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[Challenge:Future] Not "Youth" ,it's you!


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[Challenge:Future] Not "Youth" ,it's you!

  1. 1. Not “ youth ”, it’s “you” ! Team: HappyCo Team:HappyCo Country:China Mentor:Paul.Iles
  2. 2. Experience and Discover
  3. 3. In China, rate of youth(21-25 year old) unemployment was ashigh 9.6% 2011, d h llhi h as 9 6% iin 2011 , and the college students iis main group d icontributing to youth unemployment.Unemployment rate of youth graduated from primary schoolor lower education level in 2011 is only 4.2%, while rate ofyouth graduated from university unemployment reached16.4%, far exceeding the average level.
  4. 4. In 2012 the number of students choosing to study furtherabroad reached 280 thousands, yearly growth rate is expected y yg pto be 5% later.In 2012, there are 1656 thousands participating the GraduateCandidate Test (GCT), and 517 thousands are accepted. ( ), p
  5. 5. Causes Psychological immature Mismatching between posts and personal skills Immature of social educational mechanism Ineffectiveness of unemployment management Unemployment management becomes a mere formality Low educational level of rural youths
  6. 6. Solution
  7. 7. Not “ youth ”, it’s “you”, means establishing aN “ h” i ’ “ ”system concerning each individual, taking community asintermediary and focus on you, you and you! Communityshould shoulder the responsibility to manage youth p y g yunemployment, including recording the youth unemployment,unemployment causes investigation, the investigation of investigationemployment quality and skills of youths unemployment, andauxiliary measures to accelerate youth employment and re-employment!
  8. 8. Steps of solution2013.3.20-2013.4.20Contacting A community, before cooperated with A community, so I can workwith A. And at the same time,, I would contact with my mother school,, which yis located at A I mentioned above. We would establish a team for teaching asour solution planned.2013.4.21-2013.5.30Designing the course system for teaching youth unemployment with my tutortutor,and related questionnaire would be used in solution implementation.At the same time, staff working iin A community offer a record of youths th ti t ff ki it ff d f thunemployment in the community, and make a plan to interview all youth.
  9. 9. 2013.6.1 2013.7.12013 6 1-2013 7 1Conducting interview and make a record.2013.7.1-2013.8.15Contacting the teaching team established in advance to implement theteaching task! 2013.8.16-2013.9.15Evaluation phase! Conducting interview after plan, and census the rateof youth reemployment in A community.
  10. 10. Planned results and outcomesIn our solution, we planned focus on one community, and thenumber of youth unemployment depends on the community . y p y p yStaffs in the community I choose, and my teachers andstudents in my mother school(located at same area with thecommunity I choose) will work with me to implement our y ) psolution.