[Challenge:Future] Future of Jobs: Y Generation Co-Creation Process


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[Challenge:Future] Future of Jobs: Y Generation Co-Creation Process

  1. 1. Event name: “Future of Jobs: Y Generation Co-Creation Process• Goal: Finding out why generation Y feels alienated even with its increasedawareness.• Location: Izmir University of Economics, Conference hall• Organizer: Izmir University of Economics & Agean Young Businessman Association(lead by Neslihan Dülger and Damla Aktan)• Country: Turkey• School: Izmir University of Economics• # of participants: 80• # of people engaged in organisation: 3
  2. 2. Let’s Begin…• Our intention with this event was to make an impact on peoples’ liveseven with a small event… We tried to create a friendly and warmenvironment by starting some warm up activities. We proceeded torather confrontational speeches to balance it out. We divided peopleinto teams to get them familiar with each other for increasedperformance. Dr. Cengiz Üzün also presented his speech in a veryactive, theatrical way and thus he made the audience participate inthe speeches actively. This raised awareness of what is going onaround us, how we are blocked in daily lives while speaking, takingaction etc…and we learned how to change these blockages of selfand succed in life.Then after a few hours and speeches we reachedto the fun part: THE WORKSHOPS where each team worked ontheir projects and created fascinating solutions to the givenproblems..
  3. 3. WORKSHOP THEMES:• EXPO 2020: «Health For All» : This workshop isfor contributing to the current candidacy of Izmir to EXPO 2020. Thestudents were asked to design a structure for Izmir, integratesustainability and the youth to this process and explain clearly howthey do this. The final proposed projects were a lot impressive andapplicable!• My Dream Job : The students were asked to define whatsort of a job they would like to work in, how would they integratesustainability & CSR to this job, and how the youth is placed in sucha job design. The winning team designed a restaurant structure witha theme of «7 NGOs, 7 concepts» through integrating socialresponsibility, youth and a very well designed structure to theirsystem.
  4. 4. Intended Results…• We tried to give the attendees motivationand experience with working in groups,give them information by the experiencedpeople in high places. We also askedgroups to present their projects, that waywe gave them experience in projectpresentation.
  5. 5. Some memories..Warm-up activities leading by Andrea Kodrin and BistraKumbaroska..
  6. 6. The Event:Day 1• Activities:• Opening Speeches of Seda Kaya (President of EGIAD)Temel Aycan Şen (president of EGIFED)Andrea Kodrin (Founder and President of Challenge:Future)• Speech of associate professor Cengiz Üzün on individual awareness and hisexperiences.• Speech of Mine Erbaykent Uysal(Founder of Mikor HR and Institutional Coaching) ondifferences between generation X and Y.
  7. 7. The Event:Day 1• Speech of Andrea Kodrin,Bistra Kumbaroska about Challenge future organisation.• An attempted connection to Jatin Kataria from India.
  8. 8. The Event:Day 1• Panel:-Voice of Youth (Google, Murat Yatağan)• -Voice of Professional Life (Temel Aycan Şen, Mazhar İzmiroğlu)• -Voice of Academy (Prof. Dr. Ömür Özmen)• Workshops:• -What is your dream job?• -What kind of job did you create for more sustainable life?• -Which job sectors did you add to the İzmir?• -What would you change in the current system
  9. 9. The Event: Day 2• Informing attendees on the process ofEXPO.• What kind of structure it is?• What kind of organisation is it?Workshop for EXPO:Theme: Healthcare for everyoneAim: Sustainable impacts for post 2020- How did you integrate youth into the process?
  10. 10. Impacts:• Students realised their potentials and improved theirthought process by doing on field projects for the realisticfuture.• Attendees experienced brain storming and projectpresentation also they saw others work on field that waythey reused and improved their own projects thusexperienced on field development.The winning 12 teamsencompassing around 72 students Internship chance inEGIAD which provided them their first experience inprofessional life.• All of the attendees were given certificates.