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  1. 1. TASK4
  2. 2. Here I have run with the same fashion theme but used different images, because in this case I have used a pink and pastel colour scheme that suggest femininity, and so from the sutal use of pink in the fashion photographs it has also been used in parts of the text two such as the headline for the article and empathising the letter L. the images have been cut out and cropped into this effect to highlight only parts of the images from around the face. Which helps you make it look more artistic and creative and a slight edge to the design. The article itself has been set out into a column type formula between three. If I was to look to experiment future I could include a separate image warped into the text or even using a pull quote to help split the text up future rather than one bulk of text.
  3. 3. To begin with I looked at more of a simplistic design using the guides provided of 5x3 grid patter and gutters of 4mm. From this it allowed me to create something with clean lines and a simplistic look to it. The fact that I looked at the fashion industry to base my designs around, lived up to the common conventions of fashion magazines mainly high end., and using the white space purposely to achieve a minimalist design, of mainly monochromes, and then an added use of yellow to help brighten the page and so felt that if the article continued the colour run throughout of either with pull out quotes, page numbers and headlines. Using the letter behind the main body of text in a serif font is also fit for purpose as it fits with the classic simplistic look, which reflects the photograph too.
  4. 4. Still running with the same theme and same number of grid squares, I created something similar. Only this time the text was found to the right of the page in one main column which helps to draw focus to the main image used across the whole page as I feel that the ombre/ gradual darkening effect of the image works well against the white text which stands out, and so if I was to experiment with this future I colour look at making the text wrap around the silhouette of the model to achieve a different look. Just like previously shown I have also used the bright yellow colour for the first letter to help draw your attention into the article and instead of using a drop capital I have but emphases the letter L.
  5. 5. Here I have experimented future inspired by the work of ray gun which breaks the rules from the common conventions of page layout and create something more abstract and unusual. Warping both the text and images, with multiple over lapping layers which I could definitely see working for a more younger audience of maybe the art world. as in this case the image has been duplicated and then cut to see different parts of the images and give this broken distorted look to the image. Which has then been emphased more with a by rotated elements of the photograph even further. With the main body of text I have mixed the modern and contemporary with the more traditional columns which ha still been experimented with by rotating each column slighting to overlap some of the text which can still be red. The beginning paragraph however is a lot more abstract overlapping duplications of the text and then enlarging reducing the size of some parts of the text, and so where the text and image meet a white font has been used making it easier to read.
  6. 6. With this design the same house style has been created with similar colours, font choices and photograph but experimenting with the page layout even further. In this case I feel that this type of design would work better for something with a little less text and been more about the design or even used as a beginning page of an article which always seems to be a lot more interesting to the eye and based about the photographs and again most likely appeal to those in the artistic modern world. For this design the photographs have been cut to show specific element of the image and then inserted as an underneath layer to emphases parts of the text with a different background. the white space has also been used well here as a way to emphases the layering effect of these photographs on a sort of a tearing system all photography's with a sense of mystery to them. Once again the text has uses a variety of sizes and style with italics and bold prints, and the columns at a number of different widths and sizes to maintain this abstract style.