Lo4 pro forma task 6


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Lo4 pro forma task 6

  1. 1. Marketing and PR Presentation
  2. 2. Objectives What are the objectives for this project? To create a marketing and PR campaign that will promote the new alternative band on the market, Red5. This will be done by completing the following steps which include; managing the message, use of hyperbole, methods of communication, internal motivation and motivation of the media. Who do you want to target? We want to target individuals aged 17-25, both male and female, therefore, the demographic of this band is rather diverse as the music is supposed to appeal to a wide range of people, as opposed to a select group. How many records do you want to sell? We would want to sell a sufficient amount of records; enough where we are making a hefty profit from that of the money that we would spend from promoting and creating the album itself. What would make this a successful exercise? If the marketing and PR campaign that we created for the band became effective in promoting the band, Red5. We would class this as a success. 2
  3. 3. Band Profile Name:Red5 Age: 17-25 Previous releases: we’re not talking, off till tomorrow and rumour travels faster. Genre: Alternative, singer/songwriter Style: Urban Contemporaries: Maroon5, Kings Of Leon, Mumford And Sons, Of Monsters And Men, Bastille. 3
  4. 4. Think SMART Specific: There is a clear, specific aim which is to create a marketing and PR campaign that will initially market the band Red5 to their primary demographic of those aged 17-25. Measureable: How will you measure the effect? We will view the figures posed by the marketing content that we issue and see if the material appeals to the primary consumer enough, otherwise, we would have to initiate a contingency plan. Achievable: We think that we will be able to promote the band enough to the point where they gain new fans from their target audience through a marketing and PR campaign that will prove effective so that they will inevitably become successful in their career. Realistic: This could potentially happen, but it depends solely on the music posed by the band and whether it will receive positive responses from the consumer. Also, the marketing and PR campaign would have to be taken into consideration also. Time-related: We would outline a timescale where a set amount of hours would be featured in which we would adhere to, however, if something happened that disrupted the schedule, we would have to initiate a contingency plan to back it up with. 4
  5. 5. Audience Teenagers and young adults between the ages of 17-25, that will interest both a male and female audience. On the socio-economic scale they would fall into category C generally. The type of person that would listen to this band are likely to be currently in a place of study, with a small close knit friendship group. They attend concerts, festivals and gigs throughout the year seeing a range of Contemporaries such as Bastille and Mumford and Sons that fall into the genre of indie/ alternative music. As they are a part of the younger generation they keep up to date with on-goings in social media using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, as well as YouTube, where they have previously found new and up coming bands in the indie category , and as a result they can discover Red5 which will appeal to them because they produce similar music to that of their most favourite bands. Their style mixes the modern and contemporary with an urban edge shopping at places like Urban Outfitters, All Saints and Ark fashion. As well as being new and creative with their own individual style and outlook on life. 5
  6. 6. Media What media will you use and why? In terms of achieving our goal of creating an effective marketing and PR campaign to promote the album launch of Red5 we will produce our content on all three media platforms such as print, e-media and broadcast in order to target the masses and make the band a success. On a print basis they will be featured in popular music magazine Q which has a large fan-base giving them the opportunity to get their name out there and for the album sales to increase. Other print based formats could include German style magazine ‘indie’ which appeals to are primary target audience, existing issues include hash tags making it interactive and is effective as it will appeal to the primary demographic as they use digital means frequently, and regular include interviews with new and up coming artists. As well as left wing newspaper the daily mail who regularly print inserts regarding a number of subject from fashion to travel and including interviews with musicians which would be appropriate for our marketing and PR campaign. To reach out to a broader audience we will look at different music channels to get the music of Red5 out to the audience. Examples include T4 on channel for well known for being influential in the music industry as they hold the music festival T4 on the beach. Which has featured a range of different artists from different genres. As well as MTV which is very popular and will give them the recognition from a wider audience. Looking at both Sky and Freeview TV. The band could be interviewed on BBC Radio 1, which primarily plays mainstream music, however, it will give them a sense of presence in the music industry, even though they are in the indie genre specifically. Also, looking at smaller stations, ‘Indiepop’, the internet radio site would feature Red5, as the fall into this category primarily, therefore, the audience will respond to this more and build an established audience too. It is notable that the radio stations will interview the band and possibly ask the audience to Tweet questions in to ask them, which adds a social media element to the interview, which makes it more appropriate for the primary consumer, as they reside in the digital era. Social media plays a key part in promotion, which is why it is relevant.6
