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[Challenge:Future] Youth unemployment Forum

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[Challenge:Future] Youth unemployment Forum

  1. 1. YouthunemploymentReality V.S Expectations Speaker guests: 3 Organization team: 11 School: ESCA management school Number of attendees: 50April 22end 2013, Casablanca, MoroccoMake youthsee thatexpectationsare far toodifferent fromreality.Give theyouth a realincite on thework market.Reach amaximum ofyoung peoplethroughoutthe country.Change thewrong ideasthat preventyoung peoplefrom startingcareers.Convinceunemployedyouth of theimportance ofambition andcommitment.
  2. 2. Unemployment in Morocco is a very serious problem.According to the world Bank Young Moroccans “are notactive job seekers, They have given up”.There are a lot of types of unemployment though theone that concerns us most is the one that is caused bywrong mentality and untrue beliefs.More than all that we have a very high percentage of these young people whochoose not to work until they find the jobs they want. They are voluntarilyunemployed even though they are still looking for jobs.These young people don’t want Just any Job they want JobsThat they have designed in their heads and they refuseto settle for less.WHAT, WHY,HOW & WHO???
  3. 3. A forum for youth unemploymentOur project is designed to create confrontations betweenthe new generation mentality and professionals who are part of thework market and may help explain its dynamicsSeveral facets of theproblematic are going to bediscussed with professionals(professors, executives, psychologists and coaches).An opportunity for unemployedyouth with the same problemsand the same vision to meetamongst themselves anddiscuss.Gathering a multitude ofexperts and known personalitiesand featuring a diversity ofactivities and encounters thatwill benefit the participants.Encouraging youth to takeinitiatives and make thingshappen for themselves bygiving them guidance to createtheir own projects.WHAT, WHY,HOW & WHO???Agenda
  4. 4. Our main objective is to fight this mentality, WHY,HOW & WHO???Focus on theimportance ofcharacter andpersonality not onlyskillsConferences withbusinessmen who willhelp young peopleunderstand the effortit takes to succeed.Competitions for bestbusiness plans inorder to grant peoplethe opportunity toopen a business.An official websitethat members can useto benefit frompersonalized offersand programs.PNLcoaching, motivationseminars, teambuilding.The prospect ofparticipating in areality show that willbe posted on the web.
  5. 5. We Made it work !!On the 22end of April we had the veryfirst edition of the YouthUnemployment Forum. The forum was agreat success.A team of 11 members thattook the project in charge andworked on organizing andpreparing for the event.50 participants that came tothe forum from differentschools to participate in thediscussion and ask their ownquestions and benefit from theevent.
  6. 6. When people ask me why did you create your first business when youwere so young? I answer them because I needed to eat.I was hungry""we are not in a waiting logic. I dont have what I want so I will not work!""You think that just because you did some good studies that uscompanies have to give you jobs. You have to earn it"Thami GHORFI:Majid EL GHAIB:Mohammed El MANJERA:Three well known personalities discussed the topic andworked with the participants on the mentality change.
  7. 7. On the 22end of April we had thevery first edition of the YouthUnemployment Forum.The interaction between theyoung audience and the guests tookover two hours of discussion.The topic seemed to pick theinterest of all the people presentand we got to witness firsthand theconfrontation of the real market andthe expectations of young people,and how big the gap is betweenboth parties.The forum focused on theimportance of paradigm shiftand mentality change it alsoworked on defeating the fatalisttendencies of the youngergeneration and insisted on theimportance of hard work andmotivation.RESULTS
  8. 8. Our youth lacks• They don’t understand the work market.CLARITY• They don’t seem to have the drive toachieve anything.AMBITION• They don’t have a goal.PURPOSE Success comes with hard work and patience, Having a degree is not enough anymore to earn a job, Good character and motivation can land you your dream job.Our project helped these young people see that:
  9. 9. Forum Poster“This topic is very interesting for us andit was quite enlightening to hear aboutthe careers o such great people.”“I think we need more of these events.They are motivating and they give you alot of perspective on what’s really goingon.”“I am not Completely convinced but theysure gave me a lot to think about.”A fifth year finance studentA Third year engineering studentA First year management student
  10. 10. ••• it out!!Pictures link: (Password: challengefuture)• links :