[Challenge:Future] Innovation


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[Challenge:Future] Innovation

  1. 1. UNEMPLOYME NT Bielawski Caroline, De Geyer d’Orth Baudouin & De Oliveira WendyBiotech 1 Team : Bobomiamor, France
  2. 2. Unemployment rate in Europe in 2011 http://www.coe-rexecode.fr/public/Etudes-pour-le-debat-public/L-emploi/Le-taux-de-chomage-en-France-est-a-un-niveau-intermediaire-au-sein-de-la-zone-euro 1
  3. 3. French unemployment between 2011 and 2012 Actually in France, only three departments have an unemployment rate under 5% The population which is most affected by unemployment in France are the young people and the people who are more than fifty years old http://www.lejdd.fr/Economie/Actualite/Le-chomage-progresse-pour-le-11e-mois-consecutif-506692 2
  4. 4. Why is there unemployment in France ?There are numerous reasonons for unemployment:supply and demand is one exampleThe supply increases because the number of workingpeople increases : • for demographic reasons : 7,000,000,000 peopleon earth • for sociological reasons : development of women workingThe demand decrease : • in part because of the automation and computerization • relocation phenomenon http://www.miramas.org/ma-ville/economie-et-emploi/emploi-et-insertion/pole-emploi • globalisation • crisis 3
  5. 5. Our Solution Instead of opening jobs that already exist to more people; our solution is to create a new framework. You must be creative and innovative. The best option would be to create a culture of innovation for future descendants- when we are younger- because in our world the challenge that we find leaves no room for banality. 4
  6. 6. Our solution We propose to create a company which is dependent on the state which supports the development of these innovative companies. We propose this solution for youth between the ages of 18 to 30. The new company will be accepted only if the application has been approved by a jury. A - Concerning the new enterprise • Loan repayment for 10 years with a nominal interest of 2%. • Tax abatement for 5 first years and gradual increase of taxes the next 5 years based on the growth of the first 5 years • Reduce the tax burden of young employees. 5
  7. 7. Our solution B - Benefits for the territory • Lower reimbursement rates and facilities on taxes if implantation is in the regions most affected by unemployment. C- Benefts for the other enterprises • Sponsorship • Can contribute to setting up a company • Assistance to finance the new company. 6
  8. 8. Our solution D- Communication • Ambassadors who is going to give conferences in schools • Facebook and Twitter • Easy web site which we can find help for inscription and help to build a file. • Forum, salons with the young entrepreneurs • Student magazine. • Show with French performers. • Create buzz 7
  9. 9. The budget• Ceiling of 1 million to start with 20 companies. We launch 4companies per year for 5 years. Monitoring continues for eachcompany. Launch of 4 companies0 years 5 years 10 years 15 years After 5 years: “Maturity” of the every company will company, there is a be launched. decision to prosecute or Revise the not to see the program 8 objectives for the 5 expand.
  10. 10. To conclude• Our solution open many possibility so we will notknow how many employees will we help.“You have to make life a dream and make dream true.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 9