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Proposal. . . .

“Discovery of inner personalities”

The basis for my final idea is inspired and designed around the theme...
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  1. 1. Proposal. . . . “Discovery of inner personalities” The basis for my final idea is inspired and designed around the theme of discovery, ... which could be interpreted in a number of different ways. However, I will be looking selfdiscovery and what that entails. The brief’s and learning outcomes requires a submission of experimental photography with a maximum of 3 images, using techniques that I have learned and developed previously. The idea of self-discovery will be addressed by looking at what can be hidden in this case of a person. As ‘appearances can be deceptive’ and as most of us do, the stereotyping of people because of personal appearances, when there can be a lot more to the story and you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. As well as looking at the similar idea of what a smile can hide and the front that many people but up. I will achieve this theme and portray this by using scanography as previous experiments show it is a great way of creating something with an eerie vibe and showing strong emotion through a photograph therefore no real location required, Which will be shown in a matching set of 3 images to show this as a story. For this process I will be using a model specifically a close up shot around the face to capture the expression and where stereotyping comes from. The hands are also an important part to my final images as it communicates the idea of feeling trapped within yourself. As well as techniques I will also look to incorporate text into my work, referencing quotes that link to the idea of discovery and discovering yourself taken from the internet making it more poignant to the reader. In terms of the equipment required to produce my photography’s I will need to use of a scanner to create my images and Photoshop in the later production stages to get my photographs up to a high, professional standard. As the second technique I will also incorporate mixed media that will overlay as a more transparent layer over the original scanned image, which will therefore require different equipment and resources to compliment this such as different textures and patterned papers as well as paints and coloured felt pens pulling out specific facial features of the photograph and so as a part of the image it will act as this front that people put up. When the final photographs have been created they will look to target a younger audience that will interested in the world of art and bringing in to the masses as when finished it will be seen as modern art, which can also relate to their lifestyles and situations which can relate back to this idea of self-discovery and rediscovery.