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[Challenge:Future] LaPet09: FUTURE.COM


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[Challenge:Future] LaPet09: FUTURE.COM

  1. 1.  We took a closer look at Slovenia, since it is our home country and we are experiencing this problem Number of youth(18-34): cca 416,000 (20% of population) 294,000 employed (70.67%) 40,000 unemployed (9.61%) 82,000 unactive (alarming amount !!!) (19.71%)
  2. 2. The system is far from perfect, wich meanswe should make more effort to gainvaluable experiences.Youth is far too often inactive in takingsuch actions, they are just waiting foropportunities to come their way.
  3. 3.  Establish NGO that focuses on the missing link between education and economy (to minimize bureaucratic hurdles) First step is to analise situation on the market, to get in touch with companies and recognize their needs
  4. 4.  Based on market needs we will organize seminars and workshops, to improve youth skills and by that show them room for development Organization of networking events for companies and youth Introduction of short unpaid/minimum wage jobs (but pricless experience)¹_________________________________________¹ In Slovenia we know specific form of student employment where wecan earn money, however experiences are usually not very valuable –you can work as waitress, tutor, salesperson and telemarketer.
  5. 5.  Organization will also offer preparation for job interview (guidelines, trick questions) and how to write CV and cover letter For companies we will test potential employees for their knowledge, analytical thinking and how well they do under pressure We will encourage youth to pass their knowledge to their peers through virtual classroom
  6. 6.  Another activity we want to offer are different simulations (exp.: to run your own virtual company) Participants will pay simbolic fee For promotion we will connect with educational institutions We will invite our former participants to come back and share their experience and gained skills
  7. 7.  Because organization would like to reach as many people as possible, the seminars will be streamed on the internet Our vision is to spread worldwide, since we are aware of importance of globalisation, furthermore we would like to connect with government and help with much needed change of educational system.
  8. 8.  Fast set up of NGO Help youth to take first steps towards employment Help companies with their selection process to find the right candidate Encourage youth to take initiative and also to share their knowledge