Task7- Evaluation


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Task7- Evaluation

  1. 1. Evaluation. Please note that some of the work related to this task will be found on a separate document. My final can design and new brand image that has been created for irn-bru 32 has something new and innovative which reflects what has been asked in the brief using the words ‘rebranding’ suggests the fact that they are looking for change. As many people no irn-bru are known for their risky and controversial humour and the clashing orange and blues colour tones used. So as a way of creating a new image I used the same colour scheme as I felt it worked best with their original products. However, in the early stages of production I did look at changing the colour scheme but felt that it would be to different and audiences wouldn’t be able to recognise it. In terms of skill that I have used I felt that it was important for me to grow in skills set and develop some of the techniques that I have picked up such as the use of Photoshop as it was of most importance to get it to professional quality and industry standard revisiting and improving on Photoshop, and the work I have created from my first can design to my final one are very much different. In terms of the aesthetic qualities to my design I have created a background out of cut out models found online, creating a collage/ scrap book effect. Which I feel complements the tone of the overall product, because the fact I have lowered the opacity doesn’t take away from the text and the content for the rest of the can and still gets the metallic overlay that makes it look realistic on the can. The font choice was also another important part of my design choice, and using the website ‘dafont’ to help me to do so. The font I decided upon what a chunky bold font in caps lock which really helped to draw attention to the product presented on in a vertical line down the can. It was also important to find a font that was eye-catching and bold yet still easy to read to that audience are aware of what the product is. Especially when laid vertical and so then text spacing was also important. The fact that the numbers ‘32’ have been placed horizontal emphases the fact that this drink is new on the market and different to their existing products. Especially by the orange font which was chosen for the word ‘32’ this also makes it more striking. I choose to stick with the orange and blue colour scheme as it is recognisable to there already existing audience and fits well with the design I have created. Using a neutral colour for the box on the back of the can makes it look less noticeable. But still clear to read the text by because with development came the box as feedback showed that the box was necessary.
  2. 2. In terms of the designs for my web banner before I even begun production I had an indication of the type of content I wanted to include as I felt that it was important to make sure that all the products I create work seamlessly as a campaign for irn-bru. Both with the images, text and colour schemes, and so this is the outcome and the final product I was happiest with. Because even though a number of web banners were created I felt that this one was most appropriate, and so again Photoshop was used for the production stages in order to achieve the finished product. The image behind used for the background was taken from the can design I had create previously and with development I editing the image slightly by making it black and white and then adding curves to the image which also increases the contrast. Because previously when the colour image was used it was to overpowering and created something that was too busy and overcrowded. I also decided the image should only be found at one side of the banner that falls naturally into the image because again it would have become too darker image and taken away from the main body of text and product image. The overall look of the banner is much centralised where the text can be found and the cans either side, which complements the more minimalistic tone. One thing that I was concerned about with this design was the overlap of the ‘irn-bru’ and ‘32’ as I was unsure whether it would become difficult to read. However response from peers and tutors showed that by lowering the opacity of the ‘32’ improved it making it clearer to read. As I felt that it was important to make sure that the ‘32’ was the most important part as the branding of the new drink. I also felt it important to incorporate an image of the product within the advertisement so that the public are aware of the energy drink and what it looks like. Just like the can and poster created earlier I used the same text and colour scheme making it more effective when recognised by the public to also make sure that the whole banners fits well as a campaign. It was also important to look at the sizing of the text making sure it wasn’t too big and over powering or too small that it becomes difficult to read, and felt that it was also important to make the ‘32’ stand out more and is bigger than the rest of the copy making it more of importance. Another factor to take into consideration was the ideas behind my can designs, which are inspired by the target market two different designs for two different audiences’ men and women. Therefore I also created at banner that combines both the cans one for men and one more women which could be found online. So if I was looking at developing these ideas future I could look at creating an animation to with it either making the collage of icons move or make the text move along the page.
  3. 3. Out of the number of different posters I created I feel that the one shown above is fit for purpose to be found in a magazine advert. As this cartoon style will appeal to the younger target market reflective of the can itself such as the font that is also cartoony. In terms of the design this poster shows strong colour contrasts between both black and white which is a great way of attracting the reader’s attention. When originally coming up with these ideas it was of most importance to interlink the background of my cans with the poster that I was creating, as fashion catwalks are easily related to the fashion industry and fashion models. As the background image was taken from the internet I then looked at adapting this to create something original, and so for inspiration i looked at existing products such as the hero’s chocolate adverts which were created from a similar idea. So when it came to adapting this image I wanted it to fit in with the colour scheme more, so I changed the colours of the back panels, a central orange panel and 2 white panels which fit in with the design of the whole poster. With the original image I changed it to black and white and increased the contrast works as spot light with draws your eye into the main image to the centre of the poster, I also wanted to make sure that it looked as professional as possible when combining two images together. As I didn’t want the image of the can to overpower the poster either. To help complement this modern and minimalist look I also looked text that would reflect this showbiz and glitzy look that I have gone with. Not particularly with the font choice but the effects to create this 3D bevelled look, making it stand out where the lighting hits. I have also included a slogan within the poster campaign that has been taken from a famous fashion quote by coco channel, ‘every day in a fashion show and the world is your runway’ which I felt would work best incorporated into my design but adapting it to suit the purposes of irn-bru. I also feel it fits in well with the other products I have created for this project when placed side my side you can see the similarities between them. Also idea taken from this idea of fashion shows was the text at the top of the page using the ‘barr’ logo and the word presents which also puts a formal tone over the poster and this showbiz style.
  4. 4. What areas worked well? I feel overall I have created products that work well together as a strong advertising campaign using the same house style throughout. An example of this could be the font choice and the colour scheme for the text ‘irn-bru32’ used throughout. As the thick orange line round the outline of the text really helps to draw your eye into the product contrasting with the vibrant blue tones, What areas could have done with more work? If I were to look at improvements that could be made if I were to do this project again, I could develop the design for the back of my can, as I feel that if I had more time I could achieve something better, as I felt that it was challenging to get the layout right with the right balance between text, images and spacing. As finding a text that is readable and fits with the theme proved challenging as well as achieving something that looks professional. What effect did you think your development stages had on the final product? I felt that recording my developments was a useful tool to show the changes that have been made either to the colour scheme or font choice. Because giving you a number of options and testing out the different possibilities to make sure I don’t miss out on anything. In some cases the development stages have had a big impact on my end product. An example of this could be with the can design; from first draft to my developed final product