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[Challenge:Future] I-LASER CLEANER


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[Challenge:Future] I-LASER CLEANER

  1. 1. I-LASER CLEANER<br />Team Name : GEVREK<br />Team Members:<br /> Seray ARIĞTEKİN Büşra ÖZDEMİR<br />Murat BARBARUS<br />
  2. 2. OUR VISION OF CLEANING;<br />People have fun during cleaning with I-Laser Cleaner<br />Solving these problems;<br /><ul><li>Without using water, detergent and all additional expenditures for cleaning by I-Laser Cleaner,
  3. 3. Prevent people’ allergic problems to detergent as well as carcinogenic substances that are contained in them which is threat to human health,
  4. 4. Helps to decrease wasting more time for housework.</li></ul>Cleaningwithfun;<br />Duringpeoplearecleaning, they can havefunwith I-LaserCleaner.<br />He / She can;<br /><ul><li>listen music,
  5. 5. watch videos,
  6. 6. surf on the internet. </li></li></ul><li>What do people say ?<br />JuhoLakos / Finland / University Student<br />MerveÖzdemir / Turkey / Finance Manager<br />MirayArığtekin / Turkey / External Accounts Expert<br />In work place, it is important that to be clean with no extra expenditures for us and to welcome our customers with clean office<br />I am working hard everyday and next summer, I will be married. It is difficult to carry on houseworks and business at same time so that product is invented for me <br />I am living alone and have two cats with much hair. I have no extra time for cleaning while studying. That is good for me!!! <br />
  7. 7. What do people say ?<br />Francesca Balzi / Italy / Teacher<br />Caner Tekin / Germany / Research Assistant<br />I am living alone, far from my family and working hard. When I come to my home, I feel very tired. I do not want to spent my time to clean. That is really gorgeous innovation for me!!<br />Who do not want to live with clean area?<br />I really hope to use that product as soon as possible because I do not like cleaning somewhere but I love somewhere that is so clean <br />
  8. 8. We aspire to interview RECEP ALİ AKSOYLU who is a Deputy Chief of TESHİAD’s Board of Director.<br /><ul><li>He works in Business Development Organization in many branches of business of cleaning sector.
  9. 9. He inaugurate new systems for service and facilities management business of the real sector, including institutional, marketing, franchising, education, communication, and offers consulting services in brokerage services.</li></ul>Our questions for Mr. Aksoylu;<br />-How I-Laser Cleaner is useful for cleaning sector ?<br />-Do you think that that product will reduce cleaning expenditures ?<br />-No need to use detergents for cleaning is makes your workers life healthier than before?<br />-How does our product motivate people in your sector during cleaning with have fun?<br />