[Challenge:Future] Moral underpinnings of capitalism


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[Challenge:Future] Moral underpinnings of capitalism

  1. 1. Let us get the general understanding about what and how is Capitalism.. Capitalism is series of structure what make a bound between the individual and production processes. The authority in capitalism is held by the person who own the capital. Usually we call them capital class. Capital class will exploit the source and labour to support them in reaching the highest profit. This system apparently has no limit and based on gaining profit intention. In capitalism, the motive for producing goods and services is to sell them for a profit, not to satisfy people's needs. Capitalism is the youngest economic system, but it's also proven to be the most sustainable.
  2. 2. CAPITAL CLASS Resources Working Class HIGHEST PROFIT DEMANDS Support G O A L Influence
  3. 3. State Capitalism that appeared in US is suspected to be the cause of the current crisis in Liberal Capitalism. Right side is a print screen of one web page what showed one of the debates about it.
  4. 4. The basic structure of capitalism is trying to gain as high as possible profit and there is no limit on implementing that intention, it can drive the Capital Class to become greedy. Capitalism has been criticized for its underlying focus on profit, and how that focus can lead to social and economic inequality. Further, it is also criticized for its emphasis on consumption, as the constant purchase of goods and services is necessary for capitalism's success. Let me show you some examples…
  5. 5. Eric Williams through his book what published on 1944 - Capitalism and Slavery has succeeded to show how slavery helped finance the Industrial Revolution in England. Plantation owners, shipbuilders, and merchants connected with the slave trade accumulated vast fortunes that established banks and heavy industry in Europe and expanded the reach of capitalism worldwide. Binding an economic view of history with strong moral argument, Williams's study of the role of slavery in financing the Industrial Revolution refuted traditional ideas of economic and moral progress and firmly established the centrality of the African slave trade in European economic development. For the sake of gaining the highest profit, the greedy capital class had putted the humanity value to the bottom.
  6. 6. There is one website that shows very much how the greedy capital class rob our earth, each time, each hour, each minutes, even each seconds. Below is the website link : http://www.theworldcounts.com/counters/environmental_effect_of_mining/ depletion_of_natural_resources_statistics Below is the screen grab of the web on April 30th, 2014 at 18:37 (Jakarta Time) The greediness motivates the capital class to ignore the fact that we are putting our self in danger by getting more and more sources from this earth without showing respect to it and just expanding the robbery everywhere.
  7. 7. In the name of saving the world, some countries, such as America have persuated their people to use biofuel for their vehicle instead of gasoline. But let us see the fact from another world, let’s say my country – Indonesia. Deforestation is happening very badly in Indonesia only to fulfil the demands of biofuel. Please watch this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WijoFIJLAM0 The book of Heather Rogers who did her special research in Indonesia showing how ugly is the palm oil plantation in Indonesia. And her book Green Gone Wrong had open the peanut skin of how ugly is biofuel business. Picture on the top right sight of this page is the picture what was taken from one forest what was about to get deforested. If in Indonesia is this much bad, than what about the accumulated biofuel business in the world? You imagine it.
  8. 8. 1. Whale laws revision that is being discussed by Canadian government, they will change the legal status of the humpback whale under SARA be changed by the federal cabinet from “threatened” to “of special concern” 2. 1.3 hectare of conservation area in Aceh is planned to be converted to be a mining area 3. There are a lot more.. You name it..
  9. 9. See your around, what are the things you consume / use what can motivate those capitalist class to continue robbing and how to stop that. This small thing is effective to stop the robbery. Example : Around me there are : 1. Motorcyle – then I started to use bicycle to go to work and some other places. Or I committed to use public transportation instead of personal transportation. 2. Drinking Water in Bottle - I tried to avoid drinking water in bottle packaging because it will less the production of bottle plastic what can cause damage for nature. 3. As a girl I love clothe, make up, etc. But now I stop buying those things too often, I start to buy only when I NEED it. 4. I know you get some ideas too, by thinking and doing it, you will support our self in keeping our self and our earth alive.
  10. 10. We can stop capitalist class occur the worst possibility that could happen – extinction of live, by stop consuming what they produce.
  11. 11. If Capitalist Class see my presentation, Sincerely I hope you will show more respect To your sources and don’t let greediness drives. Don’t try to deny some regulations What prevent the over exploitation.
  12. 12. Need +/- 4.5 billion years for earth to grow And make every thing alive. Human just need some million years to Destroy it, If we stop showing respect to it. None of us have a right to destroy earth, NEITHER CAPITALISM