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[Challenge:Future] Forever Young: Break the chains of unemployment

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[Challenge:Future] Forever Young: Break the chains of unemployment

  1. 1. The Defeating Unemployment data According to the survey realized by statistic office Monstat for the region of Montenegro the current situation of unemployment follows negative trend of European countries overall According to statistics, the unemployment rate in Montenegro is 19.8%, which is twice the average in European Union
  2. 2. The Defeating Unemployment data In 2010. the percentage rate of unemployment was second in Europe with 19% after Spain that had 20.1% whose foundations were disturbed by the debt crisis The negative trend is represented by the fact that in Montenegro, since 2008. and the economic crisis there was constant growth of unemployment of the youth
  3. 3. The Defeating Unemployment data The youth unemployment rate of Montenegro is alarming as it is 48.5% for the year 2012. and it is constantly rising On the other hand, 17 members of EU are extremely worried about the fact that 23% of youth are not employed
  4. 4. The Defeating Unemployment data It is known that the unemployment is representing a large problem for most European countries, and many are actively involved in reducing it Other than unemployment caused by the crisis, the other main factors of this problem are:1. Unexperienced workforce2. Lack of ambition and apathy
  5. 5.  After the education process is finished, the youth is faced with ’waiting for a job oportunity process’ which can be prolonged for many years, and cause the apathy and make people quit searching for the jobs Furthermore, there is a problem of youth preferring to work for goverment institutions and being on the goverment payroll which increases the stability of workplace but acts against states wealth in general
  6. 6. Plans of action toward solution of employment problems Our plans of action are directed towards dealing with the ‘(un)experience’ and the ‘lack of job opportunities’ problem that is present at the youth population in Montenegro Our proposition is forming the exchange market of ideas that would work as an intermediate between interested parties
  7. 7. Plans of action toward solution of employment problems In this exchange market it would be made possible to share ideas for new jobs/products which would be presented by the youth and for the investors that would require these new and innovative ideas for their affairs We believe that this will open various possibilities for the region of Montenegro and that there would be many interested people that would find our idea useful, especially the youth
  8. 8. Plans of action toward solution of employment problems The facilitated possibility of transferring the ideas from its creator to possible investor has the effect of making creators highly motivated and ambitious to try to propose their ideas and succeed In this manner, the developers of ideas have the chance for new job positions, and the investors for new field/s of business, including the chances for everyone that would be involved in the course of action
  9. 9. Results of actions We believe that this would create ‘the domino effect’ in job creation and opportunities, and aspire young people in sharing their good and innovative ideas and build their entrepreneurial spirit We are certain many youth people will find a job in this manner, and the impact of this idea can be transferred to other countries, raising the overall utility for everyone