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  1. 1. Task1. For the purpose of this first source I have looked at a step by step instruction guide for people to follow resulting in a friendship bracelet. That could be found as a part of an insert into a girl’s magazine such as ‘girl talk’ or within a craft text book full of other examples of similar content. Combined with a minimum amount of text diagrams have accompanied these to help explain and demonstrate the process, that suggest the idea of them been hand drawn showing the intricate details to suit the traditional look. Within these diagrams they have clearly colour coded each of the strings to help to visualise this. The choices of colours aresimplistic and muted that aren’t too blatant to suit any age and gender and fit with the traditional house style. As well as thorough the diagrams the colours have influenced the rest of the content for numbering and borders of a similar colour palette and are of a pastel nature that all have calming connotations. The text itself is very minimal including the most important facts, addressing the audience and getting straight to the point with straight forward demands. Bolding the numbers within the boarder helps to make the text stand out and is simpler to understand the step by step diagram that is presented to the reader, combining both the text and images seamlessly together. As well as this it is important to look at the text, which draws in audiences numbering each step in larger text to stand out from the main body of text, as using this type of layout and scattering the instructions makes it a little more complex to read through as it isn’t set out in columns and instead this box technique which complements the arts and crafts look that has been achieved. When looking at the writing of this factual source I would say that it has a sense of clarity and accuracy in way that the text has been formatted using clear instructions, and making it easy to understand with the combination of using a diagram to as well as numbering the steps also clarifies this to. Another exampleusing conscience information that has been selected using key words making it appropriate for anyone to read. This step-bystepinstruction also avoids ambiguity as vagueness and uncertainty can’t be allowed when giving out clear instructions such language like ‘now’, ‘start’ seen as demanding words. As it wouldn’t found within a newspaper or as a part of an article there is no form of bias, which could be applied. The register uses formal language which gets straight to the point, the fact it uses short snappy sentences gets to the point and makes it appropriate reading for any age. When looking at some of the other techniques that aren’t relevant evidencing of argument isn’t relevant to this content as there is no real bias and so there I no reason to show explain your side of the story and referencing sources as there is no need to research or get information from other sources. Similarly legal constraints and codes of practice are not relevant
  2. 2. Task1. For my second source I have looked at another form of factual writing that’s main purpose is to inform the reader of this official party museum with dates, times, prices and the line-up. That could be found being handed out or online around the social media sites appealing to the open marker for both male and females of all ages. When looking at the design behind the flyer theIllustrations are an important part of drawing the attention of the reader and making it look more visually appealing and interesting to audiences. The image created have been editing digitally which will appeal to the younger audience interested in music which helps to achieve this stencilled traditional look which fits in with the ideas them stem from museum and history. That also contrasts well against the black background which is used throughout proving striking to the eye against not only the image but the text to. Colour palette itself uses a combination of both the bright for mainly the text and copy with the dark and duller colours used for the purpose of the background. There is also a specific format to the layout starting from the top of the page using a bold font which is purposely larger to help grab the attention of the audience. Then looking down from this some of the other important information such as the dates times and places are placed a line down but in a smaller font and then from this the music line up has been formatted into this formal layout all in specific horizontal lines which is then in a similar but smaller font, and also help to frame the image as the text fall around it. In order to communicate effectively there are some key factors that can be addressed here you can see from this source that is has a sense of clarity within it as the fact they have staggered the text in list format makes it clear and easy to understand suitable for all ages and reading development, making sure it’s just the key information is used no sentences and instead all in a bullet point fashion also known as conciseness. Similarly accuracy fits into the same bracket as there is no false information been given here as the truth is of most importance as the purpose of this flyer is to inform people about this event with dates times and places otherwise this source would become unreliable.An example of avoiding ambiguity could be down to the second main line of text where the words ‘2008 I 03 I 25 I TUES 9PM-5AM I’ have been presented in short hand direct way providing other to room for interpretation without words like maybe possibly or might. When looking at the biasand evidencing of argument to this source there is no other resources that have been taken meaning there is no need for referencing source unless you look at the headings that have been provided making the information clearer to understand and splits it up ‘music by’ and ‘live performances by’ but there are no two sides to the story for this piece of factual writing and so can’t be relatable expect for the fact that they are promoting this event. When looking at the register it would seem the language takes
  3. 3. more of an informal approach to appeal to the younger generation that would attend these events for example the brief style used throughout and incorporating brackets as another way to present the information in a short hand fashion.Just like the first source legal constraints and codes of practise cannot be linked in as there are no real ideas or issues that they are challenging which could be seen as controversial.
  4. 4. Task1. My third example of factual writing has been taken from the insert of a historical text book based around Alexander The Great. Which could be appropriate for those in education for example possibly degree and university level, and so can be students from any age. As well as that there it could be found in a part of a newspaper insert as incorporating other sources helps to back up your opinion and make it sound a lot stronger, therefore something like this would be useful. It could also be incorporated into some of the new media resources for example as a part of a blog post or online newspaper. As developments are still being made as things become more interactive online. For the purpose of this example the illustrations are of less importance as the ratio is swayed more text to images, and so theimages help to split up the text making it a little more visually appealing. They are also seen as a way to back up the information that has been give as another source, both very traditional images relating to the topic and are original black and white that also suggests this idea of age. When looking at the typography just like the images the layout is plain and simplistic with black text and a white background which works most effectively when there is a lot of text and information which is of most importance as something to patterned would become difficult to understand and also reflecting the house style of many text books and informative books. To highlight some of the key words whether it be a name or a place bold and italics have also been used to emphases these points future. Underneath each of the photographs they have used captions to explain each image and to fit in with the main body of text there has also been a title used to the bottom of the page to get to the point and make the reader aware of the content to this page in a serif font which fits with the traditional look that has been portrayed throughout. When considering what makes effective communication it is important to look some of these key things. Such as clarity because even though the work isn’t short snappy and to the point the purpose is to provide in depth analysis and information. The set out also helps this to because splitting it into smaller paragraphs helps to order the text also helping to make it as concise as possible. The accuracy of this source is also important as it is seem as a reliable source for people to use. the fact they have backed there facts with other sources makes the reader believe it more and becomes more trustworthy. As the factual piece of writing is telling a story there is no real room for vagueness or uncertainty as throughout the article the story is simply being told word for word. And if there was any sense of this it would have been within the story itself. When telling the story of alexander the great there could be seen as a sense of bias by the way the story is being told and put across to the audience however there is no second opinion or view to rival this therefore this side of the story is being favoured more. When looking at the register and the tone to the text there is an element of formal
  5. 5. language towards to fit with the house style of a text book and the sort of image that they portray and the fact that this would be targeted at student possibly at university the language will be of a formal nature. The evidence of the argument is backed up by the use of quotations from the book with slices of the text which was spoken as well as the images to show photograph evidence of this.