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  1. 1. SAHRIL KASIM INDONESIAFaculty of Economy, University Of Indonesia
  2. 2. WORLD IN 2022I imagine the world is more opened. especially the economic andsocial interaction. its due to the advancement of technology in2022. many people just can work in their home using the technologydevices that they have. They can also widely interact with otherpeople within and across the nation more easily. some others canalso join the lecture just from their home and etc. beside that mostlythe company already using green technology during their productionand it can reduce the number of social cost of their production.
  3. 3. I AM A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR In 2022, i see my self as a successful Entrepreneur. for me success is not about how much dollars i earns per month but its all about how i can bring a positive change to the communities. All i see my self in 2022 as someone who own a very huge company especially in marine resources processing such as fish, seaweed, crabs, pearl, clams. I will engage with the government to manage Indonesias marine resources. therefore we dont need to import fish from other countries anymore vice versa we have to be an exporter considering we are a very big countries which full of natural resources moreover the marine resources.
  4. 4. My Dream Job and CompanyAbout My Dream Company Vision : Be the best companies in the world by empowering localsName : PT. Laksamana employersMalahayati OWNER: Dr. Sahril Kasim S.E, M.S.M (me) I will build and develop 5 companies : one should be located in the western part of Indonesia, one in the eastern , one in the northern, one in the southern and the last as a main company located in the central of Indonesia
  5. 5. My Dream Job and Company ACTIVITIE Capturing the marine resources (fish, seaweeds, pearl, crabs, lobsters, clam Cultivating in the Cages Processing, selling, Export S s) OUTCOME / PRODUCTS about 30% will be breed/cultivated , 40% for selling in domesticFish*, Seawee markets, 30 % for export.d, Crabs, Lobst ers, Pearls**, Clams** *) will be provided for ornamental used and consumption **) will be provided in term of ornaments, souvenir, jewelry, and any creative industry
  6. 6. My Dream Job and Company Total 40000Employers Employers in main companies (in central) = 10000 employers in western companies = 7500 employers in eastern companies = 7500 employers in northern companies = 7500 employers in southern companies = 7500 employers Mostly (the majority) of the Employer is the local people who lives around the firm’s location. This is one of my dream to empowering local communities and mitigate the number of un employment
  7. 7. WHAT I NEED ?TO MAKE IT FEASIBLE , SO I NEED TO : Set up my long term plans Focus and discipline to join the lecture Being active in social project and economic project Collect and analyze the data about Indonesia Marine Join entrepreneur and leadership training Finish my bachelor on time Take magister management and doctoral in Melbourne
  8. 8. Dream Education 2022 In general, education sector in every countries has developed and success to create many intellectual and mature persons. Every students in the class are not only learn deeply about the theory but they’ll have more practical.
  9. 9. Dream Education 2022Every schools and university has the same curriculum but base on locals(country) approach Schools and university has been integrated and has the same vision Sometimes, lecturer or teacher in other countries can just give a lecture from other place (tele-lecturing) Every students are obliged to create or have a social project or any invention to be graduated
  10. 10. Dream Education 2022 For another countries (developed countries) , they may have much changing in their education sectors, it might be four or five steps in front of developing countries. But, all I see in 2022, every countries has been reached above the average level of education system. Every countries has imposed so many policies regarding the education problems that we face today. And the number of uneducated people has been decreased