papers• Law Year Books
  4. 4. All the King’s Media Telecommunication Broadcasting Service The Internet
  5. 5. The Hohfeldian Approach• Communication sectors and bureaus as collective communities• Communication laws as public policies Jural Opposites Right Privilege Power Immunity No right Duty Disability Liability Jural Correlatives Right Privilege Power Immunity Duty No right Liability Disability Table 1 Hohfelds fundamental legal conceptions (Hohfeld, Fundamental Legal Conceptions as Applied in Judical Reasoning, 1916)
  6. 6. Nodes Entities• 1. Institutions (Departmental Agencies, Local Government, State Council, NPC & NPCSC, SPC&SPP, and CPC& CPCCC);• 2. Objects (Statutes, Administrative Law, Judicial Interpretation, Local Regulations, Departmental Regulations, and Legal Scholarship);• 3. Municipal representatives (Beijing, Shanghai, and Hongkong)
  7. 7. Elements Coding• Equation 1 Rights• Rights OR the right of OR Claim OR 权利 NOT 无权利 NOT immunity NOT power NOT privilege NOT liberty NOT 豁免 NOT 特权 NOT 免责 NOT 特许 NOT 权力 NOT duty NOT 义务 NOT 自由• Equation 2 No-Rights• No rights OR 无权 OR 无权利 OR no right NOT Rights NOT 有权利 NOT 义务 NOT duty NOT liability NOT disability NOT 无资格 NOT 责任 NOT 特权 NOT 特许 NOT privilege• Equation 3 Duty• Duty OR 义务 NOT liability NOT 无权 NOT责任 NOT 无资格 NOT disability NOT privilege NOT liberty NOT 自由 NOT 特权 NOT 特许 NOT liability NOT 无权利 NOT 无权力• Equation 4 Power• Power OR 有权 OR 权力 OR 势力 NOT disability NOT 无权 NOT 无资格 NOT privilege NOT 特权 NOT 特许 NOT immunity NOT duty NOT 豁免 NOT 免责 NOT 权利 NOT rights NOT liability NOT 责任 NOT 义务• Equation 5 Immunity• Immunity OR 豁免 OR 免责 NOT liability NOT 责任 NOT Power NOT 权力 NOT privilege NOT 特权 NOT 特许 NOT 无权 NOT disability NOT rights NOT 权利• Equation 6 Disability• Disability OR 无资格 OR 无权 NOT Power NOT 有权 NOT 权力 NOT 势力 NOT liability NOT 责任 NOT 义务 NOT duty NOT 无权利 NOT no-rights• Equation 7 Liability• Liability OR 责任 OR 有责 NOT immunity NOT 豁免 NOT 免责 NOT disability NOT 无资格 NOT 无权力 NOT 无权 NOT no-rights NOT 无权利 NOT 义务 NOT duty• Equation 8 Privilege• Privilege OR Liberty OR 特权 OR 特许 OR 自由 NOT 权力 NOT Power NOT rights NOT 权利 NOT 豁免 NOT immunity
  8. 8. Content Analysis w/ NVIVO 9
  9. 9. Coding ReferencesNodes = law articles or policy directivesCategories = Each CollectivesColor = Directive similarity Red: most similar Green: most distinctive
  10. 10. The Walk of Fame Case• Program starts 1994 • Trademark Registered • Trademark Review in in 2003 2005• No trademark registered • Used in performance • Trademark contest in 2003 Oppositions in 2009• Program was • Opposed trademark renamed passed review and registered Trademark Appeal Board Beijing Xingguangdadao of the StateCCTV Film & TV Production Administration for Co., Ltd. Industry and Commerce
  11. 11. Jural Correlatives
  12. 12. Jural Correlatives cont’d A : Disability in Law B : Duty in Law C : Liability in Law D : No-Rights in Law1 : Rights in Law 394 654 819 3942 : Privilege in Law 31 291 456 313 : Power in Law 4 264 429 44 : Immunity in Law 2 262 427 2