Current Issues in Education: Common State Standards


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  • The Common Core State Standards initiative is a new initiative led by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers. It is a movement to create common standards nationwide in English and Mathematics to prepare students for life after graduation. There is no promise that states will adopt the final product, but so far, 48 states have joined with the exceptions of Texas and Alaska.
  • These standards are needed to make our students ready for life after graduation, and to make them a more valuable asset to the world economy. The goal is to prepare American students not only to succeed in the U.S, but to be prepared to face their competition in the global sphere.
  • The mathematics standards include: mathematical practice, number quantity, expressions, equations, functions, modeling, shape, coordinates, probability, and statistics. Some examples of mathematics standards outlined in the Common Core State Standards Initiative include: the ability to be able to solve systems of equations, the ability to find and interpret rates of change, and finally students must apply probability problems to real-world situations.
  • There are three main categories in the English language arts standards. These are: Reading, Writing, and Speaking and listening.For the reading portion, students must be able to recognize how word choices alter the meaning of text, they must analyze and compare two or more different texts, they must evaluate online sources, ect.In writing, they must be able to compose writing suitable for a specific audience, know how to establish a thesis, choose words and phrases to portray ideas precisely, and develop and maintain a writing style and tone that parallels the intent of the writing.For speaking and listening, students must constructively build on others’ work, ask relevant questions to clarify ideas, and demonstrate and practice formal Standard English when appropriate.
  • The initiative will affect approximately 45.1 million students (about 91% of the student population in the U.S.) This will allow students to have an excellent education no matter where they live.Having common standards will allow students to have the same education wherever he/she lives in the U.S., ensuring that students everywhere get the education they deserve. These standards are good for parents because they will be able to know what is expected of their children.The standards will be beneficial to teachers so they can have a focus on these areas.Students will be measured by state developed standardized tests.
  • The National Governor’s Association in partnership with the Common Core State Standards Organization are creating a process to develop these common state standards. First, college and career readiness standards will be created, then K-12 standards will be decided upon following plenty of research. Finally, a validation committee will review them.
  • The math and english standards are expected to be validated this November, and the K-12 standards for each grade are expected to be drafted this winter. Early in 2010, states that decide to adopt the standards will be expected to submit a timeline and a plan of action to begin working with these standards.
  • Although this is not a nationally supported project, rather, individual states are creating the standards, The Obama administration has applauded the effort to create these common core state standards. The administration is planning to give a $350 million grant to encourage states to adopt the common core state standards and develop tests.
  • In conclusion, the common core state standards initiative is a new project developed by the national governors association and the Council of chief state officers. The effort is to create common academic standards in Math, and English Language Arts. The common core standards are standards which must be met by graduation. There will also be grade by grade standards from grades K-12. The objective of this initiative is to make students more well prepared in this global economy. These standards are expected to go into effect in 2010.
  • Current Issues in Education: Common State Standards

    1. 1. Current Issues in Education:Common Core State Standards<br />By Kayla Chambers<br />
    2. 2. English language arts and Mathematics standards for grades K-12.<br />Skills students should achieve before graduation.<br />To help prepare students for life after graduation.<br />Standards are common from state to state.<br />48 states have joined.<br />Exceptions: Texas and Alaska.<br />What is the Common Core State Standards Initiative?<br />
    3. 3. Why are these standards needed?<br />It is important that we prepare students as much as possible to compete with people from the next state as well as the next country, or continent. <br />URL:<br />Author: woodleywonderworks<br />
    4. 4. Math Standards Include:<br />Mathematical Practice<br />Number<br />Quantity<br />Expressions<br />Equations<br />Functions<br />Modeling<br />Shape<br />Coordinates<br />Probability<br />Statistics<br />URL:<br />Author: Ttuartpilbrow<br />
    5. 5. Reading<br />Writing<br />Speaking and listening.<br />English Language Arts Standards<br />URL:<br />Author: WimMudler<br />
    6. 6. This initiative will affect approximately 45 million students.<br />Parents will have a better understanding of how their child is doing in school.<br />Teachers will be able to be better prepared.<br />Standardized tests.<br />What effect will these standards have on K-12 Education?<br />
    7. 7. The NGA with CCSSO are creating a process to create the standards.<br />1st career readiness standards<br />Then K-12 standards<br />Validation committee will review them.<br />
    8. 8. The standards in math and English are expected to be validated in November.<br />K-12 standards are expected to be drafted this winter.<br />2010, states submit timeline.<br />
    9. 9. Supports the program.<br />Planning a $350 million grant to encourage states to adopt.<br />The Obama Administration<br />URL:<br />Author: Barstow Steve<br />
    10. 10. Common state to state standards in English Language arts and Mathematics. <br />Skills to complete before graduation<br />Grade by grade standards from K-12.<br />Students should be more prepared to compete on a global scale.<br />In Conclusion…<br />
    11. 11. Sources<br />Anderson, Nick. 2009, September 22. Skills Set Drafted For Students Nationwide. The Washington Post.Retrieved from<br />Barstow Steve. Obama. Retrieved from:<br />McNeil, Michelle. (2009). Education Week. 46 States Agree to Common Academic Standards Effort 28.33 p16<br />National Governors Association and The Council of Chief State School Officers.<br />Ttuartpilbrow. Chalkboard. Retrieved from:<br />WimMudler. Writing. Retrieved from:<br />Woodleywonderworks. Earth. Retrieved from:<br />(2009). Common core state standards initiative. Retrieved from <br />