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Business Presentations-Aitken spence


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Business Presentations Created by Chamath Malinda @ NIBM Matara....................................

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Business Presentations-Aitken spence

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. About Us Aitken Spence is Sri Lanka's largest logistics operator and Leading player in Hotels, Travel, Maritime Services, and Power Generation in Sri Lanka.
  3. 3. Our Heritage Aitken Spence PLC. was originally named Clark Spence & Company and commenced business activities in 1868 in Galle.
  4. 4. What we Do?
  5. 5. Company Vision To achieve excellence in all our activities, establish high growth businesses in Sri Lanka and across new frontiers, and become a globally competitive market leader in the region.
  6. 6. Board of Directors
  7. 7. Mr. Harry Jayawardena is one of Sri Lanka's most successful businessmen and heads many successful enterprises in very diverse fields of activity. He is also the Chairman of the following companies. Mr. D.H.S. Jayawardena Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka PLC Lanka Bell (Pvt) Ltd Browns Beach Hotel, Balangoda Plantations PLC Former Director of Hatton National Bank PLC Former Chairman of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation and Former Chairman Sri Lankan Airlines CE O - M r. D.H.S. Jayawa rdena
  8. 8. Our Governing Principles We will: Focus on creating value because that is the foundation of economic growth. Exceed the expectations of our customers in all our transactions. Place the highest value on loyalty. Make environmental management. Contribute towards the social and economic uplift of our nation.
  9. 9. Sectors
  10. 10. Hotels Services Logistic Solutions Strategic Investment
  11. 11. Hotels Aitken Spence has a chain of luxury hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka, Maldives, India and Oman. We have received numerous international awards for high quality service excellence, building conservation and environmental care at our luxury hotels.
  12. 12. Services Our leading position in Sri Lanka’s services sector coupled with the strong relationships we have with leading global partners.
  13. 13. • Inbound Tourism • Airline Agencies • Conventions & Exhibitions • Outbound Travel • Elevator Agency • Financial Services • Insurance • Genuity • Technologies • BPO • Retirement Living
  14. 14. Few of Them
  15. 15. Tourism Aitken Spence's extensive tourism infrastructure in Sri Lanka
  16. 16. Airline Agencies We are the longest serving general sales agency in the Singapore Airlines network representing one of the world's leading airlines in Sri Lanka since commencement of operations in 1972.
  17. 17. BPO Aitken Spence Business Solutions is a Financial Accounting Outsourcing company focusing on the delivery of end-to-end accounting solutions that are efficient and cost-effective. B u s i n e s s P r o c e s s O u t s o u r c i n g
  18. 18. Other services
  19. 19. Our Employees
  20. 20. Our corporate sphere nurtures our employees, helping them to grow professionally and personally to reach their full potential.
  21. 21. Challenges Faced by Employees
  22. 22. Employees face challenges at some time during their career life.  Cultural Difference  Job Performance  Workplace Relationships  Changing of Management  Unrealistic expectations  Loyalty issues  Issue of shift work  Work under pressure
  23. 23. Cultural Difference In this company the main challenge faced by the employees is the interact with cultural difference. There may be language, religion, and values differences. So the employees should have a better understand about them to face the current situations.
  24. 24. Job Performance Employees who work for companies that conduct regular performance appraisals face challenges in performing their job duties according to their employer's expectations. Employers may provide detailed job descriptions, performance standards and all the tools an employee needs to do his job.
  25. 25. Workplace Relationships In many work environments, employees enjoy friendly relationships with their co workers. And, Challenges like these usually become the responsibility of a human resources department that can provide diversity training for the entire workforce.
  26. 26. Ineffective Leadership This creates a challenge for both sides and often may only be resolved by human resources intervention or through a frank discussion between the supervisor and employee about their differences..
  27. 27. Changing of Management In this case employees are facing internally themselves in resistance to change at the same time they have to add to a new work environment on the other hand their facing communication conflicts as well. Challenges like these usually become the responsibility of a human resources department that can provide diversity training for the entire work place.
  28. 28. Work-Life Balance In addition, scheduling family obligations such as child care, school meetings or care for an ailing family member can also present challenges for employees. Employers who realize this offer benefits packages that include telecommuting or flexible scheduling, and generous paid time off to accommodate their employees.
  29. 29. Issue of shift work Employees should have to work for the shift basis so the employees will get some stress on their mind to work with changing regular time frames that they used to.
  30. 30. Work under pressure All employees in the company should have an ability to work under pressure as company needs their optimum effectively.