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[Challenge:Future] Malang Community Portal: Initiate Community-based Projects


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[Challenge:Future] Malang Community Portal: Initiate Community-based Projects

  1. 1. MALANGCOMMUNITYPORTALT e a m   B u ( o n  INDONESIA    Winnie   Witjaksana   Tjahjana  Hardyan   Dipranalta   Natanael  
  2. 2. NEWS &S TAT I S T I C EVEN THOUGH THE NUMBERS SEEMS SMALL,s a i d   t h a t   we  should  be  aware  that…  …     1.  The  staAsAcs  only  cover  OPEN-­‐UNEMPLOYMENT.  The   actual  number  of  unemployment  supposed  to  be  A   Unemployment  rate   LOT  GREATER  since  DISGUISED-­‐UNEMPLOYMENT,   in  Indonesia   UNDEREMPLOYED  and  HIDDEN-­‐UNNEMPLOYMENT   were  excluded  from  the  data.   were   6%  to  8%     2.  Malang  is  known  as  the  BIGGEST  basis  of  LABOR   EXPORT  in  East  Java  Province.  Most  of  the  labor   2%     exported  were  having  low  educaAon.     3.  Most  of  UNEMPLOYED  youth  that  registered  as  job   of  youth  aged  20-­‐29  y.o   seeker  in  Malang  were  HIGHLY  EDUCATED.  They  were   in    Malang  City   Undergraduate,  Diploma,  or  High-­‐School  graduate.     were  registered  as   job  seeker.   4.  Due  to  limited  number  of  job  vacancy  available  in   Malang  City,  many  educated  youths  has  to  GO  TO   BIGGER  CITY  TO  GET  JOBS.     source  :   1.  Harian  Terbit  August  29,  2012     2.  Malang  in  Figures  2012  
  3. 3. If    T H E Y W E R E H I G H LY E D U C AT E D ,  why  are  they  sAll  unemployed?  Lets  hear  what  they  think  about  it!   The  job  that  available  seems  to  Aring  for  me,  and  salary  is  not  good   enough  to  support  my  lifestyle.  I  want  to  find  employer  who  wants  to   pay  me  higher.   Unemployed   Youth  1   Their  expected  salary  were  TOO  HIGH  for  someone  with  NO  REAL   Business     EXPERIENCE.  However  their  performance  are  usually  sAll  quite  low.   Owner  1   The  Job  seems  too  difficult,  and  there’s  too  much  people  apply  for   the  job.  Probably  I  should  wait  or  apply  for  another  job.  Or  probably  I   should  take  vacaAon  first,  I  can  start  working  later.   Unemployed   Youth  2   They  were  in  general  LAZY.  LAZY  to  think,  LAZY  to  learn,  they  lack  of   passion  to  work.  I  simply  won’t  waste  my  money  to  pay  for  LAZY   Business     Owner  2   EMPLOYEE.  source  :  interview  on  both  unemployed  youth  and  business  owner  (potenCal  employer)      
  4. 4. We  also   D ISCOVER that… 1.  Unemployed  youth,  especially  fresh  graduate,  do  not  really  understand   their  skills  and  how  to  implement  it,  yet    they  tend  to  overesAmated  their  skill,   and  asking  excessive  reward  solely  based  on  their  educaAonal  background.    Business   owner  not  interested  on  hiring  this  kind  of  youth.     2.  Other  cases  of  youth  undervaluing  their  skills  are  also  exist.  This  resulAng  on   voluntary  unemployment  due  to  lack  of  confidence.     3.  The  youth  unemployment  is  basically  mentality  &  aBtude  problem.  Laziness   becoming  one  of  the  stumbling  block  for  youth  from  gefng  a  job.   4.  EducaAon  in  Indonesia  emphasizing  to  much  in  theory,  but  lack  of  experience  to   solve  real  problems.  Future  graduates  will  have  possibility  of  become   unemployed  due  to  lack  of  experience  &  pracDcal  skill. 5.  There  is  possibility  that  other  urban  areas  in  Indonesia  facing  similar  youth   unemployment  problems  as  Malang  City.  
  5. 5. Our  G OA L S 1.  REDUCING  number  of  unemployed  youth  especially  in  Malang  City.   2.  PREVENTING  current  high  school  and  university  students  from  being   unemployed  youth  in  the  future.   3.  INCREASE  number  of  young  human  resources  who  have  good   performance,  good  understanding  on  their  skill,  and  high  ethical  aftude.     4.  CREATING  OPPORTUNITIES  of  making  community  based  business  as     alternaAve  career  for  youths.   5.  EXPANDING  our  ba(le  agains  youth  unemployment  into  regional  scope   and  naAonal  scope.  
