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Task 4

  1. 1. Task 4 Charlotte Shaw
  2. 2. refers to a travel, pilgrimage, or series of events whereby a person attempts to determine how they feel, personally, about spiritual issues or priorities, “finding out, news, announcement, revelation, disclosure, realization • the discovery that his wife was HIV positive Detecting something new, or something "old" that had been unknown abstract thought and everyday experiences Pilgrimage - a travel, often for religious enlightenment Discoveries are often made due to questions Coming of age - reaching maturity, from childhood to adulthood Road trips, Adrenaline Activities and Travelling Adventures; maps globes, compass, lugga ge A visual representation of your heart’s desire scovery Thesaurus ‘Keywo rds’ “Journey Of Self-Discovery" lead to the invention of objects, processes, or techniques. invention, launch, institution, introduction, pioneering, innovation, initiation, inauguration, induction, coinage, origination • the discovery of new forensic techniques breakthrough, find, finding, development, advance, leap, coup, invention, step forward, godsend, quantum leap • In that year, two momentous discoveries were made. finding, turning up, locating, revelation, uncovering, disclosure, detection, unearthing, espial • the discovery of a mass grave in the south-west of the country” Discovery Places, surroundings and objects Keys What can it lead to? Unlocking/ Mixed media Mystery discovering Emotion of the Surrounded by a Memories and eyes calming and the past or Stereotyping peaceful stages of the Old and New Abandoned and dilapidated Transparent environment and a life buildings healthy lifestyle; Colour and green, yoga, fitness, patterns More Planets, Outer representing Alain De than one Space, Astronomy, Space music, meditation, personality What can be Botton meaning Message Exploration, Solar System Sentimental trees traits hidden behind a through the eyes , Asteroids and objects mask Comets, Galaxy The life in Life and death Silhouettes a building Puzzles and mind games, bringing The wear things together of a clothing The changes a place and architecture can go Scanography item through the day or through months or years. Light Writing A sense of personal discovery Coloured lights to show energy and life Harris Shutter Emotion though the facial School Road Side Representing the galaxies as a way of showing speed expressions Bus Stops Cafes Candid photography of the city The pattern and direction of the line The idea of life and death Self Discovery Re-discovering Freedom Techniques to reflect discovery
  3. 3. Harris Shutter Out Of Focus Considered Camera Techniques Mixed Media Light Writing
  4. 4. Explanation. For my first initial idea I have looked at abandoned buildings as a starting point and the heritage behind this full of memories and the history to this expressive this through visual means and objects to represent this, to compliment this I will be using colours of a earthy and neutral tones using effects and sepia filters to reflect this and the ageing of these buildings, For example old barns, stables and working farming buildings as a perfect example of the past life of a building and the use of it which has now gone into a state of disrepair. In terms of the design behind this the final photographs created will involve the use of mixed media inspired by this idea of scrapbooking to give it this vintage and homemade effect and the experimental technique of framing can be a way with a number of different textures and patterns, layering up papers within the same colour tones. Image manipulation will be another important part of production as a way to experiment further using paints to emphases and pull out areas of the photography in an abstract and quirky way, which will be achieved in brighter neon tones that will stand out from the sepia background that has been created, which will reflect the energy and life still left within the buildings even though work was abandoned years ago . looking at how it connects to the ideas surrounding discovery, it looks at the life that can be found within such old buildings and the growth that can also be found. The techniques which will allow me to achieve the photography include the Harris Shutter effect to give the blur and distorted look to the building and emphasising its dilapidation, while the brighter colours will help to bring it to life. light writing is another technique that I will use to be referred to as the ball of energy still living within the building, and so creating a number of different patterns within this and light up such abandoned building whether this be by torch, glow stick or sparkler.
  5. 5. Explanation. For my second idea I will look at combining both scanography and mixed media as my chosen forms of experimental photography which will allow me to develop my skills within these areas. In terms of content I will be portraits of different people around the face providing a close up shot. The ideas behind this will give a real eray feel to the final photography, with the dark shadowing over the face which will help to hide the eyes and emotion to the face. the hands also portray a strong message to the audience which will be a significant part to the final product as they will help to communicate this idea of been trapped and secluded. Within these images I may also involve different props and objects that reflect the life of that person which could be anything from dried flowers to keys. As well as this text could also play an important part at getting the message across and including different quotes and messages taken from the internet which link to the ideas of discovery. From these scanned image I will then look to experiment more and involve mixed media formats, to overlay and provide a contrast between the dark and monotone image behind, which will be fulfilled by adding cartoon like features onto the original portraits seen previously in work by Bela Borsodi, which will also be bright, bold primary colours which will also contrast the monochrome grey and black. The themes behind my second idea relate to the idea of discovery as it looks at self discovery, what can be hidden behind a mask or the appearance of someone whether this be the perception and stereotyping of them, and the stories behind this, such as what is going on behind the smile.
  6. 6. Explanation. For my third idea I look to include a number of different experimental techniques to create my final products which is themed around the city and using a variety of light writing, reflection and out of focus photography to get the right content. With a theme based around this idea of ‘rediscovery’ I would look at different locations and even products and the wear and tear they go through, and the changes that are made over time either from a day to a month or a year. whether this be down to age or to do with the people that use it or in some cases abuse it, anything from a bus stop to a cafe or even a piece of clothing aged over time whether it been passed down through generations or something of a newer kind, and so the colours could be a way of showing this from its newest condition to ageing through time with the colours faded. Such ideas where inspired by Alain De Botton a British writer and philosopher also involved in architecture and the life of a building suggesting that ‘walls have ears’ capturing what goes on from these on a daily basis. In terms of looking more in depth into these techniques, the light writing will work well at night within the city capturing the lights and movement of the traffic and the street lighting, and traffic lights to create these patterns. Combined with the use of out of focus shots adding a creative blur and showing a different perspective to the lights in a number of different shapes and sizes. Reflection is also another technique which could work well when considering city and street photography in order to get the repetition of the street walls signs and buildings.
  7. 7. Explanation. Other idea I wanted to look at was this idea of travel, and ideas that can relate to this such as sentimental objects from specific trips for example; postcards, stamps, keys, compasses, luggage tags and maps all things that can be related to such subject matters. However, these types of objects I will be sourcing shall be vintage pieces to reflect the idea of rediscovery instead of new pieces, which will all be set up to like a still life photography portrait which will then be scanned through. Photomontage is another techniques that could be combined with the original scanned photo, to achieve this layered effect and idea of scrapbook, and within each of the separate sections to the photograph I will use a different filter effect or pattern overlay to make the image seem more abstract yet work well and be able to see the clear whole image which has similarities to cubism.