[Challenge:Future] Problems with clean water


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[Challenge:Future] Problems with clean water

  1. 1. 21 century disastersProblems with clean water By IunAnastasiia, PSY-111 Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek yunnastya@mail.ru
  2. 2. Disaster is one of the most dangerous and unpleasant events in people’slives. Nowadays the number of disasters increases what can lead to deplorableresults. We can count numerous disasters and their consequences like floods,earthquakes, bomb attacks, devastating fires, draught, extreme weather, climatechange, economic collapses and so on, but I would like to warn people aboutfuture deficiency of clean water, pollution of water which exists already, andconsequences of water problems. The problems with water cause a lot ofdifferent unpleasant events, other disasters, death and so on. So we must takecare of our water. Water is a life. No one canimagine his/her life without it. It is auniversal fact that one cannot livewithout water for three days as theliquid is part of the chemicalconsumption of human body. Forexample, our brain is protected bycerebrospinal fluid which is refreshedevery three hours. It protects brainfrom blows, rapid movements and soon. The production of it depends on water intake. If we stop drinking water for awhile the difficulties in the cerebrospinal fluid production will occur which willstimulate our brain to “dry out” which will lead to death. So you see water isessential for everyone. The lack of it will inevitably lead to extinction of people. Another problem is that water is essential, for all life beings in the worldand the lack of it will lead to the destruction of feed circle on the planet. If onespecies dies the circle will be destroyed which will lead to extinction of many other species and to a supernormal number of another species which can also lead to different disasters. The balance in life will be destroyed. For example if the population kangaroos in Australia will be decreased the amount of grass will increase. As everyone knows Australia is a very dry continent. So much grass will dry out at dry seasons and thismeans that the number of fires will elevate there.
  3. 3. Not only can the extinction of species cause fires on the planet, but alsothe climate change because of lack of water. Lack of water also means that thetemperature of air will increase which will lead to fires as well as to draughts.Riverbeds will be empty or almost empty; glaciers will melt because of the hightemperatures. The melting of Antarctic glaciers first will increase the ocean level.A lot of islands will be flooded. Then water will dry. It also can lead to thegreenhouse effect. The smoke of factories also makes glaciers melt. When smoke reachesglaciers it covers them with the layer of black dust. Black color attracts sunlightwhich melts the glaciers. After what more than normal amount of water will flowdown the mountains which will flood the lands. However the number of glacierswill decrease and soon we will have problems with water. Another very essential problem is the pollution of water. Most of thecountries have dirty and disgusting water now. Water is not water nowadays. It isso spoiled in some regions that no any life lives there. Such kind of water is deadand any useful for us minerals are dead there. This is the water we receive whenwe turn on taps. One of the factors that pollute waterispeople. It is normal for people to throweverything to water starting from pins andending with fridges. People do not thinkwhat they do, good things or not. They dothink at all that for batteries, for example,water is not the best place to be in as theycontain some chemicals that are dangerous for fish we eat, for water we drinkand swim in. The development of industry needs water as well. Plants,nuclear powerplants and other units of industry use water for profit. They throw away all theirremains into water. And this water waters fields from which we get vegetablesand fruit. Just think what kind of food we eat now. It is not surprising that moreand more people have health problems because of food nowadays. It is also notsurprising that some severe mutations appear in our bodies. Water pollutions leads to ecological and environmental problems. Withoutclean water nothing will be able to survive. Trees and other vegetation will
  4. 4. gradually die. Everyone knows that forests are the lungs of our planet. Ifvegetation disappears who or what will supply us with clean air? Nothing and noone will. It is evident for everyone that 40 percent of spoiled air on the roads isabsorbed by vegetation. As well as the number of cars increases I do not knowwhat will happen with our air if vegetation dies. People should think over it. Problems with water can lead to economic problems. The prices will go upand it will almost impossible to drink enough water. Water is used everywhereand when there is a lack of it all products will be in low number and extremelyexpensive. The country will become poor. Cost of water will be much higher thanthe cost of gold or oil. Yes, water problem is one of the most tragic problems now. Everyoneknows that soon there will be no water in Asia which disappoints me very muchas I live in Central Asia. Many Asian countries have big problems with watersupply and usually water is spoiled. I have a friend form Tajikistan and she saysthat the place she lives in is dry and water is awful there. So it is a real problem. Nevertheless I think we can improve our real situation. If everyone on theplanet will think and worry about water and do something to make our life happywe will see a good result. To save our water we should think over how muchwater we use. Everyone must control his/her use of water. If people do not needwater the taps must be turned off. Maybe one fact will stimulate people to do so.If we leave water running out of the tape, even the size of the stream is the sameas the size of match, we will lose 300 liters every twenty-four hours. We also must stop throwing away any rubbish into the river. Rivers, lakes,seas, oceans must be cleaned. Even if every person will take a plastic bottle orsmoothing else out of water and throw it into the rubbish bins our water willbecome cleaner. People can organize some competitions where the task will becollecting rubbish. Of course participants must be awarded. Prizes will encouragethem to clean water. Another method is putting the best filters on the pipes of every pant andcar. The air and water will not be so polluted. Of course, our governments musthelp us to establish laws which will punish those who does not use filters or thosewhose filters are out of the date. Plants must first recycle the water they usemany times according to modern standards, nuclear power stations must reusethe same water they first took out of the river.
  5. 5. We can do everything if we do it together. Let’s take care of our water and we will have clean water and enough. So the water problem is very serious nowadays. As you see more and more countries have problems with water supply and getting clean water. Lack of water can lead to frightening consequences like extinction, fires,draughts, floods, economic problems and so on. Polluted water is anotherproblem which can affect our life with different results. Many factors play role inthe water problem like development of industry, works of different plants, andordinary humans. We cannot live without water and we must work together to doour best to save it clean as the absence of clean water will be a great disaster.