  7. 7. Merchandise What merchandise would you use to promote this band? In order to promote the band Red5 we would initiate marketing materials such as posters, which could be found via billboards, youth centres, indie nightclubs or bars as well as music shops such as HMV, which will be professional images of the bad, whilst the other posters will be promoting the album through advertising means. Also, t-shirts and wristbands could be sold online through the website of the band, which may prove effective as the target audience will respond to an e-media platform as opposed to any other platform as we reside in the digital era. Also, the packaging of the album could be classed as merchandise, bringing out limited edition sets that come with free posters. This could be transformed into a digital version, which would suit the primary demographic as the younger generation uses the e-media platform on the most part, therefore, even online advertisements may appeal to them more than print-based ones. 7
  8. 8. Manage the message What is the message you want to communicate about this band? We want to communicate the message that this band is a new and upcoming group that fit into the indie genre, however, they also have a mainstream appeal as well, which accounts for their secondary audience and makes them diverse in the process, as they are not defined to one specific genre. They produce original music which will make the band seem more unique. What is the main selling point of the band and the album? The main selling point of the band could be that the music is solely original and is written by the band themselves, as some other musicians have songwriters, which will make the band stand out in the industry, as they are multi-talented and have the ability to produce their own content too. The main genre that is centred around the music may be that it is from an indie genre, however, it could also appeal to a mainstream audience as well, which makes them more diverse as a group. The band itself tour in a wide range of places, which, on a geodemographic scale, will make them more popular, as if they toured only in certain areas, some may not want to travel if the concert was far away. 8
  9. 9. Hyperbole Every marketing and PR campaign uses hyperbole. Its role is to make things seem better than they really are by using exaggeration and emotive words or imagery. “Will they sell records, they will indie-d” – This is an example of a hyperbole that may convince the consumer to take an interest in the band and potentially purchase their album and could be featured in a red-top tabloid publication such as The Sun, who are known for their pun-based headlines. It could be seen as humorous. “This band will dominate the music industry” – Using an exaggerated such as ‘dominate’, will prove effective as it is a powerful word that people will view and make them want to research the band to see what the hype is about and form this, they may listen to the songs posed by the band and want to purchase them, therefore, by one use of hyperbole, the attention of the consumer has been grabbed. “RED5 ARE ALIVE” - The use of a rhyme may be effective in conjunction with the lettering being in capitals may be effective in holding the attention of the primary consumer, as it will make the consumer remember the quote more, therefore, they will be convinced to look into the band and possibly purchase the content posed by the band. 9
  10. 10. Events What events would you put on as part of the promotion of this band and album? As part of the promotion of the band and the album we would hold a meet and greet session at a gig or at a store such as HMV, which will intrigue the consumer to visit it, also, it will help raise awareness of the band itself. Another event could be that the band could perform at smaller gigs so that they had more of a exclusive audience and it would be where they would start due to the fact that they are going to start out relatively unknown, then once they have gained enough notoriety, they would play larger gigs. The band would be more likely to perform at a festival to appeal to their primary fan-base, being those who like indie music with a singer/songwriter element to it. A festival could include Leeds, or Glastonbury, where some mainstream artists play, therefore, the audience for the band may increase because of it. Another event could be launched in order to raise the profile of the band and it could be where the band promote a fashion brand within their ‘indie’ genre, such as Vans or Converse, which are both associated with this genre, therefore, it is appropriate and they will generate not only more public awareness, but an income from a certain percentage that the shoes generate with them featured beside them. The shoe companies could promote the band and vice versa. 10
  11. 11. Internal motivation What is the motivation behind this project? The motivation for this project is to promote a different band that stands out from other musicians in the chart such as One Direction that are mainly pop-based, however, Red5 are mainly indie, which will make them appear more original. Also, it will inspire the target audience to pursue the career that they want to do, either it being through music or elsewhere. The band members will be good role models to their young, impressionable, teenage audience. It is important for the band because in order to be successful, they will have to have a strong marketing campaign behind them so that they can prosper in the future, selling a high amount of records, gaining an established fan base, as well as becoming well-respected artists within their specific genre. The campaign will either make or break the band, therefore, it has to be effective enough in attracting the primary consumer of the band. 11
  12. 12. Motivation of media Why would the media be interested in this project? The media would be interested in this project, such as newspaper institutions such as The Daily Mail, who are likely to attend any public event that involves the new and upcoming band due to the fact that they would be able to initiate a piece of journalistic material, where they would document the events of the day, which may be through means of a press conference, or a signing in a flagship shop such as HMV. Another reason why the media would be interested in this band specifically would be because that they are different to other musicians in the industry, as they do not fit into a pop genre, they are mainly indie, which makes them unique and the press may want to initiate an interview with them, so that they can get some information regarding the music that is produced by the band, as well as facts about the band members themselves. In a way, the press will be interested in them as they are new, therefore, they will not have been interviewed or been featured in a news story much beforehand, so they can get the latest ‘scoop’ from the band, before any other publication has the chance to. 12