[Challenge:Future] We Choose Life


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[Challenge:Future] We Choose Life

  1. 1. We choose LIFE! by Agbaje Opeyemi Falilu (Nigeria) YOUTH4youth Challenge Nigeria PROJECT TITLE We Choose Life
  2. 2. Project status: ACTIVE Project Name: We Choose LIFE Team leader: Agbaje Falilu Impacted underprivileged: Orphans, Blind, and Homeless Children Number of people in the team: 15 Volunteering hours spent: 9 Number of youth impacted: 400Brief Status
  3. 3. I am presently the leader and founder of a youth led initiative calledOROL Youth empowerment Initiative that empowers young people onissues of sexual and reproductive health and rights.In OROL we strive to empower young people to lead change and ouractivities cut across education, social activities and advocacy for youngpeople’s sexual and reproductive health and rights.The thematic issues cut across, leadership skills, human rights, genderequality and empowerment.Strategy
  4. 4. We also educate the youths on how they can make informed choices,have access to youth friendly health care services, and also how they cantake full control of their bodies because we believe that their rights canonly be meaningful if they have access to the correct and adequateinformation about choices.Strategy
  5. 5. OROL will first empower its members on the issuesthrough training and membership-level forums. These members will actas catalysts in the empowerment of the wider community.Similarly, a few numbers of youths from the target population aretrained in peer education, puppetry and drama, which will serve as aninformation, education and communication mechanism to other peoplein the target community.Strategy
  6. 6. I want the initiative to be viewed as a major youth led initiative thatprovides young people with information and education on leadership skillsand empowerment on issues such as sexual and reproductive health, HIVand AIDS, decision- Making power and self-esteem and also to mitigatethe impact of HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Infections onthe young people through series of interventions.Vision
  7. 7.  Led global network of more than 5000 young leaders and adult allies working on youth and HIV/AIDS in 150 countries worldwide  Have more than 10 executives and over 60 non executive members working with me to touch lives  In the two years of our existence, OROL has conducted HIV/AIDS education with adolescent Refugees (Oru refugee camp), young people in various secondary schools, orphans and also awareness on Sexual and Reproductive Health issues  Introduced the Concept of abstinence and its importance with the fact about HIV/AIDS to young people at different communitiesImpact
  8. 8.  Led my team to launch a project called Give HIV a RED Card in Abuja Nigeria. Directly reaching out to at least 400 young people in four secondary schools and 480 young people in the community, trained 4 groups of students consisting of 4 members each as peer educators, and test at least 350 people in total in all the community awareness events.  160 people were served during our last campaign. Seventy three participants were tested for HIV and six tested positive and referred to a nearby hospital. 100 advocacy shirts were distributed, 700 handbills were shared among the participants and more 3000 condoms also distributed. Six community elders were also present and participated in the community awareness program.Impact
  9. 9. “The effectiveness and success of this program depends on sustainability of the program.”Impact
  10. 10. We chose LIFE! Click the “LIKE THIS” button Agbaje Opeyemi Falilu (Nigeria) YOUTH4youth Challenge Nigeria More - http://scr.bi/s7DWFBYou can see how we are helping the vulnerable people move forward on our page http://www.facebook.com/orolfoundation