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  1. 1. Within the text there are two main columns of text which is then split up even future with paragraphs spacing, helping to keep the audience interested. The orientation to this article is portrait to this double page spread as each of the pages bleed into each other The interview with Emma Watson spreads over 7 pages however the section of this which I am analysing is a double page spread. There is a distinct margin space around the outside of the page and between each of the columns, which fits in well with the minimalist look of vogue magazine that it has been sourced from. Using sutal hits to reflect the house style. The text sits horizontally on the page with equal spacing between the lines, which helps to fit in with the formal, high end look that has been achieved, which also reflects the serif font which is also very traditional A pull quote has been used into the middle of the copy which has been taken from the interview relating to the subject content and also given the illusion of a white box White space doesn’t seem to be apart of this article even though the space which is there has been managed well to create this boarder/ margin round the outskirts of the copy Because this isn't the first page of the article there is no header to the page and instead the interview continues. Even though there I no cut out where the text becomes apart of the photograph the fact that the model is looking directly at the text helps to merge to two seamlessly together, A drop capital has been included into the main body of text but unlike what you see mostly at the top of the page it has been used into half way down the page to split the text, and proving a break between paragraphs of 10 lines which has this fairytale look to it. The page number has been included in the bottom left of the page. As a part of the copy a cross head has been used towards the centre of the article between the two columns which helps to merge the two together, and brings the a theme and subject content to the whole article. This quote also helps to draw the attention of the audience into the article.
  2. 2. As this article use less of the conventional layout of a magazine and has a lot more of an informal tone to it. The use of a margin has only really been used to define the middle of the page and for splitting up the columns. Again there is a portrait orientation which bleeds the pages well together using a darker background for pages to combine text and image together and reflect the look of kerrang music magazine Reverse has also been used as a printing technique and so instead of the traditional black text on white paper this technique has been used to fit with the grungy photographs and the alternative look which has been produced overall The body of this article has been presented over a double page spread combining both text and images, however as you can see the images are of more importance as a way of grabbing the attention of the audience and appeal to the younger market which such magazines will look at. There are two main columns for the purpose of this article which helps to order the copy into some sort of pattern and also makes it more compact in comparison to the photographs which are more of a statement. A drop capital has also been used to start the article, that helps to draw the reader into the text, the use of the drop capital in a red font proves a strong contrast There is also the use of page numbers to the bottom of the page which helps to keep this organised and link in with the contents page. A header has been used to the top of the right page which is a quote taken from the band, using a font that matches the main body of text yet still is modern and stands out to the audience. The fact that it is slightly rotated helps to fit with the distorted look to the whole design. A strapline has been include below the headline just like a newspaper. This text helps to give the reader a taster of what is expected and themes the article.
  3. 3. There is also a drop capital into the beginning of the article which helps to illustrate the first point with more impact, and the fact that the turquoise colour continues throughout makes it more striking to the eye something very different to the persistent and white colours used traditionally which also makes it look more professional. A pull quote has bee used to the main article that even though it doesn't merge with the copy its been incorporated within the columns itself pulling out apart of the article and using the same font of a more traditional matter similar to a broadsheet newspaper The only types of blobs and stars could be seen as the quotation marks that have been used to back up the quote and are colour coded with the main colour themes. The main header can be found half way down the page asking a rhetorical question which hooks the audience. The fact they have used a bold chunky font is common of newspaper headlines. A baseline/ caption has also been And giving the piece incorporated within the photograph to some meaning give it some meaning and allows the reader to understand the point more. The margin that has been incorporated into the design is used as a way to stop the information from running of the page and containing it. They also help to split up the different sections to this double pages there is more than one feature included, and also work well with the formal tone that has been suggested. This is seen to spread over one page to help condense the important information common of a newspaper. As apart of the design the page number has been placed at the top left of the page which is put in this turquoise colour that matches the fonts colours and areas of the photographs. 3 columns have been used for the main body of text which provided the reader with holiday information. The neatness of the columns helps to also fit with the style of newspaper and the text which has been used