[Challenge:Future] Me v/s Me


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[Challenge:Future] Me v/s Me

  1. 1. Dr Dharmesh Bhadja, MD (Homeopathy) Founder and Chief consultant, Niramay Health Care Title: M y s e l f v / s M y s e l f The story of clashes between perception of self • Its complex, its about failure to achieve proportionate academic worth • It is about feeling undervalued • It is about clashes between perception of ‘me’ between me and authorities • It sucks, disturbs, disappoints and at the end… makes me stronger and feeling motivated to prove something more…
  2. 2. Clash of perceiving between me and authorities:eg.-Three roles of mine Grade of perceiving 1. as a doctor- This role is everything for me. My designation, my job, my duty, my vision and after all I am spending whole day in this role and relates with all through this role. 2. as a student – I was student of the same people who are now authorities at the institutes. Still they have more student feeling about me. 3. as a professional highflier – I am leading my own way with good financial backup and earning satisfactorily with immense work satisfaction. I am one of the very few who are doing the job they love. 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Me according to… 10 7 1 7 5 8 3 me according to me me according to authorities 8 0 me according to close friends My three major roles Student Doctor Professional highflier 8 7 0 me according to workmates
  3. 3. Where is the failure? Here are the failures. For me – as a tutor • I feel under-valued and my professional growth is blocked. • My skills and knowledge is not utilized just because of perceiving blocks. For them – as administration • I might be egoistic or difficult to handle kind of staff member • No more promotions or opportunities to me For quality education – institutional aspect • We failed to cultivate the positive environment, which is highly needed for the growing medical science like Homeopathy.
  4. 4. …Deeper into the story… this happens to all of us somewhere Old and unchanged perceptions by others Similar relations in different authoritative roles Taken-intoconsideration-kind-ofthings New version of self after improvement or higher studies Getting more and more positive inputs from all near ones Positively charged and optimistic about self believing
  5. 5. Resolution ??? <<< 3rd way>>> <<<Proofs of expertise>>> <<<Patience>>> 2014 and upcoming years let my work to convince them… Not your, not mine. But the appropriate one… through other activities and platforms… That’s all for 2013… let’s enter the new year with strong sense of self beliefs and optimistic attitude.
  6. 6. Life is not the race. It’s a beautiful journey to feel each moment. Nobody can prevent us From what we deserve At the same time, We can not get more than What we deserve. 2014 resolution – BE deserving
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