Initial ideas and feedback


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Initial ideas and feedback

  1. 1. Initial Ideas and Feedback Marie
  2. 2. Idea 1• Winter warmers – The colour scheme will be brown and white. Other colours like orange or red could be incorporated into the card. I chose these colours because they are warm colours. The white represents the winter snow and the brown, orange and red represent a log fire. The brown can also be linked to hot chocolate which is a classic winter warmer. Most of the recipes would involve roasted vegetables so some of the colours of the veg could be used as the colour for the background of the title. Again these colours would be reds but with more of a purplish tint. – The target audience will be a big range, from elders to young adults. The recipes won’t be too complicated so it would be a great way for new vegetarians to learn how to cook vegetarian food. The recipes could also appeal to people who have been vegetarians for a long time, with a few handy tips on preparation and how to spice your meal up. Additional/optional ingredients will be shared so the public can make the recipe more personal to them if they pick and chose what goes into their meal. – The images will be photographed. The food will be set out on a wooden table as the wood would help with the warm effect and the colour scheme. The vegetables will bring a lot of colour to the picture so the card itself needs very basic colours. Not too many, probably just two colours to a card. Three maximum including the colour of the title background that matches the dish. – A large image will take up half of the card with the method and ingredients on the other. A header box will be added to help the name of the recipe stand out and make it easier to read. The font will be a basic font like Ariel or Helvetica so its easy to read and understand.
  3. 3. Feedback 1What do you like about the idea?Lots of detail have gone into this idea clearly detailing the key aspects theirfirst idea. I like the use of the helpful tips and guidance for extras to be addedto the recipe which means that in a way it could be cheaper for the consumeras they are able add a different spice to a recipe while still having theingredients to make another portion.What areas of the idea could be developed?as these recipes could be targeted at different ages you could think abouthaving different version for different ages, e.g. a younger audience includingmore photographs as a step by step guide to help visualise these ideasWhat do you find interesting about the idea?The detailed analysis for the colour scheme works really well with the themeof winter foods, and would be appropriate for any age.
  4. 4. Idea 2• Family meals – This will be aimed at mothers and families. Some of the recipes will be child friendly so they can help make the dish and feel more involved. This can also result in helping them learning about vegetarianism and how to create meals. Because some of the cards are aimed more at children it will reflect in the layout of the card. Brighter colours will be used and more images will be added to get the children interested and capture their attention. – The cards will help teach parents how to make cheap yet big meals. It’ll help them to learn quality for money and how much a family portion should actually be. Nowadays children are getting portions that are way too big for them which results in either a waste of food or obese children. These family cards will help to stop these problems and hopefully teach kids from a young age how much they should be eating and how portions work. – The colour scheme will contain bright colours like red, orange, yellow and green. These colours are also the colours of the majority of vegetables, like peppers, tomatoes and broccoli. Again the colours will make kids more interested in the food and eating healthier. – The layout will consist of no image on the back of the card but little animated children with speech bubbles suggesting which parts the children could do. The font will be a serif font to make it easier for children to read. – These cards will be laminated so they can be wiped clean. Cooking with kids can be messy and you don’t want the cards to be ruined after using them just once. Laminating the cards will help tem become more family friendly.
  5. 5. Feedback 2What do you like about the idea?I like the way it incorporates recipes that will suit the whole family andmaking it appropriate for working families tackling issues on spendituremaking it to suit those on a budget. I also like the way it tackles issues onhealthy eating and been able to keep fit and activeWhat areas of the idea could be developed?when including children with the speech bubbles you could also think aboutcreating a mascot for the purpose of these recipe cards. You could also thinkabout children been able to take photographs of that they have created andbeen able to put these online,What do you find interesting about the idea?The recipe card been laminating meaning they can be used in a child friendlyenvironment
  6. 6. Idea 3• Afternoon tea – These cards will be aimed at the older generation since they are the people who are more likely to be interested in these kind of recipes. It will include cakes, sandwiches, salads and other finger food. An additional card can be added that will show the audience how to make tea properly, with tea leafs and a strainer. This card can be offered if you collect all the recipes cards in the set. This will encourage them to get all the cards in the set. – Pale, pastel colours will be used as they are more civilised and sophisticated. This will appeal to the older generation.
