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Social media

  1. 1. Social Media Charlotte Shaw
  2. 2. Homeless Charity Campaign Colour Scheme Layout Font Style Copy Images The colours are very important to an advertising campaign as it sends out a clear message to the audience, and conventions behind such schemes as it can very easily represent something in a negative way. Dark; • Reds, Navy Blue, Greens Primary Colours; • Orange • Yellow • Green • Purple • Blue These colours will be good at brightening the mood and sending out a positive attitude and also is a good way of catching the attention of the reader. Examples could be sash which use a very similar colour scheme, One large main image; this would work effectively as the message can be clearly seen, which captures the attention of the reader without being to busy or overcrowded with images Multiple images; creating a collage effect that help to hit home the message even more, showing the effects that it can do. Equal ratio of text to image; making sure that the text is good quality information that draws the reader in and the quantity matches, so it is stating something that they will remember and hook the reader, and so this ratio would work well for leaflets as it gives the reader more information into the topic More image than text ; this could work well for a poster especially in a busy city centre where people only have a few minutes to pass, so an image that creates impact and works well, from research many people find to much text overpowering and so will not continue reading. Sans serif; from research gathered may advertising campaigns use a sans serif font as it is clear and readable for all ages and will go well with a simplistic font. Serif ; would work well because it directs the reader through the page , and is good for following the eye. It can also look more creative and graphic which would be used for the main title instead for the main copy of text Size; making sure that the text is to an adequate size that doesn’t over fill the page and make it look over crowed but big enough the be seen from a far which will then capture the attention of the reader to then find out more Depending on the age group for the advertising campaign a different type of language may be used Formal- this language is aimed towards the more older generation and a sophisticated and well known global company which helps to show how professional and high quality it is Informal could be used as an alternative for smaller local charity's that target the younger generation because with this they can relate alto easier to the reader, therefore engaging the reader. Short snappy sentences would work well at keeping the reader interested, and stating the facts in a form that will bring to the attention of the reader. The images featured will have to be striking and eye catching that show this very realistic and tragic issue in todays society, that really hit home this message at grab the attention of the reader The image will be the main focus of the advertising campaign as I feel that the image would work better at expressing this issue, and so the ratio will be more image than text. One main image will work better as the simplistic tone of the advert will express the high quality and professional feel of the company I will use as little editing as possible to show the reality of the situation, that will either be sourced or shall be photographs I have taken myself Monochrome; • Black • White • Greys Along with these very muted tones that reflect the mood and effects of homelessness another brighter red could be added as a key colour the brighten it up adding a sense of emergency and highlights the key areas. Neutrals and pastels; • yellows • Oranges • Reds • Browns • greens
  7. 7. Copy; Statutory homelessness (England):· - 56,210 households in temporary accommodation (June 30, 2013) - 73% of acceptances are people with dependents or pregnant women The main reason for a person or household becoming homeless is that relatives or friends are no longer able to accommodate them (30%) - Approximately 20,000 people annually are found to be homeless but not in priority need· - Approximately 8,000 people annually are found to be homeless but not entitled to housing as a result of being intentionally homeless Rough sleepers -The Government rough sleeping figures for England indicated 2,309 people slept rough on any one night in England (Autumn 2012). Doubts are emerging over some estimates where some councils may have misinterpreted the need to estimate the figures on any one night, and have returned higher figures for a longer timescale. - A mixture of street counts and estimates indicated 557 people slept rough on any one night in London· - 6,437 different people slept rough over a year in London (April 1 2012-March 31 2013) Hostels· - 11,484 hostel and longer-term bed-spaces in London - 40,000 hostel and longer-term bed-spaces in United Kingdom - At least 75,000 individuals use hostels over a year Hidden homeless - Estimated at 400,000. Sourced from the internet; It could happen to you Donations shows appreciations Give so others can live Don’t delay give today What have you given today Actions speak louder than words give today Help today because tomorrow you may be the one who needs help No place like home