[Challenge:Future] Maribor to Remember


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[Challenge:Future] Maribor to Remember

  1. 1. Maribor to Remember Discovering Maribor, Pohorje Hill, Drava River, and Old Vine House In A Memorable Five-Day Journey The Maribor Old Stories Created by Nadya Priscilya Hutajulu, Indonesia Picturehttp://weheartit.com/entry/6990769, edited
  2. 2. How to enjoy “maribor to remember”? <ul><li>Create a profile page (live blog) at official website as marketing tool for Maribor’s tourism. </li></ul>1 2 Take the envelope which holds direction of journey in each day along with requirements needing completion for the next envelope. 3 Use the clues for directing to certain places or certain activites. 4 Do n’t forget to capture the memories each ti me y ou succeed in aswering the journey or each time you feel like taking phot ographs . 5 Upload your photographs as requested to your profile page as you get back to lodging place. You may add your stories regarding the photo. After doing this, you may take the envelope for the next journey on the day after. The website will work as an online diary that keeps their memories of enjoying the five-day journey through, at least, photographs. Everyone can see the travellers’ photographs and stories. Through this, other people will also be able to witness the real travelling experiences from various kinds of view. http://www.worldtime.com/ http://www.partiesgalore.co.nz/Envelopes.php http://sutalascarya.wordpress.com/2009/04/ http://mahathirshare.blogspot.com/2010/11/photo-recovery-genius-v13.html http://camera-guides.blogspot.com/2011/08/this-lego-camera-has-nothing.html http://www.challengefuture.org/STO/Maribor/
  3. 3. The Journey Travellers are divided into three segments; family, adventurer, and couple. Each segment named after three unique grapes grown in Slovenia matching their characteristics. Every segment is also divided into three level of price choices (backpacker, middle, and premium) which differ in lodging and meals costs. Day 1 Arrival Breakfast Explore the city on their own with guidance from the clues in the envelope. Select desired restaurant for lunch. Visit iconic places in town. Clear route maps with contact number if lost. To make travellers really feel as the city’s real inhabitant End the day with selection activities of preference. Day 2 http://ookaboo.com/o/pictures/picture/21611393/Ribnica_Lake_in_the_Pohorje_hills Do some sports while enjoying the natural beauty of Pohorje Hills. Cycle and hike the hills. Envorinment activists will guide the travellers with emphasis on the importance of actions preserving the sustainabilty of earth to maintain that kind of natural beauty. This is to promote sustainable green in daily life. The day will be closed with a dinner on the bank of Drava River.
  4. 4. The Journey Each journey will be designed to fit the market segment. For example, the couple will spend more romantic time together in selected romantic places in Maribor, the adventurer groups will have harder hiking track, and family will have fun team work in every journey. Though travellers are divided into those segments, they will still be experiencing the distinctive excellence of Maribor’s wine, culture, and natural beauty. This program will take time during August and October when the harvest of grapes. Day 4 Day 3 Day 5 http://www.theblacksheepdances.com/2010/07/maribor-demosthenes-agrafiotis-poetry.html About the national cuisine and culture. Cook traditional Slovenian dishes for dinner complete with the custom applied in traditions of cooking, serving food, and eating. Gather the ingredients needed from the garden and be assisted with native villagers whom they live with. The ingredients gathering can be modified into interesting games or activities. Practice original dances, songs, or instrumentals for performance they may want to perform for the closing celebration on the next day. Move to the village near vineyard. Have a visit to Old Vine House as part of Old Vine tradition. Act as producers of wine for a day. Harvest the grapes Witnessthe process of wine making. Served dishes with grape as ingredient from local recipe or new creative recipe made by chef of local restaurants. Souvenirs of grape seeds as a long-last remembrance of the travellers’ journey to Maribor as they may plant the seed. This is also a green action to grow trees. Stay at local homes. Closing celebration held outdoor at centre of village from late evening till night. Garden party where travellers and local villagers have fun and celebrate their togetherness. Performances from travellers and local villagers. Eat dinner with extra of wine. Use as least electricity, use torches, also as decoration. In the end of the day, they will have to upload their photos in order to get the ticket to get back to the city and to complete the journey.
  5. 5. Costs and Benefits Costs Government initial investment to develop the official website, including start-up, developer’s fees, etc, and to develop selected village for, example, building new houses, furnishing, rearranging the village, etc. There will also be costs incurred regularly regarding these two assets. Travellers bundled including lodging (ranging from €35-€120/night/room), meals (ranging from €10-€25/person/meals), in-town transportation costs (ranging from €1 for local transport ticket to approximately €20 for taxi), out-town transportation costs (approximately €100 for all participants), cycling/hiking equipment (approximately €10/person), vineyard journey (approximately €20/person), and closing celebration (apprx. €10/person). Benefits Travellers : Experiencing the ultimate uniqueness of Maribor, getting close to the natural beauty, obtaining new knowledge about wine, raising awareness to preserve environment, having more friends, and etc. Slovenia : Helps empower local people in tourism economy which may lead to new openings of job opportunities, promotes Slovenia’s tourism in attractive way. Earth, : Eco-friendly trip using as least gas emission as possible, an interesting program to promote eco-friendly living, the happiness of taking care of the mother Earth (through, example, gardening and growing trees), and biking as a lifestyle.