Producing print based media   Charlotte, Marie and Hannah
Writing Style…                                                                                                            ...
Writing Style…                                                                                  Layout... The text used fo...
Writing style…                                                                                                            ...
The font that has been used is simple. This is so        Overall review: The card is very simple which can reflect        ...
The font contrasts nicely with the curly patterns           Contact information and personal details have been          Th...
The reds used in this card symbolises the autumn colours. Thetheme of the set of cards this one belongs too is seasonal   ...
Photography:                                      Font/writing style: The photography is quite simply, by using a      The...
Content:I think that by having the recipe                                           Font/writing style: I really like the ...
Photography:The photography is really captured on this                                                                  La...
Overview;• Additional information hints and tips on how to spice up the taste of the dish.• Red white and blue colour sche...
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Research exisiting products


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Research exisiting products

  1. 1. Producing print based media Charlotte, Marie and Hannah
  2. 2. Writing Style… Overall appeal… All recipe created by the ‘vegetarian society’ have use the the way that the recipe cards are same common conventions thought out there recipe cards presented are similar throughout with the placement of the text into columns and using 2 all cards created by the vegetarianphotographs to display the food a large photo that spans the society. Which I feel as we will bewhole front page and then a smaller photograph on the back, creating 8 recipe cards taking this to make relate to the recipe. As well as using 2 headings for into consideration and using theboth the ingredients and methods split into two paragraphs. same layout and style will also help to make it look professional and show continuity between Font… each card. I also like the layout of For the base of the recipe card the font in a sans serif font the text because there isnt too which helps to keep to make it clear and easy to understand, much text or blank spaces in- as well as making in look modern and contempary. The use between the text. Laying it out in of making the font larger to section these paragraphs and bullet points helps to make these make the instructions clear and simple to understand. points more strong and gives clear Another font used in a French script style to make it look instructions. sophisticated and feminine, to match to colours used on the recipe cards. Layout… Colour scheme… The layout plan for this recipe card There is a strong colour is very similar throughout all of scheme throughout all the the recipe cards created by recipe cards created by the vegetarian society, such as the ‘vegetarian society’ in this way the text is set into columns, cases it is the colour red size and type of font; in bullet which matches and reflects points, with a large heading to the tones of red used in the break up the recipe they also tenddessert from the raspberries to have a banner at both the top and the ice-cream, which and bottom of the card whichhelp to follow through in the display the key facts of recipe card itself too. The information required such as the connotations of the colour name of the recipe, serving and are seen as quiet fiery and timings, and the bottom banner the colour of passion and refers to the contact numbers, love, which reflects the fact email addresses and website for that it is a dessert. future information. Photography… The front of the recipe cards uses a image that fills most of this page which will help to grab the attention or the reader, showing them what the final product will look like, using the appropriate mise en scene, to match its surrounding such as the use of the glass plate and fork and drinks set behind this to make it fit with its surroundings there is also a direct focal point towards the dessert which helps to draw the audience into the photograph making appear to a professional and high quality standard. Thephotograph and chef have also presented the food in a way that will look appealing to audience. The lighting for this is also using natural and possibly some studio lighting to present the food in the best way. The second image however is considerably smaller which helps to split up the amount of text used on that page , and also makes it more interesting for the reader visually
  3. 3. Writing Style… Layout... The text used for the recipe cards is in first person describing This recipe card spans over 3 pages and each page having a clear purpose; the front page uses a large the stages that the sandwich is made, using specific words photograph to display the what the recipe looks like and then page 2 is filled with the ingredients appropriate for cooking industry. Compared to other recipe needed to create the recipe, formatted into bullet points , the fact there is a lot of preparations and cards I have studied this is more likely to be a recipe book, ingredients needed they have headed theres bullet point to into the different fillings which is alsowhich explains the reason for it spanning across 3 pages. With listed in order of what, when and how much is required. Which is something we could think about this being such a big recipe there is a page set aside for the including if there is a lot of ingredients required for a recipe. And so the 3 pages takes a similar format ingredients and another for the method, which some may into chunks of text for each step/element. They have also included unlike some of the other recipeargue is a waste of space as in some areas they is a