[Challenge:Future] when the students teache the teachers


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[Challenge:Future] when the students teache the teachers

  1. 1. Team: fun ESCA Fun at school is such a rare thing these days.
  2. 2. Who are we?• We are a group of students from Morocco.• Our school is ESCA school of management.• Our schools are no fun anymore• We want that to change
  3. 3. What’s our goal? Our objectives are • To make a difference in our educational system. • To make the learning process more fun. • To reduce the gape between teachers and students
  4. 4. Why fun@learning? Our educational system is going downhillThe situation is worse than ever in morocco We want a better learning environment We need a fun learning environment
  5. 5. The Project The student teacher who’s who?!Through the « Student... Teacher... Who’swho? » project, we will be reversing roles; turning students into I.T teachers and teachers into students, thus creating an atmosphere where learning becomes a fun moment that helps reduce the gap between students and teachers.
  6. 6. How does it work Twice a month students whom have a special interest in web mastering, graphic art, video making, photo editing…, are going to prepare courses for their teachers. Through this project we are going to: Reduces the gap between teachers and studentsGives the students an Gives teachers andinsight on the students something toteaching world look forward to The student teacher who’s whoImproves the quality Gives the students anof presentations insight on the teaching world Helps create a fun- learning environment
  7. 7. How far we’ve come
  8. 8. How far we’ve come The finalsThe semi finals The first challenge Our life cycle
  9. 9. Step 1Fun-Meaning ?! In the very first step of our project we tried to understand the «fun-meaning» problematic by using the resources suggested by the challenge future team. Then we chose to work on the fun- learning challenge and we came up with:
  10. 10. STEP 2 We had our idea We worked on the details We chose the topicsWe started recruiting the teachers
  11. 11. STEP 3 We finalized all the administrative work.  We contacted the potential students and interviewed them for the job  we contacted the teachers that were interested.  The teachers had their first lesson on Facebook
  12. 12. How did the first session go? A quick Outlook the first course was about Facebook and was held on October 27th 2011, by a fellow student who masters the website
  13. 13. How did the first session go? A quick Outlook The atmosphere was light and relaxed and laughter could be heard in the schools hallways
  14. 14. How did the first session go? A quick Outlook The learning was not forgotten, and the teacher were very intent on understanding the course, some of them created their first Facebook account.
  15. 15. Interview with the teacher What I liked the most about this project is seeing the teachers out of their element and feeling knowledgeable in front of them. The whole experience was so funny and serious at the same time they all wanted to learn and they made want to teach them. Being a professor is hard, and teaching the teachers is harder, but when you have an audience that is willing to play the part I couldnt imagine a more wonderful way to learn
  16. 16. Interview with the students A highly memorable session, we went back to the Past in an ESCAfashion. Being the studentagain was the return of the old demons of the class. This is a wonderful idea, created by a wonderful team. (A.DERHEM )
  17. 17. Interview with the studentsThe project is original in all its dimensions; it has strengthened further the relationship betweenteachers and students. Theexperience as fun as it was had a very relevant educational component.
  18. 18. The project has picked the interest The idea is very interesting and could be implemented in secondary schoolsand high schools. We, as teachers are lacking in the technology department andwe could really use the help. And if our students can provide it then why not. I would certainly like to go back to studies and i would love to be tutored bymy students. Just to see how fun that would actually be N.AZMANE, is a secondary school Physics teacher who heard of the project and would like to implement it in her school.
  19. 19. This whole challenge has been wonderful to work onWe worked hard on ouridea and we believe it deserves to win That is why we want you to:
  20. 20. For a better education
  21. 21. For a FUN education
  22. 22. For a FUN Learing
  23. 23. For