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[Challenge:Future] Stillness: My Dream Job

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[Challenge:Future] Stillness: My Dream Job

  1. 1. StillnessTeam Leader: Gautam GillTeam Member: Alexander FogtCountries: India, GermanySchool: Kozminski International Business School
  2. 2. A dream of 2022 …- the world is in a status where businesses are made with a click on a button- Countries are strongly connected- Companies rely on others and hence find themselve in huge competition- Survival of the fittest at it‘s highest stage- Number of university graduates increased, number of jobs decrease due to automations- Gap between rich an poor widens- Gap countries positively develop
  3. 3. The dream job „Find a job you enjoy and you will never work again“- combines the theory studied with practice- No gap between education and start of the particular job- Leaves no questions open; clear goal of the position with clear opportunities for personal developement- Freedom for creativity and developement of business models etc. as well as own skills- a comparable high position within a middle sized business
  4. 4. - Attractive, i.e. high salary combined with individual schedule, created personally- Attractive position matching the personal qualities by weighing up own responsibilities and skills- No supervising functions within the company without abandoning the hierarchical structure of the company- Own position is next to others the highest with certain focus- Working in a team with teamspirit, a friendly atmosphere where work can be splitted
  5. 5. The dream company- The companys‘ name „Satis B.o.a“ stands for two key elements - Satisfaction - The best- High quality meat processing company of middle size based in a growing economy, expands by aquiring strategies- Using the agricultural production hole in Poland with focus on meat processing- Profitable business with increasing sales- Office in the right part of the city, i.e. in the city center plus additional production halls scattered over the country
  6. 6. Key success factors Work life balance• Employees life is not dictated by the job• Many kinds of free time activities found within the company such as wellness, sports, library, computer labs etc.• Feedback and innovations, failures report asked from employees• Focus on required employee development
  7. 7. Education in 2022Key issuesFast globalization and insecure world inmany ways make two key demandsdominate: Professionalization Internationalization
  8. 8. Global Frame• Need for more international education as early as possible• State guarantees for theoretical and practical education – Theoretical: a completed school career is guaranteed – Practical: a guarantee for job practice and training is guaranteed• The right education needs to be teached at an early stage
  9. 9. Early Stage• Different school tracks, such as national and international tracks which are completely in a foreign language in any language possible (globally identical)• Exchanges need to be quicker, more often and as a basic for everything• Final school years are practical „on the job“ years where basics for the right studies or jobs will be teached
  10. 10. Higher Education• Moving away from „Bologna“ Bachelor and Master frame to a more practical, not timely framed „on the job“ study• Courses at University might be chosen all around the world in any University, however the student whiches it• Courses can be visited electronically• Fully self-organized study by individual students possible regarding field, specialization, global place of university

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