lot of blank cards I have looked at they have added a graphic pattern behind the text which fits in well with thespace. The writer has also included different pull out quotes to colour scheme and makes it more visually appealing without it been to over the top making the text add interest and description behind the recipe. hard to see. Colour scheme… the use of the Overall orange, red and appeal… i feel green work well that this recipe together to create cards uses a strong colour interesting and scheme different ways throughout which to make it more suggests and appealing to the follows the audience, as I spring/summer like the colour time of year that scheme which these recipe cards works really might be found in well with theor appropriate for. season and These colours are when this food used in both the would be mostphotographs in the appropriate tocolours of the food eat, the way hat and also used they havearound the colours presented this of the text, which Photography… Font… recipe card isis something found Like other recipe cards the photography is very simplistic with the ratio being the font for this recipe card is set in also appealing common in recipe more text to images. Using one large image covering the whole page, which a sans serif font making it clear and and made cards using the presents the food in an attractive and way that captures the ingredients and easy to understand, by emphasising interesting by colours from the the work gone into the making and processing of the food. There always also some of the wording in bold helps to its use of edgy food and tends to include utensils for eating within the image to make it more relatable highlight the key elements especially colour, photogr incorporating this to the topic linking in with its mise-en-scene. the lighting for this is most likely when there is a lot of text on the aph and some there colour to be high key to brighten up the photographs, making it look summery and page. This photograph is presented of the graphic scheme for the give it that professional quality. The depth of field for this image is also heavily to be like a polaroid picture which used on and rest of the recipe focused on the food itself. There is also a smaller version of this image used on helps to give it a scrapbook effect around the card. the recipe its self , making it easily for the customer to see and understand and make it look more casual images. helps to break the amount of text up on the page. appropriate for lunches.
  4. 4. Writing style… Even though this recipe has been The lime and blueberry crumble creams were sourced from the internet these typessourced online, however, the writing style is still very of recipes can still be a good tool as a similar, giving the reader the basic information to form of research because they have a create these pots and uses words that will relate to different way of setting the the making of this. Using simple sentences to information out, and also can take structure the recipe and brief descriptions used to inspiration from the small facts of detail how something should be specifically done information and could in incorporated such as ‘ gently heat’ ‘bash to pea-size crumbs’. As into our own work such as thewell as the method, there is chance for the writer to difficulty, ratings and serving portions. leave the prep and cooking times, serving and the technically ability needed to create the pots, in this case ‘easy’. Overall appeal… This recipe uses the basis principles of Photography… presenting a recipe, and so by breaking this recipe uses on singular image to so off the up the text helps to form structure into finished product, something which other recipes the product, giving a clear method and havent and so I feel when we come to creating our ingredients list, and basic image of own recipe cards using a few images help to what the product looks demonstrate the points a lot better , and so this is like, however, another way of showing something we can pick up on and improve upon in these recipes could be to includeour own recipe cards. When looking at the technical photographs at the different stages ofqualities of this photograph; it has been taken from a making which you could look at doing high angle as like many of the other photographs in if it where targeting a younger previous recipes as it is a good way of get the audience, making it easier to detailing and allows the to get a good view of the understand. It also gives you helpful made recipe. There is also a focal point to the front tips and pointers along the way which fruit pots which helps to draw the attention to this help to give guidance making the photograph. reader more knowledgeable in that area Colour scheme… There is a strong use of the dark green throughout Layout… the page which highlights key aspects of the recipe Because this recipe is sourced onlinesuch as the title, rating’s cooking times and difficulty. the layout is different to other products However, the ingredients list is shown in a very pale I have analysed however, if this were to beige colour which when first looking into this recipe be seen within a recipe book the same was in clear where the ingredients list was and felt principles would apply as there is athat it didn’t stand out enough from background as it large photograph to show of the recipe merges with surrounding background and text. in the best way and again the text is shown in bullet points which helps to Font… number what happens and when, in the Like many other recipes I have looked at they use the same common conventions of a sans serif font making it clear and easy most simplistic way so that readers can readable. Matching the simplicity of the whole page and layout. Using the same font throughout also helps to show continuity understand without it being to wordy.through the page. The font size is also a reasonable size which allows the information to fit evenly within the lines, and by using the correct wording means that the recipe doesn’t become to long.
