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[Challenge:Future] Mladiinfo: Matching Point Initiative


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[Challenge:Future] Mladiinfo: Matching Point Initiative

  1. 1. Mladiinfo TeamProject Name: Matching Point Initiative Team members: Tamara Miletic Ana Despotovska Milan Zálešák Country: Macedonia
  2. 2. Who are we?- The web portal was launched in 2008, thereby starting the initiative “Your link to free education”.- Target group: youth in CEE, Europe and later even worldwide.- Being aware that the major obstacle is finance, Mladiinfo team places free education at the core of its activities and serves as a hub for all scholarships, fellowships, traineeships, volunteering positions- The Mladiinfo Team consists of 15-20 young people from all over Europe performing daily tasks.- More than 145,000 people from over 230 countries visit the portal monthly and more than 100 young people communicate online with our team each month and use the information we provide.
  3. 3. Locating the problemsMladiinfo was encouraged to take initiative due to: No information flow No access to quality education and other non formal education opportunities Gap between skills provided by education and skills required by market Youth with high-quality education but without the opportunity to practice their education and to gain experience Growing youth unemployment due to lack of job positions Young people depend of state social funds and their parents. Experience through the years shows us that a huge number of educated young people with proper qualifications and skills, who have never had the chance to practice their acquired knowledge and get experience, are out of work for at least a year. The real problem: lack of job positions at the labor market for the educated and skilled young people Our target group: educated and skilled young people with or without experience
  4. 4. What could be a possible solution for young people not todepend of the state social funds or their parents and at thesame time the communities worldwide to benefit fromeducated youth?Introducing the Mladiinfo Matching Point Initiative!Starting a specialized program for promotion of “paid”volunteering positions and traineeships. As a platform whichoffers service and available opportunities for youth (with145.000 visitors per month), Mladiinfo can be the matchingpoint where jobless young people can find PAIDopportunities to “work” as volunteers or trainees for aperiod of 12 months for public good and will gain experience.
  5. 5. How can The Matching Point Initiative be realized? Mladiinfo cooperates with 15-20 BIG diverse non governmental organizations and companies especially those working in the developing countries. Collaboration agreements that these organizations & companies will engage young people will be concluded via Mladiinfo for those young people who have obtained good quality education and have skills but do not have work experience. These young people can “work” as volunteers or trainees in the countries of the developing world. (example: teachers, graduates of medicine, agriculture, forestry, ecology students) The engagements will last 12 months and will cover the basic needs for the selected volunteers and interns (board, lodging and accommodation)
  6. 6. Why this initiative will work? There are many unemployed educated and skilled young people worldwide who depend on the state social funds or their parents. They want to practice their acquired knowledge and skills but there are no posts available on the labor market in their countries in order to gain experience – which is one step forward to being competitive on the market. There are many non governmental organizations who work in the developing countries and are constantly in need of volunteers or trainees who want to “donate" their time, skills and knowledge for the public good and communities, but also gain valuable experience. The programs always offer covered accommodation and food. Mladiinfo Matching Point initiative will be a place where the organizations will publish their calls and where youth will find the available positions.
  7. 7. Year 1 Year 5 300 2000jobs, internships, opportunities jobs, internships, opportunities offered offered 100 educated young people 500 educated young people engaged in volunteering affected through the Matching through the Matching Point Point Initiative Initiative
  8. 8.  Trainees and volunteers will not depends on state social funds or their parents for a period of 12 months They will have the chance to put their education, skills and knowledge into practice Communities in the developing world countries will benefit from this educated and skilled youth On the other hand, young people will upgrade their CVs with international experience that will make them more competitive on the job market in their countries. Organizations that will engage these young people will have young and energetic workers with fresh ideas The unemployment rate will be stagnant or will decrease Organizations may offer volunteers and interns a permanent employment Interns and volunteers may get an idea for starting their own business or to start their own non government organization