[Challenge:Future] Made4Me


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[Challenge:Future] Made4Me

  1. 1. Made4MeSuccessUFDPakistan
  2. 2. Youth Situation in Roots of YouthUnemployment Pakistan Unemployment Most pressing global problem Youth, aged 15-24, engaged in studies Corruption over 75 million youth Job comes after education Religious and cultural barriers for unemployed women No Part-time jobs Waste of the most versatile and Insecurity energetic generation No internships Unawareness High in developing countries Gender inequality Improper education/training Unfair job placement Unjust job requirements Unskilled youth Positions filled by adults Mismatching
  3. 3. Solution:Made4MeA unified system for jobplacement, that collects datafrom applicants and employers,and compares the skills andrequirements to find a perfect Requirements Made4Me Qualificationsmatch.
  4. 4. How Made4Me works?Made4Me is open for everyone.Unemployed Youth can submit their Employers can submit the requirementcredentials and information by telephone. and job details. Made4Me will findMade4Me representative will identify applicants that match the requirementtheir interests and talents through an oral and refer them to the employers, who cancareer assessment. Youth can request for contact and interview these shortlistedpersonalization of their matches, like all candidates to find a perfect match.women environment or indoor working Anyone needing some extra help can becondition.Made4Me will consider an employer. Similarly, jobs can beavailable time and location of the anything that needs to be done.applicant before matching, to facilitate Employers can be shopkeepers lookingstudents and part-time workers. Youth for an extra-hand or parents requiring afrom all fields can apply. tutor, or maybe a multinational company looking for programmers.
  5. 5. Why Made4Me is a perfect solution?Anonymous and Personalized Anonymous and Personalized Jobperfect Matching Application perfect Matching Offers Youth Employers Independence Interview before Open for all and Budget flexibility and job selection Gender equality satisfaction
  6. 6. Made4Me Success in 1st yearNo. of youth reached: 5,000No. of youth employed: 500No. of youth integrated into Made4Me team: 5Hours spent in software development: 20/weekHours spent in data collection and matching phase: 10/week/member or as required.Made4Me Success in 2nd yearsNo. of youth reached: 15,000 or more.No. of youth employed: 5000No. of youth integrated into Made4Me team: 30 or moreNo. of employing companies integrated in the system: 30 or moreHours spent in data collection and matching phase: 3/week/member or less.Hours spent in youth and adult sensitization: 4/week/member