  5. 5. The font that has been used is simple. This is so Overall review: The card is very simple which can reflect The meal information like time it takes thethe method and ingredients are easy to read and the simplicity of the recipe. The layout is easy to follow and cook and the amount it serves are stated atunderstand. If its hard to read then someone understand. Additional alternatives for the recipe are stated the top. This is so it is the first thing themight get the timings wrong and end up burning later on for different versions on the meal to spice up the audience reads. It lets them now if thethe food or recreating the recipe wrong and it recipe. This is a good feature if someone likes the recipe and recipe is right for them at that time andwon’t taste right. makes it a lot, after a while they would get tired of the same whether or not they will need to change taste so having additional ingredient ideas can change up the amount of ingredients. The timing iconsThe text isn’t aimed at the reader, they only use the taste now and then. are in green which makes them stand outthe word ‘you’ once well describing what items yet fit in with the vegetarian need. The method box isThe purple colour set in a differentscheme is to match colour to help itthe colour of the red stand out. It is thekidney beans that are most important partthe main ingredient of about the card andthe dish. This ties the needs to be easy tocard together nicely, spot and understand.letting the theme run The colour chosen isthrough the card a block colour so theallows it to link writing is still clear totogether and seem read. It is a muchmore professional. lighter colour than the text so the wordsThey have used a red are still readable. Theplate to contrast the colour can becolour of the associated with theguacamole. Also these tortilla wraps used intypes of plates are the recipe.associated with theMexican culture. Thelime on the side of the This allows theplate also links in with audience to know thatthe Mexican theme as the card is apart of ait is a highly used The pictures on the card show the finished series. If they know it isflavour in Mexican The logo allows people to know that it is product. This allows the public to see the product apart of a series andcuisine. suitable for their vegetarian diet. The before trying to make it to see if it looks they like the recipe then logo also makes it look more official and appealing or not. Whether it looks like something they are likely to check more trustworthy. The logo is in green they would enjoy. The picture takes in most of out the other cards that because it is a colour highly associated the front of the card to catch the attention of the are part of the set. with vegetarians because vegetables are public. The chilli fits in with the Mexican food as also called “greens”. Mexican food is usually spicy.
  6. 6. The font contrasts nicely with the curly patterns Contact information and personal details have been This card uses italics for a little side note. scattered around the card. It is again easy to read and left on the card so you can contact the company with Its saying what kind of pan you’ll need as it understand. The colour of the font fits in with the opinions or your own recipes. Their website is also on important because of the size of the pie. It is patterns and decoration on the card. the card, advertising more recipes. also in a purple, which is one of the darker colours on the card, making it stand out. MakingThis card has the it stand out must mean it is important.picture on the backand the front so no The colours usedmatter which side on this card areyou’re looking at you very festive. Theystill can see how the can be associatedmeal looks. with Christmas, mostly the gold.The pie is set on a The swirls andtable that is dressed patterns on thefor Christmas dinner. card are veryIt is the only part of Christmassy withthe image that is in the holly and bells.focus which could The use of baublessuggest it is the main as the backgrounddish. This implies that for little bits ofthe pie a great text are veryalternative for the effective and tietraditional Turkey. This into the thememeans that even non nicely.vegetarians can try therecipe and have itavailable on the dinner The method hastable as an option. baubles as the background of theThe pie had been cut numbers. This linksout to show the public the method with thewhat is inside the pie theme of the card.with out them having The important partsto turn the card over of the method is in aand read the darker colour so it isingredients. Again the logo is easier to read. Overall: the theme is spread through the card very well. Making sure all the different parts of placed in the bottom the card are apart of the theme help bring it together. If one part of the card wasn’t in the right corner to ensure colour or had the right font then it would stand out and look odd. Having a good theme and people that the food is sticking to it helps the product look more professional. vegetarian friendly.
