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[Challenge:Future] Slums Invasion


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[Challenge:Future] Slums Invasion

  1. 1. SLUMSsolution: TOWARD NEW ORIGINSINVASION population growth, slums growth is a high(refurbishment, reframe through natural materials asIn a world of continuoussolutions for a better future)risk of world “pollution”Adaptation to new circumstances: OLESJALAMI_ALBANIA
  2. 2. DISASTER SITED: SLUMS INVASIONIn a world of continuous population growth, slums growth is a highrisk of world “pollution”Actual problem: INVADING LAND (destroying landscape)_GARBAGE POLLUTING NATURAL RESOURCES (water/ soil) _EPIDEMIC SOURCES (over pollution makes the environmentvulnerable toward new epidemic emerge)
  3. 3. DISASTER SCENARIO:How may it occur?
  4. 4. SOLUTION...Because is impossible to prevent the growth the solution isrehabilitation of actual situation and giving examples offuture suitable developmentThe solution is a ADAPTATION TO NEWCIRCUMSTANCES, such a waycreating NEW ORIGINS for future developments3 basic IMPLEMENTATIONS:CLEANING PROGRAMSCOMMUNITY TALKSHOUSING REFURBISHMENT
  5. 5. PLAN...PROGRAM:ORGANIZE CLEANING POGRAMS, first layer: governmentcleaning programs_ second layer community teachings ondividing garbage in proper cans. Final result would beinclusion of Slum’s garbage in the city-cleaning networkORGANIZE COMMUNITY TALKS to present ways ofbuilding with natural materials as (mud, straw, woodetc.), such a way to respect land and vegetationORGANIZE HOUSING REFURBISHMENT throughvolunteers, meanwhile teaching the slum’s inhabitantssimple construction techniques of mud, straw, wood, andways to utilize rain water and vegetation.
  6. 6. Growing consciousness about simple interventions on improving life conditions, diminish pollution, improving landscapeInterventions have been made inside slums, to improve thequality of public space(by painting walls), or even implementing new functions (likesport facilities) to bring social development.
  7. 7. ECO- COMMUNITIESCLEANER ENVIRONMENTReframe of natural resource (self refurbishment afterremoval of garbage), back to the originsImprove the quality of life inside slums, lower pollutionlevel, safer environment, diminish epidemic risk
  8. 8. People tend to copy one another, from simpler to muchcomplicated solutions, just like the first shack was build and endedon creating an entire slum, the same way can be spread newresolutions.let’s transform Slums in BeautyThe answer is there, sometimes we need only someone to beginbuilding up a better future.