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[Challenge:Future] Open up Creativity!


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[Challenge:Future] Open up Creativity!

  1. 1. Phase 1 : DevelopType of Event : Game + Innovation JamWhen we are talking about youth , we should talk aboutFUNThe FUN fact and type of event attract more participateIf youth can not come to the event, we go to them !The goal is to remove creativity from its hibernate mode!
  2. 2. Phase 1 : DevelopMain fact : creative people find solution muchsooner and much easier!They need to believe they CANThey need to be confidentCreativity can get the HOPE back,then we can move to era of skills blooming.Youth of mycountry needsHOPE!
  3. 3. Phase 1 : Develop
  4. 4. Phase 2 : OrganizeSept. & Oct. 2013• promoting event with flyers,posters and in social media (Event page in Facebook)•Registration of volunteer unitssuch as café, City BOOK,universities , offices, libraries• Proving them with info, videos,other material + window posters
  5. 5. Phase 2 : Organize**Nov. 2013• Two week event!•Each volunteer unit is free to do theevent in own creative way!•The challenge is TO MAKE STHCREATIVE !•while they are sitting, having coffee,chatting … they can spend some of thetime to play, to have fun and createsomething.•At the end of each day, online photogalley publishes all works !
  6. 6. Phase 2 : Organize* Last day• Collecting contact info of allparticipant•Passing the Fan page for moreideas, videos•In Fan page, all can post , shareand like what creative things theyhave done•Even ones could not join the eventcan join the group and start to beCreative!•To create Innovation Jam!
  7. 7. Creativity is thekey for smarterlifestyle, to moresolutions!To empower creativity:First: to believe!Second: To encourage!Third: expect new ideas!
  8. 8. Thanks ! 