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[Challenge:Future] SUNSHINE:


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[Challenge:Future] SUNSHINE:

  1. 1. Title pageProject name: Make it workHow can youth fight youth employment?Team Name: Sunshine TeamCountry: NigeriaSchool: - Novena University Ogume, P.M.B 62, Kwale, Delta State Nigeria.February, 2013AbstractThis research was on how can youth fight youth unemployment? (A case study ofOkpe Local Government Area of Delta State).The issue of unemployment posed lots problems to our economy.Included in the findings where that over-dependence on oil, neglect of the educationalsector etc causes unemployment.This research used both primary and secondary sources of data collection andpopulation of the study was 128,398 and sample size was 321.Chi-square test of independence used to test the hypothesis as survey method wasideal for this research.
  2. 2. PresentationIn Nigeria the hopes and dreams of the young generations are daily meeting the sharproads of disappointments despite various laudable programmes set up to curb themmenace of employment.Two years ago ( ) the youth enterprise with new innovation was established in orderto reduce the high rate of unemployment, but these efforts have not clearly resulted insignificant reduction in youth employment.Unemployment refers to the share of the labor force that is without but available forand seeking unemployment (data,lost ofJanuary,2013.The rate of employment in Nigeria increased to 23.9% in 2012(, 15th of January, 2013.Bulk of people as a result of socio-economic and political crisis are been retrenchedevery day off their jobs. On the 16th of February, 2012, Eco bank and Enterprise bank retrenched 2000workers (leadership).Every year thousands of graduates leave tertiary institutions with no prospects ofgetting jobs.As at last year, November 15th, the University of Ibadan (U.I) graduated a total of1,582 students for the 2011/2012 academic session into the labor market (pm newsNigeria .com 20th January 2013.The streets are littered with young traders who face constant threat of kidnapping andsexual molestation by depraved adults.Corruption is one of the reasons for the brain drain phenomenon in Nigeria.Due to the neglect of our epileptic educational sector, talented professionals leave thecountry in search of employment elsewhere.Some of them are being exposed to all sorts of “you must give gratification syndrome”to get a job they are qualified for.The educational system inherited from our colonial rulers by emphasis on writing,reading and also equipped students to be job seekers rather than job creators.This constitutes a push factor to youth unemployment thereby making them to beover-dependent on white-collar jobs because of egoism, pride etc.
  3. 3. Other causes of unemployment include poor industrialization and closure of the fewoperating firms to stiff economy conditions.Due to youth restiveness, many of the oil company like Shell, Total, Agip etc in theNiger Delta Area have relocated to other states.Graham (2001) supports that most developing countries do not have industries that iscapable of employing enough worker.Before the emergence of oil in the year 1956 at Olobiri in Bayelsa State, Nigeriaderived its revenue from agricultural produce such as cocoa, palm oil etc.Nigeria dependence on oil is the engine that has and continuous to keep the train ofcorruption which leads to employment. Oil made most Nigerians to be lazy and societylost its moral base partly due to oil money.Nobody wants to struggle hard as it is easier to be rich through oil bunkering,terrorism, kidnapping etc.Unemployment results when the supply of labour is greater than the demand.Cole (2005) notes that when a country’s population is too high, it tends to producemany workers, and such workers may not have jobs to do, (co6, EA, 2005: EssentialEcomomics, Lagos, Ukya Tonad Publishers).The effect of unemployment cannot be over-emphasized. The socio and economicaspect of it are very high and affect the development of the country.It leads to frustration, depression, social unrest etc.It tends to undermine the self-confidence of the individual and turns its optimism todisillusionment.Lack of income results in lower standard of living, loss of prestige, status and self-respect. It impedes economic growth.Under-utilization of human and mental resources as well as reduce aggregate demandfor goods and services. (S.H.O Egboh 2008: Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria,page 151).The recent agitation in the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria by the youths is mainly due toutter neglect by successive governments and oil companies in the provision ofinfrastructural facilities and high unemployment rate.The young generation (some) are inherently optimistic, creative, energetic andpassionate. We (youths) must not wait for the government to provide available white-collar jobs.
  4. 4. As in the words of John Fredrick Kennedy “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country (John .F. Kennedy) Jan. 20, 1961 inaugural address)”.Planned Results and OutcomesFrom the start of this study, the researcher stated that government’s inability to createemployment opportunities cause youth restiveness, and in turn discouragesinvestments.Over-dependence on oil, lack of educational facilities, and poor industrializationamongst others are the major causes of unemployment.
  5. 5. RecommendationsBased on the findings made by the researcher, the following are the recommendations 1. Establishments of more industries. 2. Provision of basic amenities. 3. Utilization of our agricultural waste, animal waste etc to generate wealth. 4. Diversification of our economy from oil driven one to a more productive one. 5. The private and public sector needs to be visited with a great touch light in order to bring all corrupt culprits to book. 6. Review of our educational curricula and provision of technical and vocational training facilities.ConclusionOur youths have major roles to play in achieving their goals. Most of them alwaysblame their situation on the government. That is wrong.Wayne Dyer said: “All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with another and regardless of how much you blame him, it will not change you. (Rev fr. Emakpor 2013: No case is closed, page 18)”.If the governments have failed to provide employment for the youths, then they shouldbe ready to take different careers paths as in a world that is changing.The youths need to rebrand and re-orient their minds, hearts and goals in order forthem to see success in their lives in form of individuals overcoming innumerable odds.Until they (youths) change their mindset, they cannot achieve their potentials in spiteof our natural and human resources.A stitch in time saves nine.