[Challenge:Future] I am Changemaker


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[Challenge:Future] I am Changemaker

  1. 1. Goal of event: To inspire and equip young Changemakers with the skills to run asustainable social enterpriseDate of event: October 24-30, 2012Location: First Pacific Leadership Academy, Antipolo CityCountry: PhilippinesExpected Number of Attendees: 50
  2. 2. Why choose this event?This event is the most suitable for young Filipinos because the socialenterprise industry in the Philippines and in the world is booming and is beingperceived as the new business model of the century. Not only that, the desireto use business as a tool for social change has never been this relevant to oursocieties. However, there are only few programs or conferences in thePhilippines that inspire and equip young changemakers to be socialentrepreneurs. The I Am A ChangeMaker Ideation Camp aims to be thatavenue for young Changemakers to expose themselves in the world of socialentrepreneurship.
  3. 3. How will you activatethe youth’s potential?The social enterprise summit beginswith inspiring the youth with a line-up of speakers who had become themost successful socialentrepreneurs in the Philippines.They will be exposed to differenttopics regarding social innovationand social enterprise. Next, they willbe asked to group themselves orwork as individuals and think ofinnovative ideas that address socialproblems. The top 5 teams will wina 100,000 peso grant and a year-long social business mentorshipfrom leading social entrepreneurs inthe Philippines.What is the addedvalue?The added value of this summit is thecreation of a positive ecosystem whichinspires young Changemakers to pursuetheir social enterprise projects, givingstart-up grants that would jumpstarttheir ideas while linking them toexperienced practitioners as well.
  4. 4.  Innovative and Impactful Lectures andinspirational stories empower the youth tothink about creative ways to solve societalproblems. It empowered to use their creativepotential and see the boundless opportunities. The Php 100,000 seed-capital won by thetop 5 teams will empower them in fullyimplementing their social business plans. Theparticipating youth are asked what to do withthe seed-money and they are given thefreedom to think as social innovators. Collaborative effort from various teamslessen the competitive air and instead fostersteam-work in helping each other develop theirsocial business ideas and polishing theirpresentation pitch. Collaborative effort from various teamslessen the competitive air and instead fostersteam-work in helping each other developtheir social business ideas and polishing theirpresentation pitch.
  5. 5. Top Social Enterprise TeamsThe ragpet project provides uniquely designed, recycled,collectible and functional novelty and gift items that aremore valued with the stories of real people that they carry.Made by the women inmates of Naga City Jail, the ragpetproject aims to empower them by giving skills training, jobopportunities, guidance in financial savings, andreconnection with their families.7 Heaven is a brand which offers convenient beverages –such as tea, herbal juices and coffee – made from localherbs and medicinal plants to health-conscious professionalsand thereby creates alternative livelihood for thosecommunities residing in the resettlement areas at thecountryside.Not everyone can take time off to do long-term volunteering. However, with thesocial reawakening of many Filipinos, more and more busy people are lookingfor ways on how they can contribute to sustainable change. Juan2help.orgprovides an online platform (via its website and Apple application), which makesuse of the limited time but multiple skills and unlimited passion of people tohelp NGOs and communities in development-related tasks.
  6. 6. Social Enterprise TrainersPASSIONATE about teaching and poverty alleviation, Edwin Salongaand Vincent Rapisura, both 34, sought a way to share their talents aseducators and knowledge as businessmen. They established SocialEnterprises Development Partnerships, Inc. (SEDPI) to reach out andprovide training and financing to microfinance institutions (MFIs) anddisadvantaged individuals. More than just a joint business venture,SEDPI is an affirmation of their belief that, through effectivepartnership, education and entrepreneurship, social change can beachieved.Phil Tulba has a wide experience of social enterprises at various stagesof development from idea and concept stage through to start-up,growth and replication. His approach and style is facilitative,challenging and collegiate – working in partnership to challengeassumptions, test new ideas and grow together.
  7. 7. Most Filipino youth lack: Skills in setting up and managing a business Skills in developing their enterprising ideas Skills in finding opportunities to jumpstart and fund theirmicroenterprises Knowledge in financial literacy
  8. 8. This can issues and problems can be solved by organizingopportunities/ events/ workshops that will: Sharpen their entrepreneurship skills by teaching them ethical waysof running social enterprise Creating a collaborative ecosystem where social enterprises don’tCOMPETE but COOPERATE with each other to address various socialconcerns Provide adequate seed-capital to finance their businesses
  9. 9. Testimonials“The I Am A Changemaker Summit really exposed me to the world of socialentrepreneurship and empowered me by teaching and formingme to become one!” - Francis“There are a few moments in your life that you can say were distinct turning points.My participation in this camp was clearly that for me. Somewhere in between thebreakout sessions and our visit to the GK Enchanted Farm I realized that making adifference is something I want to do fulltime. And having a large group of amazingextraordinary individuals alongside you, who have the same passionand drive - its infectious. Thank you Changemakers !”- Richard“The event had a really great impact on me! Filipino youth today should have moreopportunities like this where they are able to discover their inner socialentrepreneurs in making change in society!” - Laurence