[Challenge:Future] Three


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[Challenge:Future] Three

  1. 1. Three Legend of the Sunken Bell sLOVEnia, BledZhandra TamPhilippines
  2. 2. The Legend… Once upon a time there lived a youngwidow in the castle of Bled. Her husband waskilled by robbers and his body was thrown intothe lake. She gathered all her gold and silverand cast a bell for the chapel on the island, inmemory to her husband. But the bell didn’tarrive there. The bell, the boat and boatmensank during a terrible storm. The desperate widow sold all herproperty after this accident and offered theproceeds for the construction of a new church onthe island. She left Bled and lived in Rome as anun. After her death the Pope had heard of hermisfortune and of her good deeds during her lifeas a nun, so in memory to her he decide to make anew bell. He said that anyone that rings the bell
  3. 3. What to Do:1. Coordinate with the local schools in the vicinity and create a play about the legend of the Sunken Bell. It will be set in different places of Bled, Slovinia. Nature will be the stage…2. Audiences will be watching the play. They can promote via Youtube or internet promotions for other people to watch.
  4. 4. Benefits Traveller Slovenia Earth• Entertainm • Appreciati • Sustainabl ent on for its e people,• Appreciati heritage, • Love for on for arts and Mother nature and nature. Nature art • Resources• Health are already benefits available. • Revenues and