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[Challenge:Future] Innovation Jam NIGERIA


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[Challenge:Future] Innovation Jam NIGERIA

  1. 1. Innovation Jam NIGERIA•Goal: Fight youth unemployment through skills development, entrepreneurship, exchange of ideas andcultural diversity, interpersonal/ intercultural understanding and by experience.•Location: Centre For Information Technology and Systems, CITSUniversity of Lagos, Lagos- Nigeria.• Date: Friday, 10th May, 2013.•Name: Kedei INAH and Nubi KAYODE•Number of Attendees: 30•Number of People Engaged in Organisation: 7
  2. 2. DISCOVERED, ACTIVATED & DEVELOPEDYOUTHS POTENTIAL• Innovation Jam Nigeria is Challenge: Future international CEEMAN project tagged“Creating Future With Creating Jobs” which engages partners from 10 countries inthe World to fight youth unemployment issues.• It is the most suitable because of its objectives and goal which is to empower theNigerian youths gain new skills and knowledge. It provided expertise, leadershipopportunities and experiences for employment gain.Ways of Discovering, Activating and Developing Potentials;• Counselling.• Support groups.• Mentoring.• Internship opportunities.• Encouraging participation in team work.• Participation in sports and youth activities.• Exchange programs.• Explore various roles and identities or self determination.• Take part in volunteering.
  3. 3. • Develop interpersonal skills like communication and decision assertiveness.• Networking for healthy relationships.Added Value for the Event Participants;• Received training on empowerment.• Developed non-academic competencies for real life purposes.• Ability to express opinions, emotions and ideas.• Increased in creativity and innovation.
  4. 4. How Did The Event Empower Youths?• Shared real life experience.• Shared ideas on problem solving and decision making abilities.• Examining the role of youths in business and economic development andinnovation.Highlight of The Event;• Interactive Sessions.• The Kind of questions posed by participants to the speakers.• Photographs session.
  5. 5. Common Skills and Competencies youthsaround lack;• Lack needs of the labour market.• Outdated resources.• Poorly trained in communication.• Limited opportunity in acquiring practical experience.• Poorly trained in communication.• Lack of confidence.• Poor networking.• Lack of motivation.
  6. 6. Contribution to Youth Empowerment• Mentoring.• Encouraging the use of E-libraries and internet facilities.• Supporting youth entrepreneurship and events.• Encouraging going for internship and exchange programs.• Volunteering opportunities.• Networking for better employment abilities.
  7. 7. Testimonials• Dolaries Ugochukwu from University of Lagos, Nigeria- “I have never heard ofChallenge: Future before and what it stands for but so surprised about the qualityof information and resources I got today for free.”• Jean-Vincent Gankpa from AIESEC Benin, Benin Republic – “I came to Nigeria for aninternship opportunity to learn english and improved my communication skills but Inever knew that I would also know about a great organisation that impacts lives,provides scholarship opportunities or its yearly summit”.• Elamah Sandra from University of Calabar, Nigeria and AIESEC Calabar- “I haveheard of Challenge: Future before but I never knew of all the priviledges you getfrom being an active member, truly ignorance kills.”• Joda Tunde from University of Lagos, Nigeria- “I am so impressed with the kind ofinformation I got today and also surprised that there is an organisation that is readyto use its resources to fight youth unemployment, the disease that is killing theyouths of Nigeria.”