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  2. 2. YOUTHS ROAR GRASS ROOT CONNECTIONAs young generation, we are the responsible ambassador, so we should bestepping up to our roles as the major stakeholders and standup for the kind offuture we want. “I am convinced that climate change, and what we do about it,will define us, our era, and ultimately the global legacy we leave for futuregenerations. We hold the future in our hands.Together, we must ensure that our grandchildren will not have to ask why wefailed to do the right thing, and let them suffer the consequences.” And thisidea referred to as YOUTHS ROAR GRASSROOT INTERVENTION CONNECTION isan innovative approach to be employed, our ideal focus is nationwidecampaigns on environmental Conservation and sustainable development
  3. 3. Cont…This will ensure friendly forum through which Youths will honestly share andadvocate for positive attitude change towards our environment.VISION:BEING THE VOICE FOR FUTUREMISSION: UNLOCKING OUR POTENTIAL TOWARDS SECURING THE FUTURE
  4. 4. HOW HUMAN FACTORS INFLUENCE CLIMATE CHANGE IN UGANDA Due to extreme poverty among Ugandans, Many resorted to natural resources as a means of survival by felling trees for making charcoal, burning bricks which they end up selling below the impact they caused to the environment. This activities are evident in over forty (40) districts of Uganda more especially in Northern, Eastern and Western parts of the Country.
  5. 5. Tree felling for charcoal
  6. 6. Photo showing charcoal business in uganda
  7. 7. Bush burning in uganda
  8. 8. Human factors cont.. Government policy of favoring industrialization and development has been a factor neglected. For example the current Coca-Cola plant at Namave in Ugandahas been established on wetland to favor investor at the expense of environment which made the wetland to be reclaimed. The dangerous blow underway is now the issue of giving part Mabira forest the few tropical forests in the country to Sugar corporation Uganda limited for Sugar production yet at the expense
  9. 9. IMPORTANCE OF MABIRAMabira Forest is an important eco-tourism destination and is oneof the most important attractions between Kampala and Jinja,where the River Nile begins its long journey to the MediterraneanSea.Hundreds of bird and butterfly species call the forest home.Notable among the endangered bird species are the Nahan’sFrancolin and the Papyrus Gonolek. The most common birds,which are a must see in the forest, are the Great Blue Turaco andthe Black and White casqued hornbill.The forest also hosts a wide range of animals, includingendangered primates. A primatologist working in Mabira Forestannounced in February that monkeys in the forest previouslythought to be Grey-cheeked Mangabey (Lophocebus albigena)were in fact a new species.
  10. 10. Location of Mabira Forest in Uganda
  11. 11. Part of mabira forest destroyed
  12. 12. How our influence affects climateThe impact of solar radiation is intense on earth surface. Our idea is towards„greenhouse gases‟ as the main contributor to climate change. This is because theearths atmosphere acts much like a giant greenhouse. The gases allow solarradiation (heat)to pass through the atmosphere but, after it is absorbed and re-radiated by the earth, the gases prevent this heat from escaping back into space.Under natural circumstances this is what keeps the earth warm enough to supportlife. But current conditions are far from natural.Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, when humans began burning fossilfuels on an unprecedented scale, greenhouse gases have steadily been piling up inthe atmosphere. Many of these gases last far longer than a century. As a result,current carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations are now 35.4% higher than pre-industrial levels and growing rapidly. They are now far above any level in the past650,000 years. Likewise, methane (CH4) concentrations have more than doubled tofar above anything seen in the past 650,000 years. Global emissions of allgreenhouse gases have increased by 70% between 1970 and 2004. The consequenceof all this is that more and more heat is being trapped in our atmosphere, leading toan „enhanced greenhouse effect.
  13. 13. Preventing climate change before worseOur ideal proposal is through instituting a youth led nationwide grass rootconnection Campaign on environmental conservation and sustainabledevelopment.As future leaders we are future leaders and the ambassadors of our futuregeneration, therefore instilling positive among the young flash of youths willportray brighter future by unlocking the potentials of the current youths to savethe future destructions.
  14. 14. How should the idea be implemented Looking for support of Support to facilitator inter-Universities Sustainable development Students’ conference. This will be a dialogue of disseminating the ideal principles stating the roles youths can play in De-campaigning environment degradation in communities . Radio Talk shows , Spots and Television show advocating on how combination approach can be employed to attain the principles of sustainable development across the nation and world as whole
  15. 15. Plans cont… Production and championing of Information Education and Communication materials with support from environmental activists to grass root rural schools and institution. This will be done with articles picked from youths putting forward how to prevent the future environmental calamities ahead. Very important is to establish and implement a tree planting initiative to 250 schools with available land in Northern Uganda where deforestation is rampant. Remember we are all sharing the same atmosphere hence trees planted in Uganda will take part in absorbing excess carbondixide released from USA, Russia, China, Japan, Slovenia etc.
  16. 16. Cont… Today is time…take action now support ideas generated and put in yours to speak the same language. Al Gore, Former U.S. Vice-President, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize said “There is no doubt that young people today are more aware of environmental problems than my generation ever was. As this new generation comes of age, it faces the enormous challenge of solving global warming. … In order to fix this crisis, everyone needs to be involved. I have faith that young people have both the ability and the enthusiasm to put a stop to global warming.”
  17. 17. In conclusion Tackling climate change now is entirely possible and will cost us only 1% of global GDP. Strong action will not have a significant effect on economic growth and, in some cases, will actually make money.Support the ideas of YOUTHS ROAR GRASSROOT INTERVENTION CONNECTION“SWE ARE PROUD TO BE PART OF CHALLENGE:FUTURE LET US KEEP THE FIRE BURNING”