  7. 7. The reds used in this card symbolises the autumn colours. Thetheme of the set of cards this one belongs too is seasonal The list of ingredients and the method are both very simple. The title and headings are in colour, again a red one to fit in with the The font isvegetables. The month for this recipe is October which is an seasons theme. This makes them stand out and lets you know simple like itsautumn month. that they are the start of what you should be reading. layout. BeingDifferent shades of red have been used since the colours of the able to read theleaves in autumn have many different shades. text is very important andThe use of red an average fontfollows into the will make itphotography of the extremelyfinished product. readable.The chilli sauce istwo tonal due to The languagethe seeds and used is informalflakes. The colour of and undirected.the food itself is a It doesn’t usecrispy golden colour the word “you”which also fits the so it is veryautumn colour impersonal torange. The use of the reader.chopsticks makesand bambooplacemat has given The layout isthe product an very simpleAsian feel. This whichmakes the food complimentsseem more the simplicity ofinteresting and the recipedifferent to have. nicely. There is only 4 steps toAlso the Asian feel making thisworks with the red which seemstheme as people very quick andoften think of the easy.colour red whenthey think of Asia. Overall: Looking at this card you won’t know it was part of a set. No extra information has been left on the card to suggest going to a website or looking at other recipes. The reason for this card is purely for the recipe. Non of the attention is taken away by additional information that doesn’t have to be known in order to make the dish.
  8. 8. Photography: Font/writing style: The photography is quite simply, by using a The writing style is very simple due to the lack of photography and creativity on the page. Bycartoon character of a fish it makes the colour coordinating the words with the photography then it links the text well to what theyposter look quite childish and young even actually mean, e.g. the orange fish and orange text would link as they are both trying to say thethough it’s mainly for adults. By making the same thing. By having the title and sign as black then it advertises the title of the whole campaign,fish smile it means that they are happy that this link well to the ‘links’ because then people would know what to type in when connecting toyour not going to eat them. This makes the this group.vegetarians think that by looking at the cute Layout:cartoon, then it would put them of eating I believe the layouts looks very sophisticated duefish also. The fish is orange which makes it to how everything is laid out in sections. You firstlook like a goldfish, a goldfish is a common of all have your title, then image and then finallypet for residents. This makes people put of the sub-heading and all the information you wouldfurther because they wouldn’t want to eat need to find out what the group is about. Theres atheir own pets. When rioters hold signs up lot of different font sizes on this page as it’sit means they want there point across so if wanting the audience to look at more importantthe fish is holding a sign then it’s trying to words than others. The first thing you look at whenpromote something that’s wrong. It tells the seeing this poster is the ‘Veggies don’t eat fish.audience that they should be involved with Join us every Friday. ’ That’s the most importanteating fish altogether. text because it’s bringing you in, people will ask themselves ‘why wouldn’t certain people eat fish?’Content: Etc. The layout is very formal and neat for what it’sThe written work is quite negative as it’s used for, the text is laid out without to muchtaking vegetarians away from what they wording and gives a clear view to what they areshould eat. Normally for a recipe card they wanting from you.would involve the recipe for a product but By making the logo bigger, it means peopleinstead this is mostly a poster that will remember it and would more likely knowadvertises what to eat and when. By having what it is the next time they see it.the links at the bottom, it helps people toconnect with the group and to get involved. Overall Appeal:This card only has links as it’s just a product I don’t believe that this poster is really promoting vegetarians very well. By having athat’s trying to promote a group which cartoon fish on the cover it makes vegetarians look silly, the audience would be amusedmeans you don’t need the information on by the cartoon instead of really understanding the card. I think to improve it theyit. Instead it’s trying to make you follow the should have a little paragraph about what they are about what they represent. This willlinks so that you find the information help grasp an audience further and to see if they are interested or not. An advantage ofyourself. this is that the links help the audience to find the websites needed. This will boost audience views and help the group to get the audience needed for it to progress.