  6. 6. Our  S O L U T I O N W e   c r e a t e     MALANG COMMUNITY PORTAL a   n o n   p r o fi t   p r o j e c t   t h a t   a c t   a s   a   h u b   b e t w e e n   y o u t h   c o m m u n i D e s   a n d   s o c i e t y .   H e l p i n g   y o u t h   t o   t u r n   t h e i r   p a s s i o n   i n t o   r e a l   p r o j e c t s   ,   n e w   c a r e e r   o p p o r t u n i D e s   o r   e v e n   n e w   k i n d   o f   b u s i n e s s .   F o c u s   o n   e n c o u r a g i n g   y o u t h   t o   c r e a t e   c o m m u n i t y -­‐ b a s e d   p r o j e c t s     b e c a u s e   i t   w i l l   r e a c h   m o r e   n u m b e r   o f   y o u t h ,   a n d   I t ’ s   e a s i e r   t o   m a n a g e   a n d   n u r t u r e d   s i n c e   t h e   m e m b e r s   n o r m a l l y   a l r e a d y   h a v e   s i m i l a r   p a s s i o n .   B y   n u r t u r i n g   c o m m u n i A e s   w e   h a v e   o p p o r t u n i A e s   t o   d e v e l o p   b i g g e r   n e t w o r k   t h a t   w i l l   h e l p   s o l v e   t h e   u n e m p l o y m e n t   p r o b l e m   i n   b i g g e r   society.
  7. 7. Our  S T RU C T U R E COMMUNITIES •  Various  youth  communiAes  in  Malang.   •  Consist  of    20  to  50  members  per  community,  mostly   students  and  employed  youth  (        ),  part-­‐Amer  (          ),  and   unemployed  youth  (        ).   •  Youths  is  encouraged  to    join  or  create  communiAes  that   suit  their  passion   •  Volunteer  who  guiding  community  projects.   M E N T O R   M E N T O R   M E N T O R   •  Consist  of  business  owner,  professional  and  successful   member  of  community  based  business.   •  We  act  as  offline  and  online  hub  that  connects   MALANG between  communiAes  and  general  society.   •  Providing  guidance  through  mentors.   COMMUNITY •  Providing  space  to  adverAse  community  project  and  events,   PORTAL and  also  facilitate  project  funding  through  crowd-­‐funding   method.     SOCIETY •  General  Public  act  as  potenAal  market  and   investor  (through  crowd-­‐funding).    
  8. 8. The  S T E P S * 1 CollecAng  database  of  exisAng   3 AdverNse  project  and  events  in   youth  community   both  online  and  offline  media     InviNng  mentors  to  volunteer   Project  fundraising  through   crowd-­‐funding  method   2 Encouraging  youth  communiAes   4 Public  gave  response  and   to  iniNate  community  projects   support  through  crowd-­‐funding     that  suits  their  passion     UAlizing  mentor  to  provide   guidance  on  planning,  managing   5 Malang  Community  Portal  &   mentors  ensuring  the  project   projects,  and  markeNng   running  well  and  delivered   products/service   product  /  service  to  crowd-­‐ funder  and  public.  *Repeat  steps  1-­‐5  or  2-­‐5  for  each  community  /  projects.  Time    used  by  each  project  will  varies  depend  on  the  need  of  specific  project  and  community  involved.    
  9. 9. The  P U R P O S E & BENEFIT For  Student,  Employed  Youth,  Passionate  Members    For  Youth  Community  Member   •  Chance  to  develop  community  based  business   while  sAll  being  employed  somewhere  else  or   •  Use  their  passion  to  deliver   even  before  graduaAng  from  school.   new  kind  of  product  /  service.   For  Unemployed  Youth     For  Mentor,  Business  Owner   •  Chance  to  get  experience  and   •  Opportunity  to  select  and  prepare  youths  to   gain  appropriate  confidence   join  their  business  as  employee  or  partners.   that  help  them  transiAoned  to   more  professional  working   For  Society   scheme   •  PosiAve  influence  from   •  Opportunity  to  invest  on  new  products  /   mentors  &  passionate  fellow   service.   community  members.   •  AcAvely  support  their  young  generaAon.  For  Malang  Community  Portal   •  Reach  more  numbers  of  youth  and  help  them  improve  their  quality  of  life.   •  Help  prepare  youth  and  bigger  society  for  whatever  unemployment  problem  happen   in  the  future  
  10. 10. Planned  I M P L E M E N TAT I O N 10%  to  20  %   spend  3  to  5  hour/ Guiding    around   of  the  community  members   day,  6  days/week      3  community  /   will  be  unemployed  youth.   collecAng  community   mentor,       database,  recruiAng  mentor,   20  to  50  youth  /   While  the  rest  will  be  student  &   adverAsing  and  collecAng   community employed  youth   investment  for  projects.   that  at  risk  of  become   unemployed  in  the  future Amount  of  Ame   spend  by  mentor  to   guide  and  monitor   youth  community     will  varies,  according   to  the  project  needs. “ If    MALANG COMMUNITY PORTAL were  successfully  implemented  in  the  city;   We’re  looking  forward  to  implement  it  in   another  ciAes  and  possibly  naAonwide.