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[Challenge:Future] National Youth Summit 2013


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[Challenge:Future] National Youth Summit 2013

  1. 1. (Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir)15-19 February 2013PresentsGoalsPakistan300 Participants30 Team Members20 Guest Speakers/FacilitatorsPositive Change in the SocietyIntercultural & Interfaith harmonyCombat Challenges, Create PlansEnhance Leadership QualityInculcate ResponsibilitySocial Action ProjectsAct Locally, Impact Globally
  2. 2. Which type of event is NationalYouth Summit and why?Because National Youth Summit enhancedleadership capacity, build confidence, introducedthe youth to the social challenges, inculcatedresponsibility, ensured intercultural & interfaithharmony and provide an opportunity to networkwith the youth around the country. It’s a uniqueleadership development program that will bringtogether outstanding and focused young peoplefrom around the country to build critical leadershipskills in an inclusive and global context.Moreover, the summit will help in creating culturalharmony, shall pool the young talent around thecountry, and evolve regional strategies to addressissues of discrimination, unemployment, identityand extremism.Azad Kashmir remains animpoverished region, andthe 2005 earthquake’s tollcontinues to haunt thearea. It is vital to developsocial bonding andcommunity engagementwith the various otherregions of the country dueto the fact that lessereconomic activities havedeveloped lesser interestof other regionalpopulation to visit AJK.
  3. 3. What and How?• Create Plan for JointAction in ourrespective areas• Combat climatechange• Encourage NatureFriendly Activities• Promote Diversityand HarmonySharing Ideas/ SkillsLearning• Trainings by Nationaland InternationalSpeakers• Success Stories• Group Work• Sharing Ideas• Dialogue• PresentationsTrainings/Workshops• Develop Network• Understand GroundRealities• Accelerate YouthActions,• Peer Education• Social ActionProjects• Act Locally, ImpactGloballyPracticing/ActionsAdded ValuePassion for Community ServiceExercising leadershipResponsibility SharingAppreciation of multi-culturalismAwareness of social needs and issuesharmony and peace
  4. 4. Website:•300 YoungLeaders from allacross country•Rural and UrbanYouth Together20Speakers•National andInternationalSpeakers•SuccessfulstoriesSocialChange•Ideas to Action•Social ActionProjects•Commitment andpassionAgendaFacebook:
  5. 5. lead to skill development andperspective building. JTranslate these learning into grassroots actionto give a flavor of local collective work.Sharing Ideas and Experiences and Join HandsParticipants are sensitized tolocal issues and given a choicefor the SolutionsPeer Education and Partnership ofthe Youth with Stake Holders andCivic Engagement for the positiveChange in the SocietyYouth PartnershipsPeer EducationRecognizing natureActivities for EnvironmentDevelopment. Recognizingthe International Days Plan Ideas toTake ActionSustainability!Together we are moreActual Actions.Involve, Inspire, Invigorate= CHANGE
  6. 6. • Discuss our common issues and what we can do aboutthem. Find Solutions of problems.• Share success stories of our own regions, areas• Listen to views of leaders of our region• Skills like advocacy and conflict resolution by nationaland international facilitators• Processes and ways of different youth leaders• To collectively resolve issues through time-testedmethods• Cultural nuances and of every area, province• Commonalities in our challenges and solutions• Work with local Youth to get a flavor of social change• Create joint collaborative projects to execute them postsummit• Build a collective declaration to lobby with governments• Organize workshops and plenary sessions for the Summit• Share learning with youth of home area/Community• Commit to individual plans of action and to bring thepositive change in the Society
  7. 7. Missing?Lack of ConfidenceNo or Less Social NetworkingNo or Less Self ConfidenceNo or less sensitization for actionNo or less plans for the SocialActionNo or less Communication SkillsNo or less Public Speaking SkillsLack of PartnershipCommunity Involvement missingNo or less Civic ActivismLack of Decision MakingFear of Moving ForwardHigh Powered Learning/Study SkillsPeer EducationDiversity trainingEngage youth in different projectsConflict MediationLeadership SkillsCivic EngagementYouth ActivismYouth as catalyst of changeProject Based LearningService Learning ProjectsCommunity ServiceYouth as Agent of ChangePublic SpeakingOpportunities of the youth developmentCapacity BuiltVS
  8. 8. Mission Accomplished!OBJECTIVES ACHIEVEDThe National Youth Summit served as an intellectualplatform, bringing together the youth from differentareas of Pakistan, creating an inductive space fordialogue and promote constructive actions toensure beneficial future of youth. Additionally, theevent has the potential to emerge area specificsocial action projects led by regional youth groups.Some of the main objectives achievedinclude:• Take personal responsibility for exercisingleadership• Develop an awareness of social needs and issues• Improve interpersonal and group communicationskills• Create self-esteem and groom their personalities• Exercise their leadership abilities in thecommunities where they live• Cultivate an understanding and appreciation ofmulti-cultural diversity• Install a passion for community service• Create harmony and peace through acceptance ofcultural diversity and interfaith bondingMADE AN IMPACT!It provided an opportunity to display apositive image of various communities andregions within the boundary of Pakistan, butit also provide an opportunity to the youngpeople to experience living in an environmentwhich is their own, yet unrecognized. It wasan opportunity to the young peoplenationally to show their skills, share bestpractices, enhance cooperation and advanceintercultural and interfaith harmony.Furthermore, social action projects wouldmake up a possible scenario where the youngpeople can mobilize communities, stand fortheir rights, work jointly on common interestsand form partnerships to tackle thechallenges of tomorrow.It bring the positive change in the Youth. Theyare committed to use this Change in theSociety!Youth are well aware of their responsibilityfor fostering the change in the Society. Youthinherited the positive change within that willinfluence others and so on.
  9. 9. •“National YouthSummit change my life.I am not the NainaKhan, I was Before! Iam a responsibleglobal citizen. I amworking for my project“Green Planet” now.NainaKhan•“Capacity Built, It’stime for the Action! Iwill reshape the livesof the people in mycommunity. WonderfulExperience of my life!Made lot of Friends.Share ideas andExperiences!Ali Akbar• “Thank you so much NYS!You all are great. I am veryhappy for this opportunity.NYS changed my life. I am aYoung Leader now. Fulfilledlearning of the NYS willchange your life” My project“Equal Rights for all”MisbahKureshi•“I am a CHANGE agent.NYS is a school ofleadership whichcreates a leader insideyou. I recommendYouth to learn fromthis great platform andexcel in thecommunity. Join now”My Project: YABC”ZeeshanHaider•“I am connected withthe Youth of my country.After NYS, I am initiatinga project for the poorchildren. Thanks NYS forbeing an inspiration forus. You all are awesome”ZulqarnainNaqvi
  10. 10. Youth Summit became a uniqueplatform that makes Youth a catalyst ofthe Positive Change. Youth became moreresponsible global citizens by working intheir communities, initiating social actionprojects, reshaping lives, changingminds, clicking heart and promotionreligious and cultural harmony & diversity.NYS creates Leaders of today and future.NYS went viral on the social media likeFacebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn.Because of that More than 1300 appsfrom all across Pakistan for theregistration were received. Throughcompetitive selection process, only 300Young Leaders were invited to attend thissummit. This is the power of Social Media.Moreover, NYS was covered by electronicand print Media all over Pakistan.