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[Challenge:Future] Intelligence Service Networking


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[Challenge:Future] Intelligence Service Networking

  1. 1. Mitrajit Biswas M.Phil Fellow Institute of Foreign Policy Studies University of Calcutta
  2. 2. Create an Intelligence Service Networking  The main solution of getting over unemployment is to create an intelligence networking platform….  This platform will act as a forum where people who have certain specific skills such as being carpenter, electrician etc. can come together .  The networking forum will connect these people who require the services
  3. 3. What purpose will it serve  The skilled people who have certain specific skills will then be able to utilize their skills  It will create an effective networking of the skilled people which can be later expanded to create self help groups  It can solve the problem of atleast giving them frequent service contracts if not regular job and salary pay  These groups can pool their resources collectively including both man power and finance for a sustainable solution
  4. 4. How will the system Work For service Providers For the ones who need it  They can come into contact  Supposedly somebody needs with local client base who require the odd services or handyman jobs….  It will help them to utilize their certain skills that won’t go to taste but will help the community through the optimum utilization of resources a person who can get them something quickly for the guest at budget price…U have it… Just connect to the networking platform and find the nearest person who is available….Get them on the service at the cheapest price…
  5. 5. What problem will it solve  This will solve the problem of complete unemployment… It will help to utilize and pool the resources that will help to effectively pool their resources with the people who need the service…..  Also it will help the local community to be self sufficient and work on a syndicate like organization that will bring in self sufficiency and sustainability to the entire local community…
  6. 6. The next step  The money that is being generated by the individuals can then be pooled as per certain interest groups… As for example who are expert cooks and having proving home based food service to the people after a certain time can formulate their own specialized group…  In such a scenario all the cooking skilled people can come together, share their collective intelligence and pool their finances to establish a venture which will mark a sustainable self help core group…..
  7. 7. How to implement it  To implement this idea there must be a website….It should be comprehensive and have the complete listing of services… People who want to provide the service can register them accordingly…. Also the ones who need it can also register both as service providers and service demanders as per their needs with separate log in…..  The site should be divided into local chapters not exceeding radius of 5 k.m. on top of which there can be state and national chapters each having a group of administrator and coordinators numbering 5 with a local, regional and nation council president and vice president for smooth functioning and managing the organization resources….