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[Challenge:Future] ILovePoland: Sunrise in India

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[Challenge:Future] ILovePoland: Sunrise in India

  1. 1. Project name : Sunrise in India Team Name : ILovePoland Country : India School : Kozminski University, Warsaw Team Members : Alexander Fogt Gautam Gill
  2. 2. Experience• Unemployment• 9.4% in a population of 1.3billion.• Literacy rate of 74%.• Heavy dependence on agriculture coupled by the unpredictability of the monsoon.• Poor infrastructure.• Widening economic inequality.
  3. 3. DiscoverMassive Brain Drain : Due to a better Standard of Living, better prospects, professional environment & the ever present lure of the west.Graduates : They are looked at like young workers in need of money and hence are exploited. The work is poor and the supply exceeds the demand by far. It disillusions the youth.Population : The sheer number of people leads to a scenario reminiscent of heavy competition, lack of facilities and opportunities. This pertains to entrance level jobs and national level exams also whether it is engineering or business.Gross mismatch between input and reward : The hours worked and the compensation received force people to look away, job turnover reigns high. The youth lose motivation and look for alternatives.
  4. 4. Vision 2012• The Model of Education There must be a shift from education being solely based on theoretical knowledge to education being focused on professions so that students become more appealing to be hired by companies.• Impetus The state and national governments need to encourage students to strive for employment, they must resort to providing internships or offering basic employment opportunities to a certain percentage of students, at least building some level of motivation and encouragement within the minds of the students.
  5. 5. Compulsory Education to Guaranteed Work• The government has already strived to make education up till the age of 14 compulsory. This coupled by a program to guarantee work for one year for each student who completes this education would be a great step towards reducing unemployment.• India in all its diversity and numerous functions has enough opportunity for the youth, this can easily be exploited by an efficient and committed government.• The economy as a whole is in an inflationary state and is always growing. With growth comes demand and automatic job creation. This must be seen as a massive opportunity by the government which must be plugged.
  6. 6. Empower the Youth• “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others”. Bill Gates• Poverty is the biggest killer in India, it is a vicious cycle that leads communities into a downward spiral. Even a paltry 20$ per month per family member can drastically change their lives.• The steps that need to be taken are many but they are small steps, and this is what will take the country further as a whole. Once you employ people and pay them you give them a voice.• It’s channelizing of energy in a positive manner.• Dreams are born here, and a man with a dream is one less mouth to feed.• This will potentially open their door to living a life and give them that silver lining they so desperately require.
  7. 7. Business Model• Set up Employment centers in Delhi & Mumbai to begin with.• Wholly run by the youth, between the ages 20-24.• Four branches per city employing five people per branch to interact with the youth.• Set up collaborations with the government, schools and universities who wish to join the program.• A grade based selection of candidates for an appropriate job will be undertaken. The better their grades through school and university the more opportunities will be offered to them• Work will be offered in varying fields from manual work in public works, to being offered contractual labour and to top students to undertake research proposals.
  8. 8. Goals of the Program• Make the youth understand the satisfaction of earning ones own money.• Reduce unemployment, expand the program rapidly. This is imperative.• Reach is the main goal, designated people to deal with schools, the government and NGO’s to maintain a long healthy relationship.• Set up a small council per city who will track employed youth on a sample basis.• Encourage major organizations as part of their social responsibility to hold training workshops with a prize of five, 2 month internships for the best performs.
  9. 9. Effects & Vision• Increased number of youth going to study.• Increase in the literacy rate.• Reduced unemployment.• Diversify into towns and villages after obtaining a foothold.• Expand while keeping the fundamental characteristics of the company in mind.• The youth helping the youth, efficient and transparent functioning.• Transparency should serve as a role model of an organization that prides itself on the aim of empowering the youth.• Stimulate thinking.
  10. 10. Outcome : Road Map• Hours 50 hours per week per person.• Working Hours of the branches 9 – 18. Lunch between 13-14.• Reach : 4 desks Maximum of 10min per individual to assess grades and assign work. Grades-> Categories -> Options ->Employer• Therefore 6 per hour per desk. Each center = 6x4x8=192 people per center. Start with 8 centers. Reach of over 1500 unemployed people per day.• At the centers, put them through to the employer and feed in the information and contact details to track the employee into the system. No monetary element in the process.• At the back office the data will be analyzed and continuous follow up will be carried out.

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