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  1. 1. Challenge: FUTURE UNDER CONSTRUCTION Future REDIVIVUS TEAMCompetition TRAIAN TUTA B.A. (Hons) in Architecture and MARIA ALEXANDRA BAESCU M.Sc. in Project Management MENTOR: Eng. FLORIAN TUȚĂ
  2. 2. Once upon a time… Fighting with There were these little kids who played Youth a game called “ The stone bridge”.Unemployment They would all be singing: “The stone bridge has fallen down / The water came and took it away “. There was nothing sad or dramatic about their game, because we would all be reunited under the fallowing oath: “We would build another one downstream/ Another one more lasting / And more beautiful than you’ve ever seen!” FUTURE UNDER CONSTRUCTION
  3. 3. School Fighting with YouthUnemployment Youth Unemployment Government Society The Fight against Youth Unemployment should be taken between School, Society and the Government. Each of these entities admits directly or veiledly the failure for providing opportunities, hopes and new horizons for the young people.
  4. 4. Food WaterYoung People’s Sleep Needs Security of morality Security Security of of employment property Respect of Family Confidence others Security Achievement Self- of esteem health
  5. 5. Better Life forYoung People The method reduction to a contradiction (a way to prove something in mathematics) helped us in finding a lot of similarities between an individual’s life cycle and a product’s life cycle. The most convincing one is that the individual has to be promoted and helped in his personal and professional development through the modern societys specific means.
  6. 6. Water, sleep and food needs are covered by the income obtained from a job Security of LaborSolutions morality is legislation and generated Security of the ability of property economy and implies costs, society to by education income ensure jobs Respect is Family implies owned through material Confidence is responsibilities professional built as a achievements consequence of and standard of the social- living professional frame Security of Achievement Self-esteem is health can be through education, built through ensured though job or own education income business
  7. 7. Country Places held in GDP per Unemployment Statistics Top 100 capita* rate among Universities*** young people** 45th place 40,631 $ 8,1% 91st place 44,489$ 19,6% 4th place 36,120$ 22% 42nd place 48,875$ 23,2% 59th 41,019$ 23,8% Not in top 100 7,542$ 23,4%*According to the dates offered in 2010 by the International Monetary Fund.** According to an analysis provided by the Eurofound.*** According to the World University Rankings 2011-2012, available at:http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/world-university-rankings/2011-12/world-ranking ,accessed February 14th, 2013.
  8. 8. Who wants for our PLANET to become a HUGE SLUM?
  9. 9. • The City in the City should not be perceived as an enclave, but on the contrary, as an open system, without restrictions and restraints toThe CITY in the creativity. CITY • Why the City in the City? Because it offers: • - houses at accessible prices for young people; • - possibility of open exhibitions for young artists; • - narrowed streets that facilitate young people to meet more easily; • It is a chance given to young people firstly in order to demonstrate for themselves that they are intellectually capable and secondly in order to bring change into the mentality shared by School, Society and the Government.
  10. 10. Future • Personally, the issue of youth unemployment has been our concern Under since we were students. After weConstruction created Redivivus Team, we focused on finding a solution within 75 hours. • The solutions are addressed to those young persons who want to join us in our endeanvour. • In our mission to fight youth unemployment we are counting on the support of Student’s organizations because among them there are the unemployed young persons of tomorrow. Redivivus Team