  7. 7. Feedback 3What do you like about the idea?That this idea will be given to elderly people, this is good as they have moreleisure time than others and the foods really link well what older people eat. I alsolike how the recipe cards will help to tell the elderly people about how to makethe best tea’s. This is good as they always want to learn something new all thetime. I also love the colour scheme as they are colours that aren’t used that oftenso by putting it on the cards it will look more elegant.What areas of the idea could be developed?Probably should say about how big the font could be so that it’s easier for theelderly people to read. By having it to small it would mean that they might notbother with your cards.What do you find interesting about the idea?I find it interesting how you can collect all the recipe cards and then get a free onethat tells you how to make tea. This is good as the older generation like puzzlesand collecting things, this will make them more interested in the products overall.
  8. 8. Idea 4• Healthy eating – Healthier options/alternatives. Its advertises how much healthier a vegetarian diet is and how much less fat it contains. – The colour scheme will be mostly greens as the colour green is widely associated with being healthy. Bright colours will also be added to symbolise how much energy the food will give you.
  9. 9. Feedback 4What do you like about the idea?I like this idea as it encourages people to eat more healthier at any age. Byalso saying how much fat is in each product really helps people to trust thecards. This would make them want to make the products because it doesn’thave to much fat in them. They might pass it on to family members etc tohelp them with their own diets.What areas of the idea could be developed?Say what kind of products your showing on the recipe cards so that theaudience can more interested. Will it be snacks, main meals or desserts etc.What do you find interesting about the idea?It’s interesting how other colours will be involved to show how much energyis involved, I like this because people might want a certain product thanothers because of the energy levels. This type of things will help people to behealthier and have a better control over what they eat.
  10. 10. Idea 5• Food for sharing – This will be aimed at young adults as they are more likely to be open to sharing food and have occasions that require food for sharing. – The card will have a thick strip going down the left hand side that will be filled with an enlarged image of the meal. The same image as the one on the front but it will be magnified and focussed on one part of the meal. The main ingredient.
  11. 11. Feedback 5What do you like about the idea?I like the fact that young adults would be able to share different foodsbetween them, this is good as it brings more people together and it becomesmore creative. It would bring a nice atmosphere to the room.What areas of the idea could be developed?I think the layout could have more detail by saying what colour scheme couldbe involved like certain genders colours, also which gender it would mostlikely connect with or does it go with both genders etc.What do you find interesting about the idea?I find the photography interesting because by having a close up of the meal itmeans it can be shown in more detail which would be very helpful for thetarget audience.
  12. 12. Summary of FeedbackWhat do you agree with from your feedback?I agree with most of the feedback I have received. They have included good thoughtson how to improve my ideas, like encouraging the kids to take pictures of what theyhave produced and show them off online. Some sort of competition could be run toencourage them to precipitate. Also a mascot was mentioned which I think is a reallygood idea and will be incorporating it into my idea.They have given me good things to work on as my last few ideas weren’t very detailedso I agree with the aspects that need work on. Ideas about making the different cardsin the set age related have intrigued me. Aiming food at genders and not just agegroups has also interested me and I mind work that into my food for sharing idea.What do you disagree with from your feedback?Using a big font. It would help the elderly people be able to read it but it would takeup too much room. Using large font won’t fit the layout but I could rearrange thelayout in order to make it fit and dedicate one side of the card just to writing. Thiscould make the card seem boring and less interesting though.
  13. 13. Idea EvaluationWhich idea that you came up with is your favourite and why?I can’t decide between, Family Meals and Food for Sharing. I think both of these thingswill be fun to produce and successful. Both ideas can be varied and have a lot ofrange. With the Sharing idea you could have a platter for guys and one for girls. Amixed one for parties and other events. A BBQ one could be produced, there is a largerange of meals I could use for the Sharing cards.However, the Family meals can also have a large range of meals.Which idea, that your team came up with, is your favourite and why?Hannah’s energy snacks for children. It can be educational for the parents andchildren. Health issues are on the rise so teaching people about healthy snacks that’llgive you energy will hopefully decrease these.