  9. 9. Content:I think that by having the recipe Font/writing style: I really like the font, it’s quite clear and easy to understand. Thepage simple, makes the front of the font is quite slender and neat and really captures the sophistication of the page. What’s good about the font is that only the main instructions are ‘bold’ e.g. the timerecipe card look more vibrant. The to cook the meal. Whilst the ingredients and method isn’t in bold because that’simage is there to tell the reader something you can read and understand yourself, whilst the other words needed toabout what the product would look be looked at first before they made the when it’s finished. The light The page where thepurple scheme is really pretty as it’s ingredients is shown isa summery colour that really brings quite boring as it’s justout the colour in the fruits. At the text and not a close up ofbottom where it says ‘serves 4, the image, this wouldprep time 20 mins, cooking time 10 have been good so that itmins and for vegans’ this is laid out looked more vibrant toperfectly and helps the audience to both pages.see if that’s what they want to eat.The blue/purple shaded theme has This recipe card would become from the blueberries which more dedicated to mainlyreally enhances how healthy the adults, it can be shownproduct is. towards families as it’sPhotography: easy to do but the way it’sThe picture on the front of the recipe layout would maybe gocard is really beautiful, the different towards adult couples.colours captured in this image really This is because this dishmakes it look appetising for the seems more relaxed andaudience. It helps to tell the audience would benefits adultsthat as a vegan/vegetarian you are better than children andable to really eat interesting foods. By families.laying out the food on a simple table Overall Appeal: I think that this recipe card is really smart and shows of the food products well, thewith colour coordinated plates, it contrasts in colours and the simplicity of the text really brings out the sophistication. I also think thathelps give a vibrant yet summery feel the theme throughout was done well due to the different shades of purple with the text and the card. By having natural sunlight Even though the purple/blue shade looks quite cold, I still think that it brings a summery element toon the food it encourages the tropical the theme altogether. This will really help our group for when we produce ours are we will needseasons. Each product is shown each lighter tones so that it looks smart but also elegant. The negative is that there wasn’t another closemonth and it’s clever to capture fruits up of the image on the other side of the card because then people would have to look back and forththat are produced in the summer but just to see what the image should look like.also capturing the natural sunlight.
  10. 10. Photography:The photography is really captured on this Layout:recipe card because of how the I think that this will go well with what our group is By using the wood as the background foringredients are presented but also the doing because the layout looks very British. The use both the ingredients and the picture, itmain dish itself. The different colours that of blues, whites and browns really do link with really helps to give a homely feel to theare portrayed in the image are really British culture, the different shades help to fit in well card. I believe this would be dedicated tocaptured and it looks appetising which with the food products. families because of the way it’s set out.would make the audience more interested This meal looks very creative, this is ain the product. By having the picture benefit because then you can make it forenlarged then it gives more detail which a whole family instead of just one person.means when someone is making it then By picturing all the ingredients next tothey’ll know what it will look like properly. the list, it can help people visually to findThe way the food is presented and also the out what ingredients they would need. Bywhole theme, really go together because having the two section, it helps to spreadthe bright colours of the food also go well the page out so that it’s all organised andwith the wood layout but also the dark sensible instead of everything being ontitles. one page.Font/Writing style: Overall Appeal:What’s good about this recipe card is that I think this recipe card is very vibrant andthere isn’t to much writing, the text is creative which can be suitable for anysimple and is organised perfectly. This is a ages but mostly for families. I love theadvantage because then you can add range of colours on the page because youmore things to it like the logo, links, more want to look at one area of the page butphotography images. The font is quite then your eyes get drawn to another. Thequirky and has a serif font look to it, this only thing that I would improve would bemakes it more understanding for people how there is dark wood in theto read. By having a paragraph about what background but also light wood. It mightthe meal is about and how healthy it is have looked neater if they were boththen people will want to read about it to similar toning backgrounds. This wouldsee if it’s something they would be help merge them together a bit so that itinterested in. Then by putting the looks similar. I do agree with theingredients in a list then it really helps backgrounds too because it createspeople to figure out the recipe 1 by 1 so sections but I believe there is to muchit’s easier to do. going on.
  11. 11. Overview;• Additional information hints and tips on how to spice up the taste of the dish.• Red white and blue colour scheme throughout to reflect our theme of a British afternoon tea.• Making sure that the text will be bullet pointed out into key steps so that its easier to follow and understand.• Using a sans serif font to make it clear and easy to read, as well as using a serif font for the title to make it look traditional and in keeping with our theme.• Making sure that we are including a photograph on both the front and back so the reader doesn’t have to constantly turn over the page to view the photograph, and helps to make it look more visually appealing and splits up the amount of text on the page.• The background of the images will help portray the theme of the cards but to insure full focus is on the food, and the background will be blurred.